A Return to Writing (Back from Hiatus) FxF, MxM, FxM

Started by Roses of May, September 27, 2021, 10:01:57 PM

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Roses of May

Hello to those who have dared to stumble upon my interest thread.  I am your host to these possible tales, Roses of May, and I do hope you take a gander at least for a moment before hitting that back button and stepping away.  It has been a few months since I've written due to life stresses resulting in a silent muse, but I fully intend now to try and get back on that horse! 

That said, fair warning:  I may be a little rusty and need to polish up again, so please do pardon me if my writing lacks a little at first.  I'm sure once I get going things will pick back up, but best to put that disclaimer out there now than disappoint someone later.

On with the thread!

So, for my on's and off's, you may click here.  It also includes a little bio about yours truly.


As far as stories go, I've got a few "sort of" ideas bouncing around in my head.  That is to say that I'm still working on getting my muse up and running again and they're not fully fleshed out ideas.  That's probably for the best, though.  To be honest, the best stories I've written have started out with only a base idea and grown organically. 

No longer a Rose of May

So this idea would be based on where I got my screenname, Roses of May.  Its the theme music to a character in Final Fantasy 9, Beatrix.  She is a sort of knight under the queen and all about loyalty and fealty.  She's a badass warrior and I *somewhat* want to write a character based on her.  The lady knight in question that I'm thinking of would be based more on the lyrics that Erutan wrote to go with the melody.  So very conflicted about her participation in death and war in the name of fealty.  I'm leaning heavily on this one being a female/female pairing but it could also go hetero. 

I don't even really have a plot idea for this one, more just a general character idea.  To listen to the song, click on my little signature with Beatrix in it below.

The Ultimate Narcissist

Alright so here's a plot I've tried to boot up like...three separate times, but I've got a little better idea now of wanting to run this story.  I got a surprising amount of inspiration from rewatching Ugly Betty recently. 

Farrah and her twin (who's name you would pick) work for a fashion magazine.  Farrah is, of course, working towards an editor position while her meeker twin sister has tagged along as an assistant.  Farrah is confident and conceded where her twin is mostly the opposite.  They are, however, equally stunning and beautiful.  So much so that Farrah starts to fall in love with the image of herself in her sister and manipulates her into a sexual relationship.  It was something I started with for the idea of this story but now I feel a little more confident to pull it off! 

Fair warning: Farrah is downright awful.  But what else could you really expect from a narcissist?


Ambrose is a vampire.  A very old vampire, though you won't know it from his perfectly flawless skin, his dark hair without a single gray to show, or his timeless smile that charms you yet sends a shiver down your spine at the same time, something alluring yet so very, very off about him that makes you want to run screaming from him...and to him.  He is a favored character of mine to write and the last time I wrote him, I dabbled a bit in having him change up his hunt to men instead of women and finding he was a bit more bisexual than he originally thought. 

I would love to write him again, though I do not necessarily have a plot in mind.  I know vampires are a bit "played out" but its still a guilty pleasure of mine. 

I think I'll leave it at that for now.  Just three little ideas to start out with.  Don't want to overwhelm my poor muse just as she's waking up and sort of peeking around the corner, wondering what has become of the world of the written word.

Please PM me if you do see something of interest!  Don't respond here.


I am also returning and possibly a bit rusty.. I am looking for something to get my muse hopping again! I would love to write the part of the Narcissists twin! Please feel free to pm me :) Thanks