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Started by magikal, December 04, 2021, 02:17:04 AM

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MONTHLY BUMP WAS LAST COMPLETED NOVEMBER 3. Please Private message me if anything is interesting to you!

Hello! I'm obsessed with transformation.. especially if the transformation is slow, gradual, and against her will. Physical transformation is best, but some mental transformation is fine as long as it compliments the TF. Bimbofication is a good sub-transformation as well. Becoming a nymphomaniac.. cumslut.. addicted to new sensations/adventures.. I'd love to explore writing with you.. planning with you.. and developing a new story. :-)

I currently have several games going on but am always looking for a few more well written stories. Please look at my list and private message me if you are interested. The most recent story is at the top, some of the older ones are at the bottom of this post.

I'm looking for a writing partner to explore this concept with me. I'm looking for a partner that posts 3 to 5 times per week using the forums. The story would have some transformation/bimbofication and could be a realistic or slightly future setting, depending on what my partner has in mind.

I don't mind pushing the boundaries, eventually she could be a living, walking wet dream who can cum just by wearing clothing. Maybe she gets more horny the longer she doesn't have sex and after a day or two, will have sex with just about anything to get an orgasm.  The more extreme and exaggerated, the more fun. Even her mind could be changed to love pleasure but, obviously there would be enough there to push the story forward, she couldn't simply become unplayable and unenjoyable, though. No such thing as too large breasts, too curvaceous, too much pleasure, too many modifications, or too many changes to enjoy sex.

I do have some on/offs that you can be aware of- no animals, no scat, nothing excessively gross.

Look at my previous posts to make sure we’re compatible.

If you like something that you see please private message me as opposed to replying to this thread.

bonus Seed- DD! Exotic Cam Whore!
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First post is up, partner disappeared. Looking for someone to finance the transformation of an Exotic Cam Whore- who maybe starts off with flirty things and ends up being completely transformed and performing in Anal Gangbangs!

Seed A- Sexy Kinky Obsessed Bimbo Transformation
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The basic idea is a regular, girl next door type character is transformed from ordinary, to a sex crazed, fucking obsessed bimbo who needs cum to survive.

This would involve some physical transformation- from ordinary to extraordinary. She might start off skinny and short and be transformed to the ultimate curvy bimbo, gigantic and curvy.

My character would be the ordinary girl, your character would be the one behind driving her transformation.

Did she get afflicted with some genetic virus that you can control? Did you create a new synthetic body for your dying wife? Did you find a magic lamp and use a wish on your ex girlfriend?

No transformation is too outlandish.. bring your ideas and let me know what you can bring to the table.
————— END OF SEED A————-

Seed B- Video Streamer- Breaking Big- CURRENTLY TAKEN
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For this story I was thinking about a Video Game streamer that starts off real good as a player, say the top 10% in the world, but wants to push herself to become even better. She’s looking to anyone that can help her get better and you work as a promoter behind the scenes.

You tend to leave broken hearts and dreams wherever you go. You decide to always amp up the sex, because sex sells.

Because of your influence, she starts putting a little more sex into her streams. At first maybe she updates her lipstick to emphasize a new plumper lip. Next she might get new nipple piercings. Maybe next it’s a new wardrobe that focuses on the Oversized breast implants you just bought her. Next up you convince her that giant butt implants will help her career. Lastly you suggest maybe she can do something a little more risqué- maybe a photoshot, maybe some nudity/porn.

We can decide what happens next and if she decides to chase after the adult angle and ignore the video game streams, or combine the two together.

—————— END OF SEED B- TAKEN————-

SEED C- Corruption of Champions Style Game
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My character wakes up in a brand new world with nothing at all. All of the things in the world aren’t out to hurt you, but to corrupt you and make you more horny and barely able to think or function.

The changes will start to stack up and change the ordinary girl into a sex goddess by the end.

This can be loosely based on COC and more focused on the storytelling.

We don’t know much about my main character but she’s female and starts off ordinary and vanilla, but through her changes she will end up anything but.

You can be her guide, the ghost whispering in her ear, or even her magic sentient bra that encourages her to continue gaining power and increasing her curves.
———————- END OF SEED C—————

Seed D Exploring Potterverse- Sexy Style
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This next story is a take on Harry Potter, where my character (an original character), is invited to Hogwarts to learn magic, and goes through the ins and outs of training and gaining powers. This would start off PG until all of the characters were of age, as following Elliquiy policies.

Or we could have my character join and we skip until she is 16 or 18 and then take it from there.

