"What the hell is an EE-SAY-KYE?" Redemption of the Dead (Red Is Optional)

Started by That One Dingus, September 28, 2021, 06:22:07 PM

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That One Dingus

Note: I wouldn't require my partner to have any prior knowledge of Red Dead Redemption 2, just the willingness to engage with the character. Depending on your interest and prior knowledge, we can tweak this idea so that the experience is not ruined for you.

Arthur Morgan
For those who don't know who he is
The short explanation is that Arthur Morgan was a former member of a gang of outlaws that operated in the American West during the 1890's. Orphaned at the age of 11, Arthur became a protégé of Dutch Van der Linde and his gang. An inner desire to do good waged constant war with the loyalty that he owed to the gang and Dutch, who he viewed as a father figure.

All those years of running from the law have finally caught up to him, however. What should have been the end is where this story begins...

Quote"We're thieves in a world that don't want us no more. You don't get to live a bad life and have good things happen to you.

We're more ghosts than people..."

What's that? I'm years behind the bandwagon? Well, if the bandwagon is so far over the horizon that you can't see it, then what's the problem?

Jokes aside, I have been wanting to do a story where Arthur finds himself in an afterlife that is much more active than what he was expecting. A stranger in a strange land, he nevertheless finds himself relying on his formidable skills to stay alive and find a new purpose. After all, some say that death clears all debts... but will Arthur see it that way?

I love the "fish out of water" story framework and enjoy the thought of a down-to-earth man like Arthur struggling to adapt to a more fantastical or futuristic setting. While sexy fun times would be a plus, I am actually more concerned with his exploration of a new world and interactions with new faces. If someone wanted to run this as a system game, that would be fine by me, but I am also fine with collaborative freeform writing with a partner. Depending on my partner's preferences, this story could be either written here on the forum or via Discord.

If you're intrigued by the prospect of an American outlaw shaking up the status quo of another universe, just send me a PM. (I'll likely respond faster that way.)
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