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I'm just a rough draft
Ink on every page
Couple stains and stripes
Where tears were wiped away
And there's a lot I have to say
But I'm not organized
I'm the product of a sleep-deprived
Worked up mind

Rough Draft ♫ ~ Sarah Solovay

Please don't post in this thread but rather PM me so we can discuss  ::)
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Average wait time within 48ish Hours, sometimes daily, never more than a week :-)
Tenatively Accepting New Partners

If we're going to weave something awesome together you're going to need some thread.  Please check out my Ons and Offs Page before messaging me to make sure that some of our kink stuff and general writing styles and expectations line up.  That first post there goes into this in more depth but I'll drop the cliff notes here.
     ~  GENERALLY write M/F with my character being the female, but I'm a Rainbow Writer who is happy to write opposite anyone no matter their tag or RL gender. 
     ~ F/F scenes are adored, M/M is kind of iffy just because I don't get to try it much but I'm game to try.  Three and more 'somes are a possibility but I do prefer there to be a 'main' pairing.
     ~ My writing is all over the place.  Modern. Fantasy. Sci-fi.  To be honest, setting is really just flavor for the delicious character drama and interactions that I like to focus on.
     ~ Sex is gonna happen at some point.  From a 80% story/20% smut split, all the way to just like quick and dirty kink exploration is fine. 
       Every thread will be different based upon our styles and goals. My ideal match is probably closer to a 50/50 divide, but again not set in stone.
    ~ Detailed writing, but not usually like novel stuff. I range anywhere from 400-1000 words for most posts, but sometimes go overboard.
     ~ All writing to be done here on the forums in public threads.

Basic Setting Details
Keep in mind these aren't comprehensive.  Just because it's not on the list doesn't mean I'm not interested, there's a limited amount of room and I didn't want to go overboard in some cases or it just slipped my mind when writing this.  If you don't see one of your favorites just ask!  Like and Maybe are not no's there are just things that are a bit narrower or that require more discussion.  Even no's here I'm sometimes willing to budge on for the right partner/story.
List and Inspirations





  • Modern Realistic
    Just normal people living their normal
    lives and the kink and drama that crops
    up along the way.
    Office scenes, teacher/student (college)
    Neighbors, old crushes/ex'es reconnecting
  • Modern Paranormal
    The 'Real World' but with supernatural
    elements.  Weres, vampires, magic etc.
    Dresden Files, Patricia Briggs
    Kim Harrison, Laurell K Hamilton (not current)
    TV shows like Supernatural etc
  • Historical (loosely)
    Celtic and Arthurian myth feel
    The Borgias, Reign, The White Queen
  • Sci-Fi
    Space ships and lasers and all that cool shit.
    Dune, Honor Harrington
    Stargate, The Expanse, Dark Matter, Firefly
    Edge of Tomorrow, Altered Carbon

  • Fantasy
    Usually with a little grit and realism along
    with the fantastic.
    Anything Brandon Sanderson, WoT, Joe
    Abercrombie, Naomi Novik, Raymond Feist,
    David Eddings, Patrick Rothfuss
    Willow, Ladyhawke, Lord of the Rings

  • Twisted Fairytales
    A naughty or dark take on those classics
    Shows like Grimm, Once Upon a Time
    Themes include evil queen redemption
  • Crime Drama
    Shiny let's be bad guys? Or maybe catch them!
    Leverage, Castle, Bones, Fringe, John Wick
    Law enforcement, FBI, crime families, seedy
    underbelly of the world
  • Super Heroes
    I love these, but am kind of picky about which
    canon characters I'll play.  See specific requests.
    Tend to shy away from popular 'tent pole' ones.
    Marvel, DC, Hellboy
  • System Games
    Unlike real life I don't like a lot of 'crunch' in my
    games here on E.  A few rolls to guide play and
    make decisions is fine, but no extensive sheets
    and tracking. Mostly for theme and inspiration.
    Pathfinder 1ed is my jam, most D&D settings
    *Planescape, SpellJammer, Dark Suns, Ravenloft are favorites*
    WoD to a lesser extent though I tend to prefer
    just freeform modern paranormal then.