Lots of fun and mystery. Let me know if you are interested.
-----------------END OF SEED D-----------

Seed E Maid to Order- A Human and Android Love Story

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The story I would like to explore is that of a man getting the gift of an advanced AI house servant, that is a gift from his rich grandmother on his thirtieth birthday. This Android is no ordinary creature, she has been customized to be the perfect companion physically and mentally, she has to obey every command that her own gives her. He feels guilty about taking advantage of her.  She is simply able to respond to her owner and learn, she doesn't have sentience or a soul. Something happens to her and she's given that spark of consciousness. Maybe it was a car accident, maybe a lightning surge, maybe your character actively sought out someone or something that could hack her.

Once she has sentience she starts learning about pleasure and being a woman as well as relationships, too. The android decides to upgrade her appearance, and she changes from ordinary to extraordinary.

It turns out that she remembered every second of her existence so far, she just didn't have any say before, but, now that she's given freewill, that is where the story develops, evolves, and changes.

With all of the anti-robot fear, they will likely have to keep their secret safe from their noisy neighbors.

I imagine eventually they will fall in love with each other and we'll figure out the story from there.
As she arrives:

After her transformation

---------------- END SEED E--------------

Seed F- Warning- Dangerous Curves and Tips ahead!
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Melinda Moore is a barista at Coffee World, and after watching a show on tv about the service industry, she decided to buy some false breasts and see if they increased her tips. Sure enough, they did. She found out the larger she goes, the more the tips. She's naturally a C cup, but just to test the experiment she taped her breasts down for one week making herself an A cup, sure enough her tips decreased. She then increased herself 2 cup sizes, her tips increased even more, and lastly a DDD, which increased her tips even more. Now that she's been working with the DDD's for a month and has saved up 4,000. She wont step with just developing her chest, she'll want to develop her entire figure- from smooth

Where the story develops from there is what you have in mind. The basic idea is that she goes from falsies to something more permanent, whether it's cosmetic surgery, herbs/potions, science, nanites, or even magic. She wants to get into modeling and acting, clothing design, and wherever her life will take her.

Here is Melinda as she starts off.

If you are interested, please private message me. Write what your idea is about where to take the story next. We would probably pick up with her experimenting with the falsies and seeing she makes more money in tips. From there she could meet a talent agent, find a scientist who wants to experiment with her, or even a Dom who teaches her the joys of submission. She might get swept off her feet, find someone who can help her, or even better, find someone that pushes her to go even bigger, to up the ante to the maximum.  Near the end of the game she might look something like this:

-----------------END SEED F-------------

Seed G Rise to the Top- Making It!
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I'm looking for someone to write a young coming of age game where the main character is a teenager who's looking for stardom, looking for her Jack White from the White Stripes to form a duo or small group and 'Making it"

Sophia knew since she was a little girl that she wanted to be a drummer for a rock band. Ever since she was 5 years old she had good rhythm, but she had trouble finding partners who had as much passion as her. She practiced forever, every spare second and gigged with everyone. For some reason (possibly her curvy bouncing, jiggling body), she got a lot of practice.

This story will start right as she had a huge breakup with the lead singer of her last trio, who she felt was on the verge of stardom, but he ended up liking drugs more than his music and more than her.

It would be fine if you just played one character two, and we took turns with the rest of the cast.

There's a lot of angles the story can take and stories that we can explore. Sophia might be willing to explore transformation like Sabrina Sabrok, and, her transformation might eventually overshadow her drumming skills. Maybe your character, the manager, not only encourages her to transform but also wants her to take vocal lessons and take up being a lead singer, or some other angle for her to advance.

----------------END SEED G----------

Seed H- The Fleshcarver and the Slave.
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This story has a character of power that transforms a warrior into a pleasure slave. This would be a dramatic change of focus in her life, and eventually the wizard would look to sell her to the Lord, unless he falls in love with her.

Narra Faenane was bread to be a warrior for the King's Guard, for as long as she could remember that was the only goal and focus she had. She dedicated her life to her liege and would lay down her life without a moment's notice for her king. She is tall, slim, and athletic with a dancer's build. Her body was stronger than it looked, she earned everything that she had through blood, sweat, and tears. She outworked and outfought everyone, she had joined the Guard a little longer than three centuries ago, which was scant by elven times. Narra didn't understand exactly what she was agreeing to when her liege asked for volunteers to live among the humans. She stood forward without hesitation and the King agreed she would be a good choice. She had a month to prepare leaving her homeland and everything she had ever known. She did not make the decision lightly as she waited in her home, second guessing her decision for a few moments. She stood up and slowly removed her armor, pulling the straps off, removing the mithril chain mail. She removed her armor slowly piece by piece, revealing a muscular and toned body that bore the scars of fighting for generations. She had scars on her arm, broken bones, discoloration from injuries. She slept fitfully that night, and was summoned with a knock on the door the following morning.

