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Let’s play a game, sweetheart <3

《The Main
-Adv. Literate/Novella roleplayers only.
-Respect my on’s and off’s
-Please tell me if you have discord or not. I prefer it, but I can always try other things.
-I only roleplay in private
-Equal story to smut ratio
-Third person POV
-I am really enthusiastic and happy most of the time when I’m roleplaying so.. if I do not feel at least one percent of enthusiasm from you.. I’ll be worried and I’ll keep asking if you are liking the rp.. please don’t get angry, I just care.
-All of my plots are romance. Though some are just more drama/action filled than the others. If you have any ideas for some plots that you think would relate to some of mine then tell me.. I don’t bite.
-Have a character bio and faceclaim please <3

《The Plots

>>Love comes in some strange places
- (Nerdy Photographer x Black model)
- Where a rich, bratty model is being photographed by a quiet, nerdy male/female. She seems pretty interested in them, although it doesn’t seem like she/he is extroverted like her. Nor does she/he look anything like what she usually goes after. There was just something about her/him that she loved, maybe her/his passion for getting perfect angles.

>>Born to be together
- (soulmate AU, where everyone is born with the same symbol as their mate)
- Most people avoid this ‘soulmate’ that’s destined to be with them. Some people believe that they’ll be rejected or ignored. Something that happens a lot. Though for a specific two, they need each other. One has been heart broken and the other was just swimming in depression. One party brought them together, both of them trying to forget about the things that were happening.. they just.. bumped into each other.

>>Dangerous Love
- (Gang Member x Black Girl)
- She was always told to stay away, but everyone knows how hard headed she really is. Not to mention how much she loves danger...

>>So tired of sneaking around together
- (Hero x Black Vigilante)
- The hatred she had for Heros was high, that wasn’t going to change. So why was she so interested in this one? Finally, she’s been caught by this stupid hero. Though they weren’t making a move to even take her to jail or anything. All they were doing was staring… She was starting to get a bit impatient of course, so she tried to hop out of the situation.. though she ended up staying herself.

>>Forbidden Love
- (Human x Black, Mystical Fairy)
- Fairies are not supposed to get close to any other species. That’s a rule, only because of the horrid story of the first fairy that touched earth. They were forced to heal humans and kept to be pets. This is why fairies are behind walls in a forest. It’s a forest all the way out, it’s an enclosed area and the only way someone would see it is if a fairy was already outside of it… Which seemed to be the case.

>>Why Me?
- (King/Queen x Black, Mystical Fairy)
- The poorest area in the kingdom has been very bright lately. Ever since the new villager popped up, a fairy. She lived in a house with an elderly woman, she cared for her. The elderly woman would speak to her and explain how the king m/queen was looking for a significant other. Although the fairy understood this, she really felt as if she wasn’t good enough.. that is until there was a knock on the door.

>>Canon Plots
- (Canon Attack on Titan Character x My Character)
- I would love for someone to play as Eren, Levi, or Hange. It doesn't matter who, and we can definitely talk about what the plot would be.


Be cautious, she may be small, but the fire in her eyes is something far from dangerous.


Full Name: Scarlett Jones
*Reason for name: Her father believed that her name would sound pretty cool and badass if her nickname was Scar, like from lion king.
*Nickname: Scar, Killer, Jones
Age: 20 years of age
Gender: Female, She/Her
Birthday: October 30th
*Currently living in : Scar lives alone in a cabin, a huge, wooden cabin that just says ‘s’mores’. It’s a cozy, gentle spot unlike the person who actually lives there. Scar was given this place by her father, every single person in her family has lived there at least once.. and it was oddly still in amazing condition.. maybe the ancestors kept it well.
Species : Human/Supernatural powers
Race : African American/Black
Occupation: Waitress for her day job, Vigilante at night.
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Position? : Scar is mostly dominant during sex but she is always the one being rammed into.
Relationship Status: Scar is single, she believes -as well as her father- that men will be intimidated by her secret life at night. They would probably feel the need to prove themselves how much stronger they are than her… Scar doesn’t have time for that either, she doesn’t want a relationship at this moment of time.. if someone manages to change her mind, then that’s amazing props to them.