  • Straigt Up Comedy/Parody
    Entirely light-hearted romps where we explore
    slapstick or situational humor extensively.
    These tend to get old after a while but can make
    very fun oneshots
  • Slasher Type Horror
    Kind of a hard sell, while I might enjoy the
    suspense and drama it is hard for me to sustain
    over long threads.
  • Anime Insiprations
    Not usually my thing, but I LOVE me some
    Soul Eater, maybe something Beserk inspired
    But usually I don't watch/know enough about
    these to make writing viable.

  • Harry Potter
    Can't do it y'all, I've tried it doesn't work.
  • 70's Free Love
    The 50's through like the 80's is a weird
    no mans land for me.  I don't consider it historical
    it's not modern. It doesn't scratch my nostalgia itch.
    I know it exists, but usually have no interest
    in writing in those decades. Includes
    Vietnam/Cold war and political themes.
  • Heavy Current Politics
    I'd rather not hit hot button topics in RP.
    It doesn't happen often, but there have been
    times people come to me with MAGA related themes
    Race/equality either exploitations or reverse 'lessons'
    This is often an exaggeration or even obvious parody
    but ..Nah.  Hard pass.  The Hardest. Just. Don't.

Onward!  To the specific requests!

They say best men are moulded out of faults, and, for the most part, become much more the better for being a little bad...
Absences 11/10 ≈ BlindfoldsRequests ≈  On's and Offs
Tentatively Open to a few more 1v1's but also come write with me in Grey Matters--->


    Eventually I'll have these nicely sorted into categories but since I'm just starting out this will just be a random dump of specific scenes and set ups  I'm currently craving.  Please bear in mind that I am not someone who can just take a pairing and run with it.  Even if you like something I've outlined here I need some back and forth discussion about WHY it appeals to you and quick ideas you might have for your own character or to add to the story.  "Yeah I want that one." Isn't going to really work for me.

    That being said please do not send me opening posts or MASSIVE character sheets and what not until we talk.  Lets make sure we're on the same page first before writing.

    Thank you!

    Ill Omens
    Superhero ~ DC Teen Titans Canon Divergent ~ Light Human or Bondage
         Me - Lilith Clay (Omen), human psychic/precog
         You - Garth (Tempest) Atlantean royal/magic user
    The Kink: Water scenes, semi public play, shared orgasm
    The Drama: Different worlds, team tensions, umm... actual bad guys?
    Additional Bribery:  I've got all the red head and water gifs you could ever want for this.  It's a long term craving which means it already has a corner of my brain to stretch and play in.
    The Details

    So a bulk of my writing in the last year or so has actually been Omen.  I made her because I fell in love with panels of her and Garth together and wanted to explore them... Then proceeded to write with everyone BUT Tempest/Aqualad.  Big ole bag of Dick Grasons?  Check.  Speedy and Flash? Done and done.  Hell even a few Donnas, OCs and random characters from other universes but I've never had a chance to write Lilith and Garth. 

    I need it. Look how cute they are togther.

    You don't HAVE  to be big on comics to write this with me.  God knows I don't read consistently and Lilith is such a fringe character anyway that there isn't a ton out there.  I'm happy to just go for feel and tone with this.
    Favorite panels and images

    More of course available on request if you want them

    I've actually got a whole Lilith profile out there that I'd be happy to send you as a starting point.
    The physical play by/model I've been using for her is Grace Holly and that's pretty set for me, but Garth is all you.

    We'd start with them reconnecting.  They were Teen Tians together for years and nothing happened.  But when the team reforms (for whatever reason we can discuss like big bads and plotty story lines) they find themselves drawn to one another and, well all the flirty sexy times ensue.  Try to keep it a secret from the others? Flaunt their new found connection?  We'll play all this by ear.

    Long story short, I'll write pretty much anything with Lilith and Garth <3

    Universal Constructor
    Sci-fi Culture Clash,EXTREMELY long-distance relationships. Stellaris inspired.
    Characters: Futuristic people thrown together by fate or whim
    The Kink: Varies wildly depending on the story we tell.  Closed confines, possible breeding themes... read the details part ;)
    The Drama: FTL travel was supposed to ensure their supremacy out among the stars. Instead they found that their galaxy was a far more complex thing, inhabited by several starfaring societies with widely varying cultures and beliefs. Trying to navigate the twists and turns of galactic politics is far more difficult than mapping the actual stars...
    The Details

    So I've been playing a lot of Stellaris lately and with each play through my brain refuses to shut up about how fun some of this stuff would be to write in a story. So here I am, in my request thread, trying to make that happen! You don't need to have played the game to make this work. I can't stress that enough. Is it helpful? Sure, but the game itself doesn't tell a set story, it's more a ... galaxy simulator than anything else :p

    There are a few kind of tent pole things I'd like to include in the story.

