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April 01, 2023, 02:34:18 am

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Author Topic: (F for M) Dark Hunter/Werewolf Story (Character Development Wanted)  (Read 323 times)

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Hi there. It’s been a while but I’m back from my hiatus and I’m in a particularly intense Harvey mood. Harvey (bio below) is one of my, if not literally my absolute favorite brain baby and she has really been bugging me to play. She’s a dark character and prolly requires TW’s so in general it’s best that whoever wants to collaborate with me have a stomach for dark subject matter including but not limited to addiction, miscarriage, blood, guts, suicide, and just overall adult language and content.

Im super excited to explore Harvey’s psyche and see her eventually and finally break free and let go of her demons. I’ve yet to write Harvey truly happy, I don’t even know what that would look like but I’d love to see it, though I do love torturing my characters so who knows how long that happiness would last, but still…

So, if your looking for some serious multi-character story-telling with some dramatic, supernatural content (and of course with a little sexy sprinkled in) maybe take a gander at my girl Harvey…(meet ya down below)…


”Either werewolves or brain cells...either way I’m killin’ somethin’ tonight.”

Full name: Leora “Harvey”

Notable features: Alcoholic. Stubborn. Lost. Chaotic. Darkly witted.

Age: 37
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Height: 5’5
Sexuality: Straight

Personality: Harvey tends to keep to herself but not in the “shy, keeps her head down” kind of way but more like in the “she just wants the world to leave her alone” kind of way, at least that’s the vibe she gives off but really she just doesn’t want to feel anymore, nor does she want to get anyone else killed, she can’t take much more guilt you see, something she’d never admit to readily so it’s just easier to appear heartless to keep people away. If it ever were to happen however, if someone were to infiltrate her heavily guarded heart she’d be fiercely protective.

History: Leora was always a free spirit; loving, happy, tender. She grew up in Oregon; normal life, loving parents, only child. She was a literal Prom Queen, a girly-girl in many ways, a stark contrast to the brazen, bitter alcoholic she is today.

She met her husband Ahmik through a friend. He was wild, untamed, lived remotely. A hunter, a tracker, he lived off the land and taught her how to do the same. She fell in love with him and his family (notably Mata Toma, Ahmik’s mother) who were of the Coquille tribe living along coastal land. Leora loved her visits to the reservation, she basked in the culture and love his family showered on her and for a brief moment in time she lived with them there, trying to heal after the tragedy but failing to. Mata always said Leora had a good spirit but after Ahmik and Ahote’s passing she feared for her deeply, she’d seen the shift in her eyes, seen the numb, distant coldness take hold. The day she left the reservation was the day she stopped answering to Leora as Leora had died with her husband and son and she refused to use a dead woman’s name. From that day forward she was just Harvey.

She found “The Order” nearly a decade ago, or more like it, they found her after discovering a string of her reckless kills which all too easily led straight to the grungy, cheap motel she’d holed herself up in. After a few blows and some conversation, a sort of reluctant but mutual agreement was reached. Harvey would join The Order and swear allegiance to its mission since it was made clear to her that she didn’t really have a choice in the matter, it was either join or be killed and since Harvey had yet to accomplish her vendetta against the werewolf who had killed her husband and son, she acquiesced. She submitted to The Order and its intensive training program as well as to being microchipped, she even took the dipherium, the cocktail The Order injected their Hunters with to enhance their “natural human abilities”. Where it didn’t quite level the playing field it at least made the fighting more fair and as much as Harvey hated shooting up every month and as much as she loathed the feeling of being traceable 24/7 by big brother in the end she told herself that it would be worth it since in playing good little soldier gave her access to resources in which to find and kill her ultimate target, namely the werewolf Dolan Cole, then it would indeed all one day be worth it.


The Order, an organization of (human) hunters who’s proclaimed goal is to maintain a healthy equilibrium between preternatural entities and the human populace. While not officially admitted it is widely understood that The Order finds no moral hesitancy when it comes to alliances of convenience and scientific experimentation if said collusion and research can be justified in furthering its own unspoken goal of supernatural exploitation and eventual subjugation. The drug they give to each hunter for example, dipherium, is a direct result of said experimentation. Combining a slew of occulticly “infused” ingredients, it’s main components however include modified DNA derived from uncanny donors. These ingredients when mixed properly induced enhanced strength, speed, endurance, and healing. Over time the drug loses its potency and boosters are required.

Nearly a decade after joining The Order Harvey has yet to achieve her goal and has long since resigned herself to the fact that the werewolf Dolan Cole is likely dead and thus so is any chance she will have to ever feeling the vindication she’s craved for years. She’d been told hunters tended not to live past thirty and now she’s pissed because she was lied to about that. Career life expectancy aside, she figured the booze would take her out way sooner but it hadn’t because of the dipherium. She‘ll turn 38 this year if she lets herself but as the nights march on the number 37 seems a nice, little odd number to hang her hat up on. It’s mostly just a joke since Harvey had never been the “easy way out” kind of gal and yet reality is that she’s become very reckless these last couple months, almost as if she’s courting her demise subconsciously. For instance, it seems she’s actually managed to forget her last shot of dipherium. It’s weirdly just slipped her mind altogether somehow and the poor things starting to feel the effects.

It’s October now and she’s holed up in Seattle in some grimy no-name motel ordering disgusting Chinese take-out she barely touches while playing drinking games with no one but herself. One swig for every negative thought she has. She’s good at the game. She’s built a pyramid made of empty whiskey bottles she’s erected on the rickety wooden table beside the TV she’s set on a channel that only gets snow. She keeps the room dark because she likes the television statics light.


Hi again! Glad you made it! After giving you the nutshell flavored gist let me tell you what I’d like to see develop just as a starting off point…

So, obviously all of Harvey’s issues stem from loss. She’s lost her husband and her baby at the hands of a werewolf and through those losses she’s lost herself and what very little she didn’t lose of herself on the night they were killed she’s been slowly drowning with whiskey. This girl does not want to be here, yet she’s very against the direct route of just taking her own life so she’s stopped taking her monthly dose of dipherium instead. When our story begins she will just be starting to feel the effects of coming off the drug which will be a severe power nerf, rendering her merely mundane human level strong. She’ll be slower and weaker of course as well as immunocompromised compared to the healing capabilities the drug had given her before, she’ll prolly also start feeling the consequences of her years of drinking sooner rather than later. It should be noted however, that all she needs to do in order to remedy herself is to just start shooting up again. Easy-peasy! But unless she has a real reason to shoot up (one way more convincing than dying) the girl just won’t do it. That’s where YC comes in…

Just how beautifully and twistedly poetic would it be if the girl who’s whole purpose in life is torturing and killing werewolves (oh, did I mention torturing?) were to fall in love with a wolf? That the one person that could turn Harvey back into Leora be a wolf? Well, that’s my vision. How clean the process is I can’t promise anything, but I can promise a good time. Looking forward to your own thoughts and visions.
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