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April 01, 2023, 09:47:43 am

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Author Topic: Moxa's Marvellous Menagerie (Of Ideas)  (Read 1863 times)

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Moxa's Marvellous Menagerie (Of Ideas)
« on: March 01, 2022, 12:35:36 am »
About Moxa

Hello, since it seems the done thing, I am setting about making a good old requests thread, to document all the salacious and succulent scene concepts I am in the mood for.

I am nonbinary, in my 30s, and a fan of many genres and types of scene. I mostly look for stories that interest me, and while I have some, lets charitably call them fetishes, a story set up for a single kink or visual element rarely gets my (mental) juices flowing. I have a burgeoning Offs and Ons thread here though it is really just a starting point. The reason for that is because really the kinks are an organic part of the themes of a story. If there's a thematic element emphasising barbarity and primitiveness, I'll be more inclined towards biting, rough direct sex, and 'messier' kinks. If the themes are about refinement and high-class, it's more likely that elaborate bondage and impact play would have a role.

I do tend towards the extreme end of the spectrum in terms of my smut, I enjoy taking the opportunity fiction gives to go well beyong what is SSC, although that last C is still extremely important out of character. Communication is key for me, and I like to keep a PM handy for any partner with all the 'No thank you' lines clearly spelled out, so I can avoid them.

 I am being relatively selective with new ones - just expressing interest isn't enough, it's important that you take one of my ideas and really make a pitch, explaining what you'd want from the idea and any twists or creativity you'd want to use with it. I realize this could come across as being special snowflake but it really isn't, I just want to make sure I'm engaged, and would rather NOT have a story than have one my heart isn't in!

I'll be playing exclusively on the forums, preferably in threads, but happy to talk and even do some stuff in DMs.

The Ideas

I have organised these into themes, more or less, to illustrate some of the different areas I want to explore. If any ideas interest you, please DM me. Though a fair warning - don't expect to get a game just because you like one of the ideas, I've left room for your ideas and desires to come through and it might be we don't 'click'.

Strong Bitches with Balls doing their thing

For the record, I'm going to use the term Bitches with Balls, or BB, instead of terms like Futa, because a) its got alliteration and b) I actually dislike that term a bit.

"Cagna's Toys (BBxAny, Cyberpunk, Extreme)"
Cagna is a mercenary Bitch with Balls in a cyberpunk setting. Badass, considerably insane, and very violent, Cagna is infamous in the underworld for her almost unstoppable nature and skills. She is a pretty well-established character in my mind, and I'm looking for all sorts of stories involving her.  She is a heavy drinker, a drug user, and enjoys taking people, fucking them silly, and turning them into tattooed, pierced fucktoys for her to enjoy. Bonus points if they can actually be useful for her on missions, as hackers, snipers, or knife nuts! Particular love for femboys and punk ladies in this story.

"MMA's Fanbitch (BBxFemboy, Sweat and Muscle Focus)"
Roxana is a well-known and very popular MMA fighter, and your character is her biggest fan. Since you caught her eye a while ago, you've become her live-in bitch boi, spoiled but only as long as you let her do what she likes to your femme bod. Big focus here on her being strong, going to the gym and using you as part of her routine, possible 'messy' kinks if you are open to it. 

Not right now[S
"Sadist Sorority's Slave (BBBBBBxM, Group, Sadism, Slavery)[/S]]Inspired a wee bit by the art of Wokada, in this setting I'd play a male slave to a sorority of BwBs, played by you - the sorority has a particular reputation for needing a fresh slave every year because of how harshly they treat their bitch. Looking for some high-extreme kinks including watersports, pain, bondage, and group fuckings. Kind of a slice of life, but absolutely vicious

"It's good to be the Boss (BBxAny, Glitz and Glamour)"
Your character is the pet-slave of a high flying, ludicrously wealth BB genuis playgirl philanthropist. Probably a comparatively light story to most of my fare, but potentially with petplay elements. Expect a lot of flying, food, and fancy stuff.

Not right now [S
"Power Bottom with an Agenda" (FemboyxBwB, Power Bottom, making a horny bitch your bitch)[/S]] CURRENTLY Not interested Slightly different, this idea would have a femboy Power Bottom who pretty much entirely dominates the (preferably anthro) BwB. This could work either in fantasy, modern fantasy or cyberpunk but It'd be fun to play a very horny, but also very strong fighter type BwB who will do anything to get to hump her masters bubble butt. The Agenda part comes in that I'd want the power bottom to have extra reasons for their control, primarily using her as a bodyguard and bully for their own nefarious or possibly farious deeds. Particular love for a Mage Femboy/Barbarian BwB. Elements of petplay could be fun but I'm quite open on this idea

"Conquering Bitch - (BB/Multiple, Harem, Pregnancy, Slavery)"
Perhaps a simple idea, but I'd like to have a game as a powerful, BB warrior who was a part of an invading army, and now has been granted her land, working slaves, and a cowed harem for her to fuck, abuse, and impregnate to continue the Amazonian bloodline. I could see this as very simple smut-fest, just slice of life with the different members of the harem, or I could see this as a full fledged GM'd game, with her having to undertake missions for the Queen supported by magical support bitches.

