Arcane ⇻ Caitlyn/Vi RP wanted (FxF) Tags: Romance, Fantasy, Plot, Switchy D/s

Started by WillowPup, January 29, 2022, 08:13:00 AM

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Hi E fam,

So, I am super craving this specific pairing (if my avatar and tagline weren't giveaways... XD), and I had one, Piltover's Finest, but unfortunately, life overtook both myself and my previous partner. My RP partner hasn't logged in since March, so I'm re-advertising.

I prefer to play Caitlyn towards your character Vi, but I'm willing to try something different.

I definitely want it to be something a lot deeper than just a porn without plot.

Romance and connection and story and love and angst and two characters dealing with new and unusual feelings, working together as a team to defeat the evils in Zaun and Piltover. Laughs and fun and sadness shared, and adventures into sexytimes. Maybe with some switchy D/s? How did Piltover's Finest become what they are in the games? An unstoppable duo.

I'm thinking there's some sort of greater evil they need to deal with; stronger together than apart. Do they work together to find Jinx and stop whatever she's trying to do? Do they have to deal with a full on Piltover/Zaun war?

Alternatively, I have another idea that is some years after the series; Caitlyn is Sheriff and Vi works with her, her girlfriend, and they are expected to attend high society events and such together, and navigate everyday life together in Piltover. Would probably be a bit lighter than the alternate.

I have some basic ideas, but really, I am open to anything basically leading off from the end of the first season.


Obviously FxF, but that's just characters; I don't really care about the orientation or gender of whoever plays Vi; anyone can be capable of RP'ing anyone! :)

At the moment my post frequency is about twice-three times a week, but if I'm really invested in something, not gonna lie, it can be sooner or more frequent.

Anywho, hit me up if you're interested; I'm craving this one real bad (again).

Enjoy the art! :D


Smol bump; updated pics and seeking RP (last time I'm bumping something for now)