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Started by Clio, April 04, 2009, 04:26:00 AM

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Alright everyone...I've been going through a really rough time recently, and I need some escapism. However, most of my roleplay partners have deserted me. I'm already depressed because of RL situations, so this has me really down in the dumps. Basically, I need RPs. And I need RPs where the person abandoning will at least give me warning. I don't mind editing posts...changing characters...adjusting lengths...etc, I just want to know. I'm not saying that I've never done this in the past, but it still sucks. Also, if you think I've abandoned your RP, I have probably just forgotten about it, or I think I'm waiting for a reply from you. I apologize if this is the case, and I'd appreciate a reminder. Also, if we began discussing an idea and I never followed through, it's probably the same situation. Again, I apologize, and I'd probably still like to do our RP.

Anyway, here are some vague requests:


     I'm a history major doing my senior undergrad thesis on Olaf Trygvesson, so I've been craving this one a lot.


     I'm really wanting a good RP about a girl being kept as a blood-doll/sex slave for a vampire.


     Again, I'd love to put some of my academic classes into erotic ideas, so I'm open to most anything here.


    Harry Potter~ Lily/Snape, Ginny/Snape, Lily/Lucius, Lily/Snape, Lily/Voldemort-Tom Riddle, Ginny/Voldemort-Riddle, etc...
    Trinity Blood~ Esther/Abel, Esther/Cain, Esther/Dietrich, Esther/Leon, Esther/Hugue, Esther/Isaak, etc...
    Phantom of the Opera~ Christine/Phantom, Christine/Raoul
    History~ Henry VIII/Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII/Catherine Howard, Henry VIII/Jane Seymour, Viking/Stolen Bride, Henry II/Eleanor of Aquitaine, etc...
    Various~ Doctor/Patient, Psychiatrist/Patient, Therapist/Patient, Master/Slave, Husband/Wife, Experienced Man/Virgin, Older Man/Younger Woman, Teacher/Student, Vampire/Victim, etc...
Whatever YOU want.

     I don't want a RP that you'll inevitably hate, so please tell me what turns you on. We might not match, but I aim to please. Seriously.

You can obviously look at my on/offs for a full list, but it's rather long, so here is a short run down of huge turn-ons:

Pregnancy ~ Conception, pregnancy, motherhood, etc...the whole deal. I love this.

First Time ~ I love playing virgins, so if you'd like to do a first time, so would I. First time anal is good too.

Historic ~ I love history.

Exhaustion ~ I love having men screw my girls until they pass out.

Rape/Non-Con ~ My girls will fight, but not so much "buff physical fighting" stuff. It takes a while to break my characters, and it usually requires mind games as well. However, my humans won't be invincible. I hate it when people play these wilting wall flowers that miraculously don't need healing after receiving a brutal rape. My characters are FAR from wilting flowers, but they'll probably pass out and need a little care afterward.

Hurt/Comfort ~ LOVE this. Your character is a rapist, but he takes care of her afterward....see what I mean? *shrugs* Or, I also love the savior guy. You know, he saves her from a rape, or finds her afterward and becomes protective.

Possession ~ I mean this in the "I own you." kind of way. I think it is startlingly attractive when a man doesn't want anyone else to touch or look at my girls, and are protective/possessive in the extreme. This is one reason why I love playing a slave. Forced slave, though...none of my characters would willingly submit to rape unless there was a good reason.

I don't really want any incest (unless it's like an unrelated uncle by marriage or a step-member), bathroom play, snakes, bestiality or femdom...sorry. And I only play straight M/M.

So...there. Like I said, you can look at my On/Offs, but I needed to get an advertisement out there. I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking for, but I need to feel like I'm valuable again...and writing with someone would be good for that. Although I won't be hurt if you're like, "I hate your last reply. Please change it." or "I just don't think this game is working out." Please be HONEST! I want that.

Ok...thanks! *kisses*
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I think I could help you out here, but I'm not very knowledgeable about Olaf and don't really enjoy vampires. Let me know what's going on in your other classes!
I'm sorry all, but life has caught up to me and all the workload associated. I will try to get back to the stories ASAP!



I would love to see if we can work out something. You can PM me if you're still looking. Hope to hear from you.
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I could help with the Vampire PM me if you want to do this.



YAY! Ok...I'm trying to reply to all the PMs now. Thanks!
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I'd love to play the Hurt/Comfort scenario with you.

Send me a tell if you're still interested?

- H


Hey! To everyone who responded and who I have not responded to, I'm sorry. I got a flood of PMs for this, and I'm excessively grateful for that. I just found out how to access E from my school comp again, so I should be able to organize my requests and such in a better manner. Thanks so much!
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Remembered that I had another one...please use this thread instead.
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