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April 01, 2023, 03:09:09 am

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Author Topic: Seeking fandom! Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss [MxAny]  (Read 463 times)

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Seeking fandom! Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss [MxAny]
« on: November 22, 2021, 10:21:34 pm »

This isn't a particularly detailed request thread, but I sort of want to write some fandom stuff and figured hey, can't find a story for it if I don't have a thread! I tend to prefer to play canon characters. I'm open to you playing either canons or OCs, but if you want to play an OC, please make sure the OC fits the general vibe of the plot idea.

Note: I'm not a stickler for canon plot/details. I'm not a fanatic on my fandom knowledge, so just a heads up that I'm not an expert in the fandoms--I just quite like 'em and want to write in 'em! I don't need you to be an expert either. As long as you've seen the shows relevant to my plot ideas, we're good. :) If we use face claims/character art, I lean to using fan art since it's a little more clearly developed than either show's art, despite how much I love their cartoony style. I am an erratic poster and work full-time, plus I have a lot of RL commitments, so just be aware before PMing me that I'm not a fast poster. I'm also not someone who will always post 'big' posts--I prefer to post what feels comfortable. Sometimes that will be a big post, sometimes it will be a small post. You can find my O/Os in my signature to learn more about what stuff I like! I don't care about your gender tag either, by the way! I'll write with any gender co-writer who can write a cool character opposite to mine.

PM me if interested in either tale!

For Hazbin Hotel, I'm looking for this:

I'd play Alastor (y'all might be able to tell from my color-tined avatar/sig that he's a favorite character of mine!). While the Hazbin Hotel's purpose is to help redeem sinners...Alastor's presence is problematic at best. Yes, he protects the hotel, but he's an Overlord. There's no redemption for the likes of him, even with his peculiar code of ethics. Alastor is banking on the Hotel failing in new and interesting ways with each guest, but...what if it doesn't? What if someone is redeemed? What happens to them? Seeing that hope does not necessarily need to be lost even after damnation might rattle even the cryptic and bloody-minded Alastor. It could certainly either cause him to act erractically (leaving him vulnerable to other Overlords out to get him) or worse: it could cause him to re-double his resolve that not only should this not be possible, sinners need to stay here. He might sabotage Hotel residents's chances for redemption merely for his own amusement. That's where my co-writer comes in. Maybe you're playing Charlie and she must constantly counter Alastor's meddling while admitting she needs him to still protect the place. Maybe you're playing Angel Dust, who Alastor is taking a dislike to. Maybe you're playing an OC resident of the Hotel that Alastor is unusually invested in the outcome of: someone he brought there personally or someone whose crimes have at least a passing resemblance to his own. Perhaps a relationship forms--it's hard to say. (I know Alastor is canonically asexual. I'm likely to play him as a specific type of asexual: demisexual, where he requires emotional connection for sex.)

If you've watched Helluva Boss, Mrs. Mayberry might also be a very good canon you could play for this idea too; she seems like a complex character capable of being redeemed & was one I felt particularly sorry for! If you haven't watched that show, though, no worries.

This idea is probably going to be rated Extreme, not necessarily for kinks, but because Hell is a violent place and I'd like to err on the side of keeping gory fights in the Extreme section for my own comfort. As for kinks...I'm not sure what I want for this. Alastor seems like someone who would have a really odd concept of consent given he was in many characters's personal spaces without asking but doesn't like the same being done to him, so I'd certainly like to play around with dubious consent as an element (not violent, just Alastor being annoying).

Note: I don't pair Alastor with Niffty for a lot of various reasons. Just doesn't seem right to me. Please don't ask to play as Niffty.

For Helluva Boss, I'm looking for this plot:

One Night Stand, One Night Sin
This is probably a bit of a one-shot moreso than a long-term story. Blitzo has a weird sexual history. He's literally just the worst person who cannot shut the fuck up for the life of him, yet somehow he's managed to sleep with the likes of Verosika and Stolas, both of whom are clearly out of his league. But I think it paints an interesting picture of him. Blitzo has a knack for obtaining the unobtainable and then ruining it. He's the definition of a commitment-phobe. I'd love to write some sort of one-off story about a fling he had a while back that was super hot but also ended hilariously badly. I'd play Blitzo! Maybe it's someone he worked with once or maybe it's someone he really had no chance with in the long run. I'd sort of love it if some casual cruel comment from Blitzo is what causes the fling to ditch him at the end of the story, proving Blitzo can't help himself when it comes to his mouth. Maybe you play Fizzarolli--the two might have competed in some past work environment. Maybe you play Stella of all people, who hates Blitzo even more later in life when he hooks up with her husband (hypocrites are always fun!). Maybe you play an OC who is in the wrong place/party at the wrong time and has too many drinks with the horrible imp and makes a fun one night stand mistake with him.

Be aware Blitzo's honestly really mean as a character and I intend to write him really true to character; he's sarcastic and savage, and that's how I want to write him.

As for kinks--Blitzo's filthy. Expect him to top/dom and be into all sorts of weird painful stuff. Whatever character you play should be really into BDSM dynamics and probably should enjoy being on the receiving end of pain. (Bonus points if they like Blitzo putting them down verbally a lot but have a breaking point he accidentally manages to hit after their sexy romp is done)
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