*Body Build: Very, Petite hourglass
Height: 5’6
Hair style: Huge voluptuous curls, sometimes she wears her bangs.
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Dark brown colored eyes
*Preferred Clothing: The thing with Scar is, she loves black. Nothing can go wrong with black, stains don’t bother it, other than white things. It really curves the right spots, and it makes one look gothic. Scar may not be into too much goth, but she loves wearing gloves, huge buckle belts, long vampire-like dresses, tiny skirts and shorts that look like panties.. it’s a win win for her.
*Accessories: Scarlett has lots of cross necklaces, her gloves, maybe even a purse..
Piercings/tattoos?: Septum, tongue, has a tattoo on her right arm and in the middle of her stomach, as well as one on her lower back.


Any physical illnesses?: Scarlett is perfectly in tune with her physical health, she does not have any physical illnesses.
Any mental illnesses?: Scarlett does not have any mental illnesses, she’s been very lucky to not have anything happen to her.
Smoke?: Scar definitely smokes, whether it’s a cigarette or a blunt. Let her smoke her troubles away.

Act before thinking/Think before acting?: Mostly, Scarlett tends to act before thinking. She goes with her heart. If she feels like her heart is starting to crumble, she’ll do the first thing on her mind. The only time she would think before acting is if she is strictly on a mission..
Emotion-wise, generally: Overall speaking, Scarlett is quite on edge? She doesn’t necessarily know how to show her emotions, she’s not dull or anything, but it’s hard to please people.. in her eyes. An example would be, her telling someone she’s sad.. she’d hold in everything possible and won’t let her emotions free unless she’s in the bathroom.. in the tub.

As a person

Swears?: Scar definitely swears, she can’t handle ‘not’ doing it because it’s her way of life now…


Likes: There isn’t much Scarlett likes, she’s pretty plain in her own eyes. There is a special bond between her and drawing though. That’s mainly the only normal thing she can slip by to someone without being suspicious. Now, down to her real likes? She loves when she feels relaxed after serving some justice. Now, she is not a hero whatsoever, and she’s not a villain. Scarlett is her own person, she does what SHE sees fit. If she feels good about it, then she knows she’s done the correct thing.
Dislikes: Heroes and Villains.. She hates them. More so, the Heros. They forever gain love and praise when they barely do the right thing.. They do what the people want. Scarlett also dislikes men who seem to be over their head. Men who think they can push her around and throw her over their head.

-Scarlett is able to heal herself, she is able to gain strength from steady breathing. This isn’t all though, she loves using guns, those guns have special modifications to go in hand with her own abilities. Let’s just say, She does not miss.

-Scar is pretty intelligent, she started reading books at such a young age, no matter the level. Her mother thought she’d birthed an alien honestly, especially when she started talking proper early in her little life. This is partly why her mother constantly would keep her stuck in the house. There’s just no way she was going to subject her baby to be experimented on. It wasn’t a jealous motive whatsoever, it was the race to protect her child. Over the years though, it became obvious she couldn’t contain her child much longer. Eventually she had to go to school. Too bad she was moved up in school.. obviously Scar was mentally able to deal with a higher curriculum.  She graduated early because of this, she also went to college.. but it seemed to have slipped from her life oh so suddenly.

