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Started by traci80, April 01, 2009, 07:18:56 AM

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  In the following scene we would both play one of the twins and the friends and teachers we come into contact with...

16 year-old twin boys are sent off to a boarding school after their Mom's new boyfriend convinces her that her sons would be better off away at an all boys school. The two got more than their share of the attention from the girls and argued the twins grades suffered because of it. Mom came around to realizing that they'd be able to better study without the distraction of girls. The twins pleaded with their mom. They had no desire to leave their friends and the girls for some boarding school. But the decision was final and when the fall came they were on their way to The North Hills School for Boys.
The twins printed some pictures of women before leaving so they'd have something to jerk off too when they got there. Mom had almost grounded them the last week of summer when she found out they had used up all the ink. The twins joked how without girls they would have to get boyfriends. Little did they know that was exactly what was going on at North Hills. If they had known how popular they'd be they would have had to have been dragged kicking and screaming every step of the way. But teenage boys learn to adapt.


This scene sounds very interesting if your willing to give the scene a shot with me I'd be interested.
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Sorry once again for vanishing from E.  Had a few personal issues I had to deal with.  To those I have lost contact with, I am sorry, hopefully we can reconnect.  Thank you all for understanding.


I am very interested! PM me please!

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i would also be very interested.