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Started by luna146, April 07, 2009, 12:02:53 PM

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I have a few ideas for roleplaying with someone. I'm an rper that expects a couple of sentences to a paragraph. This is my first time posting here but here are some of my ideas.

Battle of the Sexes- An army of men and an army of women do battle and only one side can be the victor. The battle will be from the point of veiw from the two commanders.

Magic School- Me and you are rivals at a magic school and we decide to see who is superior at magic once and for all.

Elder Scrolls- based on the video game. Two players team up to fight the ultimate evil.

Superheroine rp- We can dissuse details if you want to try this one out.  (Already have two going)

Strip debate- A new thing I tried with a few people. We pick a topic and debate about it. The first person unable to defend thier point loses an article of clothing. It continues until one person is naked


I would be more than interested in the battle of the sexes. PM me if your interested


I dig super hero genre, let's talk about this one


I have two superheroine rps going sorry


I'm interested in all of those ideas except for the Elder Scrolls idea, let me know if you're still lookin!
I'm sorry all, but life has caught up to me and all the workload associated. I will try to get back to the stories ASAP!