-Born on October 4th, Scarlett was more of an odd baby. It was as if she had been on this world before, which there was no sensible proof, but it was felt. It’s said that some baby’s have this instinct of moving a lot while first coming out of the womb, but what did that mean for Scar? Scarlett was taken home some days later, still brand new to this world, but she already knew how to keep her eyes open.. she also knew how to keep her head up.. and she knew how to crawl. She may not have gotten far with her movements, but her mother obviously knew this wasn’t normal. Then, that’s when the doctor visits stopped. Scarlett’s mother did not want anyone gawking over her child. Not only did those stop.. but any trip to the outside world did. There was no way she was going to let people gush over her abnormal baby… just in fear that someone would take her and run away.
This happened over the course of 18 years, Scarlett was homeschooled, smart, and mindful. Her intelligence had her put straight into college courses, but like what was stated.. this all slipped away. Scarlett didn’t want to be in college, school was a toll on her in general.. So what does she do? She tries explaining this to her mother. She understands.. why wouldn’t she? She’s her dearest mother. Unlike her father, a man who hasn’t even been stated until now. This man? Dangerous, sure, he happened to be a hero… but heroes will always be fake to Scarlett. He did not approve, he is the one who wanted everyone to know of Scarlett’s intelligence… he wanted to gain from this…but the only real thing he gained was a spot in the grave, by his own daughter.

-Scarlett isn’t too plain, she’s a bit on the blunt edge, but she doesn’t have a blank personality. Her jokes aren’t rare, and they aren’t directed at people as much as she directs jokes at herself. Scar will laugh, but it’s almost always faint. She gives off a mean sassy aura and honestly she is exactly that, but only if she’s cranky, or pissed off. Any other time she’s just sassy.


Family: Her mother, her Father(Deceased)
Friends/Allies: None
Enemies: None, nobody knows she’s a vigilante

There’s no such thing as stepping all over her… she may just step all over you.. in some tall, black pumps.


She can make your dreams come true in a blink of an eye.


Full Name: Leilani Sweet
*Reason for name: When she came into this world, her mother had flowers at her bedside from her husband. Those gorgeous flowers happened to be called Leilani flowers.
*Nickname: Sweetness, Lani,
Age: 20 Years of age
Gender: Female, she/her
Birthday: December 4th
*Currently living in: Her precious home in the secret forest where all fairies live.
Species : Fairy
Race : African American/Black
Occupation: Seamstress, she makes lots of things for her fellow fairies.
Sexual Orientation: Leilani doesn’t necessarily have a label for her sexuality. She just hopes to stumble upon someone great one day.
Position: Submissive in bed.
Relationship status: single.


*Body Build: Pear shaped build
Height: 5’9
Hair style: Long, wavy hair
Hair colour: Natural black
Eye colour: Light green
*Preferred Clothing: Long, wavy skirts that flow in the air. Dresses that can make one think about a forest, she feels as close to herself when she is in a dress that bears a green or white color.
*Accessories: Long necklaces, it may be pearls or handmade jewelry made from her dearest little sister.


Any physical illnesses?: Leilani is perfectly healthy, physically.
Any mental illnesses?: Leilani’s mental condition is not one hundred percent, though it may not be too harmful. She has a tendency to completely overthink things. Many others deal with this and it’s mainly brushed off, but in Leilani’s case, it’s gravely dangerous.. Her mindset is almost always thinking of the negatives.. there isn’t much that can help her when she’s late up at night, but being with wildlife calms her. If Leilani isn’t calm after a little bit of being by herself.. behind closed doors, it’s a chance she may have a slight panic attack.
Take drugs?: She does not touch any drugs, she would only take drugs prescribed to her. Legally.
Smoke?: Never has, never will. She is gravely worried about what her parents would say about.. mainly everything…

Act before thinking/Think before acting?: Stated before, Leilani has a tendency to overthink. There’s no way in hell she’s jumping into something without a single thought or breath. Her heart would NOT be able to take it afterwards. She would probably fall into a coma of depression. Especially if that decision affects someone else.

Emotion-wise, generally: Leilani has her emotions all in tact. Other than her thoughts, she can always bring joy to others. She doesn’t have any manipulative ideas or thoughts, it’s all sweetness and joy in her emotions.

As a person

Way of speaking: Many could say Leilani tends to be a little dramatic? So each sentence may seem like she’s out of a movie.
Swears?: Such a beautiful, gorgeous fairy wouldn’t swear. She can’t even let it fall out of her mouth. Nor can she think of the word itself. She may try to slip the word ‘damn’ though.


