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Started by crystaltears, April 02, 2009, 01:50:58 PM

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Ah, my long awaited Atmosphere of Elliquiy blog (not really all that long-awaited, only put off twice).

So... here's the best thing I've found about Elliquiy's atmosphere: acceptance. I've seen varying degrees of writers of all levels. Those who have many grammar errors and spelling mistakes in every sentence, those who change from past to present tense more frequently than a bird bats it wings, and those who write near-perfectly. I don't want to throw names around or try to place myself on a scale like that, the point is just that they are all here.

Fetishes! My God, I'm not sure there's a fetish which goes without representation here aside from pedophilia - which is against site rules. No one points and laughs at the kinks of others. In fact... Many embrace and welcome new experiences and new touches of kinks in their own lives. I myself have been discovering a rather odd willingness to expand upon those things which I know I enjoy and try new ones. And... people have been very supportive of that thus far (*Hugs to dready, Arlyn (though I don't think he knows I haven't played an anthro before), and Corinthi*).

It's such a remarkable feeling to be accepted and supported so in a strange community... Such a wonderful relief to know that no matter how I hide my oddities in life I can come here and be myself and not fear ridicule. (See my Insecurity and Trust blog to understand the impact of freedom).

The site is run well, the admin and staff have a very hands-on approach. It's nice to see so much of you guys. Maeven, Valerian, Bliss, Caeli, Trieste, HairyHeretic, and Vekseid... I've seen you all post in one topic or another, and quite frequently too. On other similar sites the admins and staff may have been very active, but it felt as though you had to stand before the Gates of Heaven and await notice from the eye of divinity before you could contact them. Further... they had the distinctly 'Wrath of God' type feeling to them, which trust me, I don't doubt that side is evident in y'all (Texan, remember?) when it needs to be, I just am thankful I haven't seen it yet.

Between the hands-on, friendly staff, the generally accepting and polite atmosphere, and the Mentor system... Wow... What a little paradise for an adult role player I have stumbled upon. Especially for someone like me, who rereads posts multiple times before making them and fears judgment from peers. It's... so helpful; maybe even I would go as far as to say that this site is healing for me. I'm learning that people can accept people, and will if you give them the opportunity.

I know in life the lovely filter of the Mentor/Divinity system is not there, which makes life a more risky place to do things, but I'm still learning from being here. Each little step teaches, and the support net I inadvertently tapped into when I joined this site... is immense. You people are amazing. That's all there is to it. I have found friendships, shared interests, and kindness in a world full of discouraging events and negativity. *Hugs to everyone*

For that I say, Thank you. And.. While I would love to see the site gain the functionality of RPoL, I think changing a site like this into something -different- than it is will be a delicate process. In RPoL I would have met none of you, lest you happened to latch onto a game idea, and Elliquiy is so much better for the personable nature it contains. I put my trust in Vekseid's coming plans and changes to maintain that.

And with all that said *curtsies* I'm done for now. ^^
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Wow this thread is very interesting.


this might be a little late... bout a third of a year ago, but i might as well do something that hasn't been addressed in quite a while. *hugs back* and not a problem is had in supporting someone else's change.

*takes a bow before heading out*