Overridden (F Character looking for M Character) [Closed]

Started by steelsmiter, May 03, 2022, 02:13:15 PM

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Context: I've got a story idea that popped into my head because of the release of a cyberpunk supplement to an RPG that I follow. Without going into too much detail on the supplement since it's irrelevant beyond being the context for me coming up with the idea.
Content: Psychological Incest, Psychological Torture, Rape of sister character (me), with option on Bimbofication and Sharing as the brother player desires.
Faceclaim: Helly Valentine
Additional Details: Hostile Corporate takeovers are common in cyberpunk games, especially those of a Cyberpunk nature, but this plot ignores that possibility specifically. The brother would want to relish in her torture and to have it be broken up by some random seems like something he'd want to guard against, which he would have the authority to do as a member of the company Board of Directors. Being capable of making corporate funding decisions he's also able to bypass ethical concerns that the Robotics arm might have, and with Chloe's inability to resist her brother there's also the implication that she can't leak any of this to press and hackers, so I don't intend to make that a plotline either. EDIT:
Quote from: The IdeaA wealthy family has many members on the board of Athanasynth Technologies, a firm dedicated to the preservation of lifetimes via digital Cerebrodrives. The fidelity of the preservation depends on how much you pay for it. Chloe Athens' family paid trillions, or rather their stock dividends ensured that trillions were automatically deducted. And so she got the Petabyte package. When she died, her Cerebrodrive recorded it, and moved her death into a "dream" folder.

Her brother, under the guise of a mournful sibling had her body synthetically reproduced to exacting detail and her Cerebrodrive embedded into it, however his intentions were not as pure as he publicly let on. Chloe Athens was a bitch in life, and he would have his comeuppance. In private consultation with the robotics arm of Athanasynth Technologies, he had them embed further code which would effectively engage their standard sexbot protocols whenever Chloe's new robotic (or vat grown if you prefer) form encountered anything that would normally be categorized as a sexual inhibition.

Her brother went a step further though... He made sure they kept any original memories intact and merely overrode them, so that if there was even an ounce of the real Chloe in there, she would know what was happening, and be unable to react.

Chloe's brother was going to have fun.
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