She put on the ceremonial armor, that was more for show and offered very little in the way of protection. She brushed her hair back and was ready for the two week journey to visit the humans as part of the cultural exchange.  She arrived in the city of Inveree two weeks later and the trip was uneventful.

Narra's arrival in the city was not to the parades and celebrations that she expected. Instead she arrived in the middle of the night, and was ushered down a maze of corridors, heading through multiple buildings, and she ended in a large room, 30 feet by 30 feet that was furnished like a home, some sort of human home by the looks of it.

Two human girls came inside her room, they didn't speak any elvish, but they did draw a bath and bring her new clothes, her clothing was taken away and she had a simple cotton robe given to her to wear. They spent time cleaning her in the bath with soap and warm water, then finished up doing her hair. They helped her get dressed, applying perfume to her athletic body. The girls then left and a human man came into her room with 2 human soldiers, dressed in full battle gear.

"Follow" the man said in elvish. Narra looked around the room, quite nervous and not sure what was happening. This was not at all what she expected, not even close. She followed the man, one of the soldiers walked in front of them and another behind their group. They were lead to a horse drawn carriage, which she entered. She sat in the back row, looking out the window. A few minutes later they were led up a winding cliff to a manor carved in the hillside. As they approached the manor, the only route was blocked by a gate. The gates slowly opened, revealing a small courtyard. As the carriage stopped in the courtyard the others disembarked, leaving Narra in the carriage. She looked around nervously. Lord Hargistan was giddy and couldn't wait to see Kal and talk about his newest find. It had taken a lot of string pulling and gold to grease the transaction, but he had managed to get an Elvish King's Guard and he couldn't want to see what would be possible with Kal's help. Hargistan was very happy, Narra had amazing potential he felt and he couldn't wait to taste her elvish delights.

Narra stood 5' 10 inches tall, 125 pounds, with a lithe dancer's body. Narra had pale skin and light brown hair. She was not beautiful in the classic sense, but she had fine features, a small nose, small chin, and expressive eyes. Her short hair was worn for function, not beauty. She moved with a dancer's grace, even though she was worried about being a stranger in a strange land. She waited her hands folded in her lap, humming an elvish song as she waited for what to happen next. The two soldiers kept an eye on her in the carriage, even as Hargistan would surely meet the master of the house.
-------------END SEED H------------

SEED I- LADY LUMPS- Magic Pills to Grow a new you!
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This game idea has a young researched working at a Pharma company that is going to change the world. They have started by making a pill that increases an attribute- growing it permanently. After their success of Little Bites- Muscle Mass, they have branched out to other areas. Little Bites- Bulge has been their second best seller. Now, Amanda Smalls in Research is doing the trial discovery of their new pills that effect females. These effects are going to start out small, such as plump lips, but within a month or two give her a completely new, horny and insatiable body.

The changes will start to stack up and change the ordinary girl into a sex goddess by the end. We don’t know much about my main character but she’s female and starts off ordinary and vanilla, but through her changes she will end up anything but.

You can be her research partner, her boss, her boyfriend/girlfriend, or someone else that would have influence over her life to make both small and large changes.

What ideas do you have for the game?
———————- END OF SEED I—————

I like to discuss the ideas and goals of the games and make sure we are both getting enjoyment- and make tweaks as necessary to keep us interested and engaged. If something is not working, please don't just disappear, but write me a message and let me know.

If any of the stories have piqued your interest, please PM me and tell me what sort of character you want to play and what what you will contribute to the story. The game would be hosted in the channels here on Elliquiy, as opposed to instant messaging, email, or anything else.

I'm looking for a partner that writes well, posts 3 to 5 per week, with complete sentences about 5 sentences per reply (one minimum). Gender doesn't matter of the writer but I'm thinking a heterosexual relationship- I could be convinced if she has a female friend that starts off as a girlfriend then becomes her lover. I'm flexible and would love to hear about your ideas and write with you.

Thanks in advance and I hoped you enjoyed reading my ideas!
Take a look at my Os/Os to see if we're compatible.
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I plan on posting 3 to 5 times per week, maybe more as time allows.
If I'm waiting on a post for you for 2 weeks, I will just remove the game from my list. Please message me to let me know you are still interested.
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