Accessories Sold Separately (fxf/trans sort of, body modification)

Started by imjessme, March 18, 2022, 01:59:31 PM

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Hi all, thanks for looking.  I did want to say up front, so as to not waste any of your time, I would prefer a female partner playing a female character for this story.  It usually doesn't matter but for this one I have a certain feel I'm going for.

Second, full disclosure: this is heavily based on a story I tried before with another partner.  That story was unable to continue, for reasons, but I loved the idea, and would like to try it again.

So, in a future not far over the horizon...

Think of a setting like Cyberpunk 2077.  Cybernetics are everywhere, and AI is just starting to really take its first steps, so to speak.  Body mods and implants are, if not the norm, at least reasonably common.  So, too, are artificial humans; androids, gynoids, each put to various uses.  My character is one.

She was purchased brand new by a law firm, and set up as the office administrator: filing papers, checking in clients, setting up appointments.  Physically, she was the very base, vanilla model: general body shape and face selected from several presets, no sexual organs, nipple-less breasts intended to only ever be seen covered by clothing.  Her software was fairly basic as well: on top of the core system, only the customer service and office personnel add-ons had been installed.  She was pretty, and personable to a reasonable and professional extent, but that was about it.  After two or three years, though, the law firm dissolved, the partners deciding to go their separate ways.  She was sold off in a fire sale for far less than she was worth, even used.  This is where your character comes in.

I'm going to call your character Rae, only for a name.  It can be changed, of course.  Rae is a loner.  Somewhere in her early twenties, she's only just getting started in life, working as a freelance coder and occasional gray-hat hacker.  She loves to tinker and experiment, and her greatest asset, and her constant downfall, is her insatiable curiosity.  She is, however, socially... awkward, and has never done well in any kind of work environment.  Thus, she programs from home, uploading software to clients without having ever met them.  The job pays well enough, but nowhere near frequently enough, and so money is always tight.

Out of a sudden burst of self-awareness, Rae realizes that she is kind of losing her mind a little, being perpetually alone.  A friend would be nearly impossible, though, for several reasons, her awkwardness only one of them.  An artificial companion, one she could program to accept her, to even like her, would be the perfect solution.  Only, they're so expensive.  Still, with her skills she's able to create a little script that watches online ads for anything in her price range.  One day, it pops up with a match.  It's female, and that's alright, because Rae both isn't sure just what all she wants from this companion, and has mostly preferred other women anyway.  Plus... parts were always swappable...

There are several options when it comes to attachments and parts.  The bot will come with no sex organs or realistic breasts, like I said, however does have the necessary ports to install genitals, and can exchange breast plates.  Genitals could include female, male, a combination, toys, tentacles, anything imaginable.  Other options like height and overall build can be modified, but that process is a little more involved.  She would have to be opened up and have several internal structures extended or positioned.  Possible, but intensive.

An additional option would be for Rae to have replaced parts of herself with interface ports, allowing her to use any of the attachments the bot can.  That's especially helpful if the character has any kind of gender identity issues (that was a thing in the original version). 

If this at all caught your attention, and if you are female (or trans or NB) and want to play a female or trans or NB character, please message me.  I think, really, as far as gender, I just don't think this would work with someone who doesn't get the nuances of gender fluidity.  Maybe that's what I'm getting at.  I think that a typical male character wouldn't work.

OK so... if I caught your attention and haven't offended you with the above, please message me directly and we'll discuss.