Cuddling with a sprinkle of Femdom - (m lf F)

Started by Rustic, September 28, 2021, 01:47:44 PM

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Welcome! Grab a comfy pillow and an even comfier sweater. There’s an endless supply of hot chocolate and marshmallows, and a roaring fire for us to cuddle up to.


So with autumn upon us, I’ve got an instant craving for something cuddly, loving, and warm. But, I do want it with a bit of spice, a bit of something -- and that something for me is femdom. It can be kinky, it can be soft, ideally a mix of both. Maybe it can be a one shot, maybe long term (no slow burns, maybe medium or fast burn).

I want to write here, and I prefer 2-5 paragraphs (prefer fewer to help keep the story moving).

Got an idea? I’m all ears! In fact I would love to hear something I haven’t thought of yet. But in case you’re not sure what to present, here’s some quick prompts to stir the pot. You don’t have to follow these rigidly, it’s just to get ideas sparked.

- MC is found injured, and YC is a nurse, so she naturally takes him in. Maybe MC has a secret, a reason for why he was found injured? (craving this slightly less)

- MC and YC are old friends, and they both run away together to help YC avoid an abusive relationship?

- MC needs a place to hide, and stumbles upon YC’s place (cabin?). Maybe he went there on purpose because they’re old friends, or maybe they don’t know each other?

- Maybe they’re neighbours who don’t talk, or friends who had a falling out, or family members? A blizzard, or even a post apocalyptic event hits, and they find they need to help each other with supplies, skills, and keeping warm? (this one sounds most interesting)

Possible kinks (though not necessary to include):

Soft/Gentle domme
Bratty domme
Mommy domme
Cuddling (this one may be necessary, of course)
Making out/kissing
Cock warming
Intercrucal Sex (thigh job)
Oral (giving and receiving)
Hand Job/fingering
Clothed Sex
Vanilla Sex
Light Bondage
Older/Younger (either role, but preference is I play younger)
Let me know your kinks!

So, who’s ready to cuddle up at the fire? If this sounds interesting, PM me please, and with something more than just a quick 2-3 sentences, or else I may not respond. Thanks!