Likes: Leilani is too open for her own good, she likes a lot of things. Her number one may just be making clothes for other fairies. She loves making clothes that give off a forest type aura. There might not be anything else she loves to do in the world. The others could be baking and making new friends. She loves being away from her home, it’s so crowded and enclosed.. She just loves the outside world.

Dislikes: Sarcastic people may be her main dislike. Lani has had enough of sarcasm in her little life. There is also a huge spot for ‘the sea’ in her hatred box. There’s absolutely no way she would step foot in a body of water that huge. Leilani has never seen this body of water called ‘sea’ but she knows she wouldn’t want to.. Another dislike may be humans, as sweet as she can be, many would believe that she can give some love to humans.. but she absolutely disgusts them. Fairies are known to be quite rare, nobody knows they live in one spot together. Leilani’s best friend, Julia, had gotten kidnapped by a human and of course she never returned.

-Lani may just have one habit other than the whole overthinking problem. She has this odd urge to move her body around in circles.. this only happens if she’s sitting on the floor or if she’s waiting in a chair. She can’t help but go in circles or rock back and forth or side to side.

-Leilani is more of a healing fairy. She can heal someone in the blink of an eye. Of course though, there’s always a drawback. If she begins to heal too many people at once, or in one day, her body will shut down completely.

-Leilani is more average than anything when it comes to intelligence. She has common sense and she can pass school all over again if she could… she wouldn’t though.

-Leilani fears humans. She may act big and bad if she comes across one and she may threaten to use her powers in a negative manner. In reality though, she’s just as scared as her friend was when she was ripped from this world.

-Fairies have been traveling this land ever since those large lizard creatures have been wandering. Dinosaurs are what humans call them. The fairies used to roam the land freely, talking to every moving animal they saw. This came to a close though, when other humans started to pop up. Of course, the first fairies to see another moving person like them was quite confused. This person didn’t have wings, they couldn’t fly, they couldn’t heal. Unfortunately, being so generous and sweet made them seem so weak. The humans overpowered them quickly, it was an oh so brutal mess. Ones wings completely torn from their body, this definitely gave the image of how terrible humans were.
-This old story was told to every generation, it didn’t miss one. This story was read to young fairies so their wandering and their nosey mind wouldn’t get the best of them. Their forest is protected, only fairies could enter and leave, but many of them stay in the bubble. Unlike.. Leilani. Born on December 4th. Suspicion didn’t rise just yet of course, she was just a baby then. Her mindset was more on toys.. though as she became older, it broadened. More questions about the outside became piling up in her pretty little mind. Her wretched mother decided to shut the conversation down with the sinister story that had been passed down, but it didn’t work much. Leilani wanted to travel, she wanted to meet humans. It was as if.. she held the soul of the first fairy on earth. Those words traveled around much faster than her mother wanted. Her mother started to really despise her own daughter, just because she had dreams… just because she was being praised for having such a mindset.
-Then, Julia was ripped from Leilani’s hands.

-This pretty fairy has much to offer, her overall personality would be ‘Sweet as can be’. Leilani never wants karma to come back on her, not to mention, it’s quite calming to have someone smiling back at you. She never understood how someone could hurt another person’s feelings. Let alone physically hurting someone.
-along with that main, Leilani is sometimes dense at many things. She has multiple guys crushing on her, pretty hard as well. All Lani does is smile with her pearly whites and she goes on about her day.
-Laughter, it may be the third thud to describe Lani’s personality. She’s such a sweet girl, though her laugh is just.. THAT laugh. The type of laugh that causes everyone else to laugh even harder.


Family: Leilani’s family consists of her mother, her father, and her little sister. Though, Lani doesn’t necessarily claim her mother.
Friends/Allies: Julia (Deceased)
Enemies : None, she’s an angel and she tries not to cause too much trouble.