The God's Chosen Adventurer. (5E, fast leveling rogue like, MxF)

Started by ZameRagues, January 14, 2022, 11:07:37 PM

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Legends and stories tell of a chosen warrior, a prophesized individual, the hero that would save the realm, the one who comes from seemingly nowhere with incredible power and skill. Enduring challenges and emerging triumphant over any evil, they live the rest of their life in luxury and fame. Bards recount the stories of these celebrities and inspire others to action and glory. Scholars have begun to see coincidences between seemingly unconnected heroes. They originate from areas with little to no notoriety and gain incredible knowledge and expertise by the time they begin to appear in stories. Some stories tell of heroes being lost in a dungeon fighting for their life, though they can't recall where or when, or even leaving the dungeon. Bards and Gleemen begin to create dramatic fantasies of this dungeon supposedly created by none other than gods or demons. Trial of the Gods, The Demon's Land, The Warrior's Passage, Prison between Realms, The Dream of Glory, The Depth of Beasts, Horror's Gate, many names begin to appear all for the same legendary dungeon.

I am looking to run a solo DnD game in 5E for a female character. This will take place entirely inside of a single dungeon and will be a fast leveling game. Starting at level 1, the PC will be put through combat and challenges. Death will not be possible. Any challenge or encounter that the PC fails will leave her subject to either the monsters or any other entity that gets a hold of her. Rape, tentacles, monsters, drugs, bondage, mind effects, and other kinks will be in this game. Either the PC will escape an incredible adventurer possibly to go on and save the world, or live her life within the dungeon being used by any monster that comes across her.

Creation rules
- Female gender
- Level 1
- 4d6 best 3 for stats
- Race wise, I prefer humans or elves, or at least anything that still resembles a human and isn't a smaller race.
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