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Started by DeviantWolf, April 07, 2009, 04:46:57 PM

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Alright so it's been a while since I have gamed on here or in general but I've been feeling creative lately and want to try out a few things.  I have plot 'ideas' in that it's a basic thought that need to be fleshed out more though that doesn't need to happen before the game begins.  Often times I find myself starting a game with just an idea and letting the characters tell me how it will go.

So without further ado here are my plots, if you are interested in any a PM would be amazing as I often forget to check this forum.

Animal Instincts - A male shape shifter that takes on the form of a fox is out for a quick hunt in the woods after a long night at work tending bar when he finds himself the prey in a deadly hunt.  A cougar (or possibly jaguar) is on his trail and ready to strike. 

I would play the Fox and a female would play the Cougar.  The female is a Lycan or Were-Cougar where as the male is simply a shape shifter.  I am looking for a slightly more dominant female here.  I don't quite know where this would head.  I know my character owns and runs a bar.  The female cougar knows what she's chasing and is doing it for a reason, what that is I don't really know.  But she wants the fox and knows he's a shifter.

Checking In - A night clerk at a out of the way roadside motel takes advantage of his job to find love in the only form he knows, forced.  Preying on unsuspecting females that check in after long tiring trips he has his way with them and uses blackmail to keep them quiet.  This time though he wants to keep the pretty young woman who just checked into room 113.

I again would play the male and looking for a female for the partner.  Not necessarily submissive but would bend that way over time.  Possible bondage here and obvious non-con but nothing too extreme.  The hotel is one of those two floor places where all the rooms have doors to the outside.  The location would be a rural setting with not a lot going on around it, very creepy setting.
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Checking in could be interesting.  Feel free to IM.