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January 16, 2022, 03:52:13 am

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Author Topic: Starved [F lf M][Fluff wanted]  (Read 325 times)

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Starved [F lf M][Fluff wanted]
« on: October 12, 2021, 10:21:16 pm »

"And just what makes you think I could ever trust a man that owns me like an object, keeps me starved and unable to return home?"

Disclaimer: This is not in any way a non-con theme.

Species: Demon
Age: Undecided; appears mid to late twenties
Traits: Fangs, claws, tail(?) and the need for blood similar to a vampire. Limited teleportation abilities.
Lack of blood leads to loss of strength and less enhanced senses, causes slower healing time for any injuries.
Origin: Demon realm
Fluff level: Build up to high
Smut level: Low
Violence level: Likely higher at the beginning

I am open to playing this with more than one person so long as the decided plot details aren't too similar.

Plot: Looking for a somewhat damsel in distress theme here. A mixture of fear, yet fight. None of that cowering in a corner, crying every second, but also not fighting (literally) tooth and nail constantly. I'd like a balance, as it's more realistic for a plot of this nature. The intent is to build up trust throughout the story. To start with complete distrust from the demoness, and eventually lead to fluff as the trust builds up. Somewhat cliche? Yes. But I love the idea of going from snarling and snapping with hate, to learning to trust as feelings develop. So give me those good guys, even if they're moody and broody with the secret soft side that makes them good.

A.) Demons are known of in the human realm, as they like to visit, and are often captured and sold off as property. Pets, slaves, what have you. Starved just enough to keep them from returning home to their own realm, or if you prefer to add an element of magic, collared or charmed to prevent the use of portals.

B.) Captured on a visit to the human realm and imprisoned. Whether passed down from a relative through death, or given as a gift by friend or relative. If passed down after a death, the captivity period would obviously have been longer, and would create more distrust of humans. This scenario leans more towards a world where they're not openly known of, but not set in stone on that aspect.

Regardless of which way it goes, expect a lot of claws and teeth with intent to injure or escape near the beginning. After all, it's natural instinct at that point. Now! For those of you who haven't lost interest, here is what I look for in a partner.

Partner preferences
Third person, past tense.
Modern day time periods.
Decent reply time.
I like longer responses. Not novel, just longer. (More than a small paragraph, although I understand it's not always possible or logical.)
No flat out rape or abuse. I don't have an O/O because I'm not here to write pure smut. I am not into BDSM stuff, I'm pretty vanilla.
Lemme see your writing in advance if you don't have public threads. I'm happy to give a larger sample of my writing if my recent posts aren't enough.
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