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Started by ShimapanThief, March 01, 2022, 08:20:00 PM

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Hi, I'm Shiro. I'm non-binary and roleplaying for quite a few years. I believe I started on this site in 2013, and have written quite a few stories since then!
Some tidbits about me:

  • Non-binary (they/them)
  • Demisexual, grey-romantic
  • Married, poly, ENM
I have been having a rough year so far, and last year was equally as rough, and as a result I'm not taking on as many stories. I have a couple that I am actively writing in, and can squeeze in a few more.

Currently Craving

  • Fandoms
  • Smut
Fandoms I'm Looking For
Bold is who I'm looking to play.

  • RWBY

    • Whitley x Team RWBY

      • Taking Him Down a Notch
        Whitley has always been a spoiled brat, though where Weiss actually went to Beacon and do something with her life, Whitley has enjoyed the highlife. When Weiss bring the rest of Team RWBY to her home on a mission, Whitley doesn't wait to give her and her friends a hard time. However this time, with all of Team RWBY there to help, Weiss and co take advantage of Whitley and turn him into their own personal toy and servant. I could see quite a bit here, he is already very lithe so forced crossdressing, anal, oral, sexual exhaustion.
  • Persona 4

    • Rise x Yu

      • The King's Game Revisited
        The scene on Tatsumi Port Island, where Rise's club friends 'accidentally' give them alcoholic drinks. I'd love to work out a scene, either MxF or MxFxF between Yu, Rise, and/or Chie. There are drinks, dares, and fun for this. Maybe Yukiko asked Chie to record Yu fucking her over the table, and Chie needs some fun too!
    • Rise x Futa!Naoto
    • Chie x Yu
    • Yukiko x Chie x Yu

      • Love Me Too, Senpai!
        Yu built up the courage to ask out Yukiko. They decide to date, catching some of their friends off-guard, but everyone is happy for them. That is, until Chie tells Yukiko she liked Yu too. What happens when Yu comes home and finds both of them on his futon... with Yukiko coaxing Chie into fucking the two of them? Based on this: https://i.redd.it/is7dceaxzrz61.jpg
  • Persona 5

    • Futaba x Ren/Joker
    • Makoto x Ren/Joker
  • Danganronpa

    • Junko x Nagito
    • Junko x Mikan x Nagito
    • Junko x Chihiro
    • Celeste x Chihiro
    • Toko/Genocider x Chihiro

      • Chihiro's Worst Enemy
        Chihiro Fujisaki. A cute boy who was picked on for being too girly as he grew up, was chosen to attend Hope's Peak Academy as the Ultimate Programmer. Touko Fukawa. The Ultimate Writing Prodigy, chosen to go to Hope's Peak because of her writing skills, harbors an inner alternate personality - the notorious serial killer Genocider Jack! Genocider's preferred targets? Cute boys. When Chihiro started school, he decided to try to live as a girl, taking on a persona of being a girl, and even dressing as one. What would happen if Genocider Jack finds out about this trap?
  • Scooby-Doo!

    • Velma x Tentacle Monster/Other Creatures

      • After the Mystery is Solved...
        This would take place after the Scooby-Doo Monsters Incorporated series. Velma is single, and honestly, there haven't been any more big mysteries in Crystal Cove. People stop visiting the town as often, and with the museum being less of a money maker for her family, Velma needs a job after she and the rest of the gang graduate high school. She manages to get admitted to a prestigious school and have the opportunity to get away from Crystal Cove, but it's still a few months until university starts. In order to make some cash before she starts college, she decides to start taking up streaming. Lewd streaming, maybe even OnlyFans or something similar.One night on stream, someone mentions a book that has an inscription that will summon real monsters. She blows it off, but after looking through the museum's archives, she manages to find a copy. She starts a stream as she's reading through it, and with the promise of trying one of the summons out, she performs the steps... And a multi limbed tentacled creature appears. I hope Velma likes being used on stream!

Other plot ideas!

  • The Panty Loving Tentacle Monster! - Tentacle Monster (MC) x Schoolgirl (YC) - YC is on her way home from school when she ends up being stopped by someone advertising a new shop near her home. It's a toy shop. She gets asked to come in, and just to finish up the situation she decides to go in... And is taken aback. The shop is full of various shaped slug looking creatures. Some small, some large, most gooey. She's confused at first, but one of the workers talks her into playing with one of them. Petting it, holding it. It seems fine, and she decides to take it home. The worker mentions a 'try period', and she's not sure what that means.
    She makes it home with the small creature in a cage, and when she gets home she isn't quite sure what to do with it. She goes to cook dinner, and when she comes back she finds it rummaging through her panty drawer, having apparently grown an extra arm somehow. There's a sticky fluid on the panties it had in its grip, and as she's looking it over, the creature climbs up her skirt... leading to quite another sticky, fun situation!
    ( I took inspiration from the Tentacle Shop doujin series Anata no Machi no Shokushuyasan | Your neighborhood tentacle shop )

  • Did You Hear About Mikami-san..? - I took this idea from a doujin I read. Shiro Mikami is a senior at a high school in Tokyo. He's a pretty straight forward anti-social otaku. He collects figures, hentai, doujins... He'd known as a pretty creepy dude. That being said, his family is hilariously rich - his dad works in America, and his mom is in America with him. Shiro has an entire apartment to himself, as well as more money than he knows what to do with. What happens when he hears his class crush talking about wanting an expensive new cell phone? "You know, if you help me out I can give you the cash for it." I'd love this to play out where he pays her for increasingly kinky things, throwing tens of thousands of yen on her (10,000¥ is about $100) for just about anything she wants. He even has her bring her friends when they want anything they desire.
    We could go as kinky as we want here, but I've been craving it for MONTHS.

  • Something based on these doujins:
Turn Ons!

  • Panties
  • Panties as a gag
  • Pantyjobs
  • Hotdogging with panties on
  • Cumming in or on panties
  • Stockings or Tights/Pantyhose

    • Footjob with them on
  • Thighjobs / Intercrural sex
  • Cosplay
  • Toy play

    • Tail buttplugs
    • Remote control vibrators
Turn Offs: not really much, just nothing 'gross'. I.e. watersports, toilet related stuff, scat, etc.