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April 01, 2023, 09:34:38 am

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Author Topic: Aw yeah just Guys hanging out and being... (MxM nsfw)  (Read 484 times)

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Aw yeah just Guys hanging out and being... (MxM nsfw)
« on: March 17, 2022, 09:03:35 pm »

I've been having a hankerin' for some good MxM themed Rps lately so let's get right into it shall we?

Of course here's some basic rules and guidelines.

1. We WILL follow all rules regarding character ages here on E. So all characters engaged in sexual activity must be 16+
2. I find literacy labels kinda... pointless. But as a general rule, try to give me about one to two paragraphs at minimum. I recognize that at times less is needed but let's just roll with that.
3. I can RP on here or on discord or email.
4. As for posting speed. I usually try to get multiple posts a week. But keep in mind that I do work four 10 hour shifts from 6 am to 4 pm, sunday to wednesday (and 8-4 every other thursday).
5. I like playing multiple characters. Whether it's one main character and several side characters or a group of characters. I don't require you to do the same but if you do then we will def get along.
6. I'm sure i'll add more so stay tuned.

~~~~~~Now for the Fun Part~~~~~

Kinks/Story aspects I wanna include.

Mutual masturbation
Sex toys
Group play
Mutual Pining
Secret relationships
Taller/Older Bottom x Shorter/Younger Top
Man boobs (or pecs if you will)

So normally i make characters for each new RP, but for this I figured it'd be a nice change of pace to do some pre-made characters.

Dexter. Cat Furry.
Age: 25
Position: Bottom
A rather shy and awkward librarian who has a thing for wearing panties and thigh highs and crossdressing in general. Though he does keep it on the down lo, he's gotten a bit more adventurous and wearing panties and such under a pair of baggy jeans.

Possible ideas
1. Caught Red... pantied?: You've had your eye on the weird dorky librarian. You finally get a chance to ask him out in a secluded part of the library... only to find him with his pants down and masturbating.
2. Kink Club: Dexter finds a local kink club in town where he meets your character, someone with similar interests, to help him explore his desires.

Zeke. Donkey Furry
Age: 19
Position: Mostly Bottom.

1. A college student whose made some good cash from doing live streams. YC (A friend/Random Fan) decides to join in on one of their streams.
2. YC owns a farm and is looking for a good mule to help with the chores among 'other' things.

Kira. Rat Furry
Age: 38 ("SH-SHUT UP I'M NOT OLD!")
Position: Dominant Bottom
A mad scientist whose always looking for some help with his experiments... and unfortunately YC has been roped in to all sorts of sexy fun.

Ika. Temple Guardian Spirit
Age: Ancient
Position: Switch
Cocky and brash, this temple guardian is a disciple of the cat god. Though he wants to protect his old temple, he's not above having some fun with mortals who dare to intrude

Seth. Cybrid
Age: 45
Position: Top
A business mogul whose brain and vital organs were transplanted into a robotic body. Despite now having a mechanical body, he still feels the stress of his usual duties as CEO.

1. YC is Seth's personal assistant. And now your task is to help him test out some 'love making' upgrades he's installed.
2. YC is Seth's secret boyfriend whose been with him since before his operation.

Random ideas for now before I commit to making more detailed stuff. If you have ideas then toss them my way!

Single Dad x Teacher (Can be either role): A single dad has been having a rough time after his wife practically abandoned him and his daughter. The teacher decides to help the two out after seeing the kid struggle in class. A relationship begins to bloom between the two men.

A bizarre arranged marriage: YC is set up to marry the daughter of an esteemed family in order to solidify a business merger. However after the beautiful girl runs away before the wedding, the family decides YC will marry the son instead. Can this new relationship work?

Hey nerd lemme suck your dick!: YC is the new student at an all boys academy... and sadly MC has decided to target them for a year of bullying. Problem is... MC is really bad at bullying and is also VERY bad at hiding that he is in fact gay. "Hey nerd i'm gonna bounce on your dumb cock!" really doesn't sound like bullying does it?

The super hero's stress relief: Being a hero is hard work, being the 'powerful guardian of tomorrow' can be overwhelming. So one popular super hero has a secret relationship with a regular civilian in order to help relieve his stress. (Would prefer OC heroes)

The Photo Shoot: YC accepts a photography job at a company that specializes in sex toys for gay men. As they take pictures of the men using said toys, steamy fun starts to happen both on and off camera.

The Bathhouse: Mc and YC get a job at the local all men's sauna. Their duties include helping keep the place tidy, help distribute towels, and at times help entertain the guests. What sort of fun smutty times will they get into here?

The first heat (anthro/furry centric): Among beast folk is a phenomenon called Heat where their hormones become increased as well as a desire to mate. MC is a highschool student who is starting his first heat and is looking for someone to help him with it. Could YC be a teacher? A school friend? A neighbor? A complete stranger? Who knows?
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Re: Aw yeah just Guys hanging out and being... (MxM nsfw)
« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2022, 10:15:44 pm »
Updated with some pre-made characters