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April 01, 2023, 01:46:28 am

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Author Topic: Thread of an Elder Scroll (A Leon Weber Fandom Request)  (Read 308 times)

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Thread of an Elder Scroll (A Leon Weber Fandom Request)
« on: December 13, 2021, 09:53:31 am »
Thread of an Elder Scroll

So this is a bit of a rarity for me, I usually tend to avoid fandoms and canon settings so as to give me and my partner the freedom to form a world around our specific wants and needs, but I feel that the world of Elder Scrolls is a broad enough universe that it contains as much freedom as we'd like. I'm not looking for anyone to play any canon characters or to even portray any of the protagonists from the series (Dragonborn, Champion of Cyrodiil, Neraverine, or the Agent). Just to make characters within the setting itself, every day people. Soldiers, Craftsman, Students of Magic, farmers, city guards or what have you. I don't mind if we set it during the time period of one of the games, it would give us the chance to react to goings on in the world especially if you're only really familiar with the event that occur in the games themselves and not so much with a lot of the lore events that happen off screen. However as someone who has completely thrown myself into the lore of this particular universe I do consider myself well-read on the subject and would be willing to play into a lot of the events that happen off-screen especially in regards to the events of provinces that fall outside of the scope of the games.

As a general rule I am not really sexually interested in the Beast Races (Khajiit and Argonians). I don't mind doing stories with them but I'm just really not interested in them sexually or romantically, but occasionally this can change so feel free to ask if you have a really good story and character idea for one.

Below I will list general pairings that I am interested in, and then below that I will list more specific and detailed scenarios that I am interested in playing out.

Any x Dunmer Female (I've always loved the Dark Elves of the TES universe and would love to pair pretty much any character race and type with one)
Town Guard x any Female (leaves the door open for casual slice of life scenarios as well as more action-driven scenarios)
Guard x Criminal (Whether the guard knows or not is up for debate)
Underling x Female Criminal (more geared towards dominant females)
Arranged Marriages between Nobles


Down on Their Luck

Down on their Luck
In this prompt our characters would be a common married couple, likely farmers, miners, perhaps even craftsman of some stripe that have fallen on hard times. The crops failed, the mines closed due to a cave in, the economy is doing poorly in their area so no one is buying their goods. After considering their options our characters decide that the only course of action is to take up the mantle of adventurers and try to earn their money offering their services as free lance mercenaries or perhaps even joining guilds. Using every last penny of their savings they purchase arms, armor, potions, and any other supplies that they will need and they set out on their way. This is a very free form prompt that offers a lot of freedom in story direction, activities, and the possible strains that taking up such a life style would put on their relationship. We can play them as a loving couple fallen on hard times, or a couple that has drifted apart. Perhaps this career change drives a wedge into their relationship, or brings in the spark that they were missing from it previously. I'm very interested in this so I will take all comers on this one more or less.

Wars of Tamriel

Wars of Tamriel
This prompt centers on more or less exactly as is stated. The many Wars of Tamriel. The lore of Elder Scrolls is filled with military conflict, but due to the obvious mechanical limitations of the game engines and their focus on adventuring rather than martial conflict many of these conflicts are not explored in depth in the video games. This prompt would give us the chance to do just that. But just because our characters are living within the time of these wars doesn't mean the wars themselves have to take center stage to our story. They could be normal people merely existing on the continent during one of these conflicts, and trying to survive the effects that martial conflict has on the regular folk of a region. One of our characters could be a veteran returning home from the conflict, changed from the things that they saw and were forced to do to survive and their spouse changed as well from the long absence of their loved one and having to survive the hardships of a civilian in a country actively in a state of war. Which war also is up for discussion, the main ones that come to mind are the Great War between the Empire and the High Elven Aldmeri Dominion, the Skyrim Civil War, the Accession War, or if you want to go way back in the timeline perhaps even the conquest of Tamriel by Tiber Septim. There's a lot of possibilities here that could be explored, our characters could also be two soldiers in the war who take comfort in the arms of one another in order to cope with the hardships of life on the front, or perhaps even lovers from opposing sides?

Opposing Factions

Opposing Factions
The world of TES is filled with varying guilds, factions, political entities, and many other forms of these institutions. Many of these guilds and factions are opposed to one another, sometimes on principle, others on ideological grounds, some have similar interests but since they're different guilds or factions they conflict over these interests. Not all of these conflicts are violent in nature and many of them are academic and the subject to debate. For instance the Great House Telvanni from Morrowind is a very libertarian society, believing that might makes right and the purest path to power is through magic. By contrast the Mages Guild is less of a power based Guild and more of a regulatory one, their primary responsibility being setting and enforcing the Empires stance on certain types of magical practices so on and so forth. While both of the aforementioned factions share a scholarly interest on magic, their philosophies on it couldn't be more different. This prompt involves our characters being from one of these two opposing factions but ending up entangled with one another in spite of that fact. This prompt lends itself well to anger driven sexual encounters and characters who are constantly at odds with one another and yet still somehow very fond of each other.

Thats all of the prompts I have on this subject for now, I'm sure as time goes on I will have more to add to this particular line of thoughts being an avid fan of the Elder Scrolls universe in all of its wonderous weirdness and fantasy themes. If you have an idea of your own to set within that universe do not hesitate to contact me with your own ideas as well! If any of these pairings or prompts sound interesting to you please do PM me.

Do not comment in this thread, please PM me if you would be interested in forming a story with me.