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Author Topic: M looking for F to be beholden to mischevous character [MUL]  (Read 613 times)

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M looking for F to be beholden to mischevous character [MUL]
« on: April 04, 2009, 08:26:02 AM »
Taken by sassychic  As I have other ideas I'll come back here and post them, however!

This would be a free-form game between me and a female writer.  I was thinking either a typical medeival/fantasy court or modern day setting, but am open to anything.  I don't know what the main characters names will be (depending on the setting), but for now I'll call him Kek and her Palia.

Kek is a ... well, I'm not sure what he is.  I suppose an imp or fey would be the closest thing, except that he does not have the "lesser being" status that some people associate with imps.  His true form is basically human.  He IS similar to imps in that he has the mischief, selfishness, and tendency to hang around and bother people.  Particularly, he likes to help people in need for seemingly altruistic purposes, but then use their predicament to exact a promise for something he wants from them in return.  He has two special abilities.  Firstly, he can change his form and size to any animal or person that he wishes (and thus gain power through these forms -- good for both rescuing and bothering people.  More on this in a minute).  Secondly, once a promise is made to him, it can not be forsaken.  If someone tries to run, he can always find them, and if someone tries to resist, he can merely shift into an individual that can overpower them if he chooses.  Oh, and thirdly, he can not be killed by traditional means (this would be a lame way out of the story).  Yes, these powers are arbitrary, and no I'm not giving a rational mechanism or reason for them (at least not right now), except that they are required to set up the scenario I'm interested in!  There are other beings like Kek in the world, but they are rare.

Palia is a typial human.  She is open to any interpretation of her that you want, as long as it fits with the flow of the story.  One day, she finds herself in some predicament and, of course, Kek comes along and helps her, only to get her to agree to be his personal toy to use for his pleasure whenever he wishes.  She reluctantly agrees, and the story really begins here.

There are two aspects of this that I think would be really fun.  Firstly, because Kek is a shapeshifter, Palia never knows when he will show up in her life, or in what form. Furthermore, she is always wondering if the people she is interacting with at any given time might be Kek.  And, he loves teasing her and keeping her on her toes (I like a lot of creativity and humor along with the sex in my stories, and I think this is a great platform for that).  I'm looking for a partner that thinks it would be fun to develop Palia and keep her moving through her daily life and dealing with Kek.  I was envisioning a mix, in her life, of pure romance (with individuals other than kek), as well as non-consentual, consentual, and maybe even enjoyable times with Kek.  The mix, and how she transitions from one response to another is entirely up to your preferences.  Although his shape-shifting abilities are wide open, I would prefer to keep the sexual forms to human-like.

The second aspect I am interested in is that there would be a secret to breaking Kek's hold on her.  Once we feel like we've explored the first part to our liking, I will start to introduce characters that give you clues to this secret, which will add a bit of a quest-like aspect to the story.  So this would be great for someone who wants to try to puzzle her way out of situation.  Finally, as a reward for doing so, she would gain control over Kek for the final part of the story and get to exact whatever revenge on him she deems proper.

So, any takers?  I'm happy to entertain suggestions for alterations or additions if you have any -- this is just as far as I have gotten with it up to this point!  PMs are the subject are welcome.

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Re: M looking for F to be beholden to mischevous character [MUL]
« Reply #1 on: April 06, 2009, 03:07:56 PM »
Updated as taken