Yes it's cliche'd but they're fun!

"Empire in the Sky - (MxF, slavery, Fantasy, Furry or Scalie)"
In the highest reaches of the mountains, above the clouds, is a great city of either Eagle-People or Dragonborn, their culture and strength giving them a right to rule. For the human tribes living simple lives of farming and villages down below, their skyborn overlords are near to deities, and when they descend and demand flesh to serve at their pleasure, there is little that can be done. I'd be looking to play a female slave for an Eagle-or-Dragonborn, deciding to take her. This can be relatively light hearted, but we could have some more involved kinks if you want to propose them.

"Healslut to the Warband- (MMMxF, Harem, Fantasy, Orcs or Anthros, Degredation)"
I'm looking for someone to play a smallish (3-5 members) group of warriors, either Orcs, or some form of Anthro, against whom my character has been captured and enslaved. A powerful healer, she is used and abused for her magical ability, making sure the warband are healed and healthy after every fight, as well as used for stress relief. The more abusive the warband, the better.

"Twins! Slave Twins! - (AnyxM+F, Twins, Slavery, Twincest)"
I'd like to branch out and practice playing multiple characters, and this is a fun opportunity to do that. You would play a extremely rich, powerful person, and I would play two (willing) twins who you have bought as slaves and companions. Bit of slice of life, preferably a good hit of pampering your pets. Fun things to include would be petplay, femboy/crossdressing with the male slave. Happy for this to work as an Anthro/Human type affair where the cat twins are in a world where cats are expected to be pets and playthings, lotsa possibilities.

"The Demon King - (MxAny, D/s, wide range of possible kinks)"
Look, do I have to go in-depth on this? Demon King, you're his slave, possibly his harem if you're up for writing that much. He does awful things to you. He might have a succubus wife who's even worse but is bound to his will.

"Drukhari's Pet (Mxf, Warhammer 40k, Mean Elves, Extreme)"
One of the few ideas I want to do that draws directly from a canon source. You are a captured Mon'keigh plaything to a Drukhari Raider Captain, and you will suffer to keep his soul nice and filled. Expect pain, degredation, body modifiation, and plenty of arrogant wine twirling.

Hella Dark and Dirty Ideas

These are the real extreme ideas, pushing the boat out and putting a glory hole in it.

"The Scaled Prince - (MxAny, Prince, Violence, Slavery)"
In this story, I would play a Part-Dragon Prince, freshly blooded from his first battles, and given a human as a prize slave. He'd be cruel, young, and very self-centered, using his new toy regularly and publicly. Given magic in the collar that lets them heal from most injuries their spoiled master inflicts, this idea could get quite gory and vicious. The slave would be expected to serve every whim of the young prince, so getting to know what he likes will be important.

"The Goddess of Lust - (Goddess, worship, slightly experimental, orgasm powers, harem, snuff-maybe?)"
The Goddess of Love can be about sex and desire, but more often than not is rolled up in romance. This Goddess is not that. The Lady of Desire is a predatory, hungry deity, who inspires madness and terror in her followers. More demon than divine, to be a part of her harem is to be doomed to die yet in estatic pleasure, your body unable to cope with rapturous enticement. Your character(s) have been unlucky enough to be sacrificed to the Goddess, made a part of her harem for however long you last. I'd experiment here both with bondage and extreme kinks, but also with the concept of forced, uncontrolable lust. In that she is capable, with a single touch, of sending any victim into such an overwhelming need to fuck that they will harm themselves to do so.

Can't get this one to work[S
"Scorpion Alien and the Broods" (Insecty Alien, Breeding, Ovipositon, Pheremonal Mind Control)[/S]] This one has a picture!
I really like this concept art for Insectoid aliens, and would like to do a story involving breeding, pheremonal mind control, oviposition and pregnancy. The base concept would be YC is a scout who comes across this alien creature in the depths of space. When she takes it in, it stings her and puts her into a maddening heat so that when it fucks and fills her with eggs, she becomes it's devoted broodmother. If you are up for playing multiple characters, we can add to the harem as we go, more alien forms being created inside YCs wombs to eventually you guessed it, conquer the galaxy!

