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Started by freakula86, April 21, 2022, 03:57:06 AM

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Roleplay Ideas

The High Sea Adventure! (Taken)
Varg Draven is a pirate Orc, who is out in search of (insert your eleven maiden or princess that is in distress) It could be from an attack that ended up sinking their ship. The crew have been slain and this Orcish scurvy dog is out on the high seas. He is in search of his next big score, but he ends up finding is (YC). So he decides against his own better judgement, and rescues them. At first she despises him and his kind, since he is an Orc and she is an Elf. However, Varg use to be a slave; He despises humans and elves alike, but ends up falling for (YC.) He will hopefully find his true love even though it is shunned upon society for an Orc and Elf to mate, they could go on adventures, anything can really happen.

Man or Beast: Is there a difference! Rebooted (Taken)
This RP will be a callback to the same name, just being redone with another character. (MC) Has been cursed by a beast, but the slight difference is that he can control the transformation some what. However, when he is aroused he has a really hard time controlling himself and his urges to keep the beast at bay. The beast over takes him and he focuses in on (YC.) She is the only thing that he can possibly think of, for years this cursed individual has lived off of the land and stayed away from people in general in the worries of possibly being found out that a true monster does in fact roam the country side killing anyone that would get to close, off of the trail. Something is different though, when (MC) sees (YC) maybe your car broke down, and he is out walking his property and spots you in his human form. He walks up to you and offers you some assistance, we can go with that idea or if you have another, just PM me if you are interested and we can spitball some ideas on it. In the end maybe both of our characters would eventually come to understand one another, and we go from there.

Corruption and Transformation is Key to Survival

This RP will be more of a fun, type of roleplay. (MC) will be basically a corruptor demon, it is a type of demon that has the ability to transform any human and even turn demons to do his bidding, even angels fear this individual. He is a shapeshifter to some degree, but every human that he transforms will come from our own creativity. I have no issue of playing multiple characters for the rp, it is mainly a fun and little creative way to make our creativity reign supreme. The sky is the limitless, of what we can come up with. There will be a goal, his goal is to rule the world, and build an army of sexy demonesses along the way, it could be all sorts of ways that he passes the gene on to your characters, and my characters. There will be blood and some killing in this roleplay, just to give you fair warning ahead of time. If you wish to do this one please PM, and we can just have fun with it. I love this thought because I tried something like this in the past and it was not only a good read, but it was really fun posting it.

Vampir: A Dating App
Hello, people of the undeath if you are new to this and you have lived for centuries. I have the perfect app for you, you will not only be able to date until your hearts content. You can even possibly find your bride through this app, acts just like your typical dating app, such as tinder. If you swiped right and you get a like anyone can possibly be a match whether they be, undead or human. If you are one of those that are looking for that human bride of yours, we have the special premium pack that you will only be matched up with humans in your area. Basically (MC) will be a vampire he can be either male or female whatever your preference is. They want to find love and they are looking for a human woman, as there soulmate. So they decide to try out this new dating app, in possibility to being matched with (YC) They go on the date, but (MC) isn't like your typical vampire, they can eat regular human food, but prefers that red ectoplasm nourishment. They hit it off and we can go from there to see, where this RP will go. Please PM me with any ideas that you would like to try.

Side Note
These are good for the moment, I didn't put this in the beginning like I did earlier. I had to retype this due to a computer issue, so I apologize. If you would like to RP with me we can do it on Forums, PM or even if you have discord we can do it there. Now I will ask you if you would like to  know my discord name PM me and I will send it to you over there. I will be updating these as my brain wishes to work, I will let you know though I am an easy going role player and I am a very understanding person, if you can't reply just let me know. I know that RL can get busy, I will occasionally send messages to you if we are roleplaying to see if you need me to wait or something just please let me know if you can reply or not. I am a para to multi para role player,  I do enjoy building a story, but please no one liner roleplays. Also if you wish for me to play M or F for any of these rp's I can do whatever you feel more comfortable with. As far as your character goes I prefer them to be female, it is what I am comfortable with. I hope that I peaked your interests and I hope to hear from anyone, have a good night.

Ps. If you have any other ideas that we can come up with, please feel free to PM me or Reply to this post.