"The Blade Pet (AnyxF, blades, blood, petplay, eating who you shouldn't)"
This could be in either a cyberpunk-y setting or a more fantastical one. My character in this would be a woman your character has taken, and converted in some way into a blade-covered pet. You'd train her to be both a loyal pet, willing to take any punishment or amusement you have, as well as a vicious weapon to terrify your enemies. This includes teaching/changing her to have a much more, lets say 'talkative' diet.

As yet uncategorized ideas

"Femboy Familiar - (MxM, Femboy, Magic, Petplay, Snuggly)
I would like to play a femboy, potentially/probably a catboi, who is the familiar to your character, a powerful mage. This could be in a fantasy setting or a modern one, but I'd be keen for a good deal of petplay, nudity, and actually quite wholesome smut here, a mage who really does treat their pet as a pet.

"The Marilith Queen Returns - (Demon Snake Lady, Harem, World Conquest)"
Toralinathrix, the Emerald Queen of Ambition, was cast out two centuries by the Great Demon Emperor Obsidian for her ambiton outreaching her ability, but she has now, by virtue of blood and strength, taken a small principality within the Demon Empire. You would play her Harem and Allies, while I'd play the Marilith herself and GM the wider world. Tora rules through strength, sex, and ability, and is more than happy to fuck her subordinates to help maintain their loyalty and also to have fun!

More ambitious ideas

These are the ideas that will take some work. Probably a lot of work. Expect a lot of talking and thinking before any of these would happen, since they are more in that realm of co-written novellas.

"The Global Holy Grail War - (Fate/, Summoning, Maybe less smut)"
This would be set in (a) Nasuverse, familiarity with the Fate series would be essential.
Somehow, impossibly, an entirely new Greater Grail has appeared. The Clocktower has confirmed that it already has enough Prana to faciltate a Greater War, and believes that the masters will soon be chosen. What is worse, the Chaldea Security Organisation has terrifying news - SHEBA has discovered that a Beast has appeared, one that they cannot get accurate readings on.
This story would focus around a new Holy Grail War, one complicated by the fact that a Beast is involved. Discovering the identity of the Beast and preventing it from using the power of this Greater Grail against the Human Order would be the primary plot thread. This is a very nascent idea at the moment, but if someone is extremely interested in developing a fun, philosophical fanfic, please do drop a line!
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Re: Moxa's Marvellous Menagerie (Of Ideas)
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2022, 03:57:14 am »
Added "Power Bottom with an Agenda" and "Scorpion Alien and the Brood" (though the latter is not up to my high title of smut idea standards. If you have a better title even if you're not interested in the idea drop me a PM)

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Re: Moxa's Marvellous Menagerie (Of Ideas)
« Reply #2 on: March 20, 2022, 02:58:48 am »
Added "The Marilith Queen Returns" and "A Loyal Warrior" to sought roleplays

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Re: Moxa's Marvellous Menagerie (Of Ideas)
« Reply #3 on: March 29, 2022, 01:47:12 am »
Added "The Goddess of Lust", "Twins! Slave Twins!", and "Conquering Bitch" to requested games. Have updated a few ideas that have been taken.

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Re: Moxa's Marvellous Menagerie (Of Ideas)
« Reply #4 on: April 07, 2022, 02:30:15 am »
Added "Healslut to the Warband" and "Femboy Familiar" to the plots. I've got quite a few plots going now, so will likely be a bit selective with responses - saying yes to a plot idea doesn't guarantee that we'll mesh well!

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Re: Moxa's Marvellous Menagerie (Of Ideas)
« Reply #5 on: April 16, 2022, 12:00:47 am »
Added Sadist Sorority's Slave, and Empire in the Sky, for your peeking pleasure!

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Re: Moxa's Marvellous Menagerie (Of Ideas)
« Reply #6 on: April 24, 2022, 04:56:25 am »
Added the Scaled Prince and updated a little bit of the front matter to better explain how I approach people's interest.

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Re: Moxa's Marvellous Menagerie (Of Ideas)
« Reply #7 on: May 26, 2022, 02:01:53 am »
My first non-substantive bump. If you've just been enjoying the ideas without wanting to play, don't worry I'll get back into the swing of adding new ones sooner or later. Only being allowed to bump with substantive posts 1/week or non-substantive 1/month is good incentive to be inventive!

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Re: Moxa's Marvellous Menagerie (Of Ideas)
« Reply #8 on: December 12, 2022, 01:26:44 am »
Bumping after a good while. I've been skeptical of trying to start up stories again so going to be picky and have taken some ideas off the table.