    • One of our characters will be from a world that has just mastered FTL travel. For ease of writing we could make this world somewhat similar to Earth a hundred or so years in the future. They are eager to explore and claim new star systems ... except they aren't alone in the galaxy. Their technological advancements mean that others, some FAR more advanced, are finally allowed to contact these spacefaring fledglings. ​
    • This is because these other more advanced or at least older cultures have a fairly strict galactic pact of noninterference with 'lesser' sapient beings. People should be allowed to develop on their own, neither helped nor hindered by the Stellar collective. Developing faster than light travel is a litmus test. They've managed to not blow themselves up so far and their scientists are advanced enough to grasp as least some of the higher functions needed to be productive members of the galactic community.
    • Though the galaxy will be filled with all kinds of exotic life I prefer for our main characters to be not merely humanoid but largely human-looking. We can either not mention how that happens or fall back on the whole Stargate thing where an even more advanced but no longer active empire seeded planets with life and they share a long ago ancestor, but have taken some different evolutionary paths.

    In true me fashion I've blocked out several different characters and set ups that I'd like to explore. I'm going to kind of shallowly dive into some of them here. Keep in mind that we can somewhat mix and match and none of this HAS to be included, it's just the kind of stuff that makes me excited to write this story.
    If my character is from Earth...

    Name: Charlotte Devron
    Age: 34
    Occupation: Scientist/ Astronaut Specialization: Xeno Biology

    What would life on new planets look like? She's spent her life trying to answer that question and now gets to be part of the first manned missions to actually travel outside our galaxy. She is incredibly task orientated. Her lists have lists. Historically she has difficulty maintaining relationships, those intimate, friendly, or familial. You want to talk about nerdy science shit? Awesome she can do that and be invested for hours. Sitting through someone's birthday party and pretending to stay engaged? Not possible. "Charlotte's already living on a different planet from the rest of us..." is the general consensus even before she was selected for this exploratory mission.

    Plotty Stuff - She will be incredibly eager to meet other spacefarers. Fascinated. Fangirling almost. She has literally dreamed of this. Not at all a political animal or politically connected she will be easy to manipulate but is ultimately considered expendable by her home planet's government and scientific community.
    My lady's from a more advanced, highly religious culture

    Name: Kaide'dalyn or just Kai if you'd rather
    Position: Special Envoy to Earth
    "Of course, take your time. I am in no hurry..." She offered the grim onlookers a wide smile her hands still placed calmly and non threateningly on the table in front of her. " I assure you once more that I'm just here as an observer. Your planet is lovely, but it is too far from our homeworld to be of any real strategic value to us. We offer you friendship and aid ... which does NOT include weaponry or shielding technology as you have mentioned desiring in your communications so far. It was extremely rude of you to try and blow up my shuttle when we arrived by the way, but I am happy to put such misunderstandings behind us..."

    Kai's people worship Naddeni, a being of vast power that they believe lives at the heart of one of the twin stars in their home galaxy. Naddeni blesses those bathed in her light with long life and purpose (indeed those who live on their home planet or one of the other two habitable planets in the system DO seem to have notably longer lifespans living to almost three centuries). They are a culture united behind the belief that it is their duty to spread Naddeni's light to the universe. They frown heavily on war and aggression, but that isn't to say they don't have a well-developed fleet to both defend their home territory and aid in the liberation of those oppressed by more violent civilizations.

    They have been watching Earth's development with ... wary eagerness. To be honest they weren't sure that humanity would clear the FTL hurdle before imploding and that would have made her VERY sad as she's been voraciously studying Earth and it's cultures in the hopes that she would be assigned to the diplomatic mission there. And happy day! But Earth and its inhabitants are very different than she expected...

    Long Term Plans: Kai's people have a psionic network that is expanding through their population. She is allowed to be a diplomat and travel to other worlds because she does NOT have this gift and is somewhat expendable. During the course of our writing her latent abilities can develop which is both a blessing from Naddeni, of course, it is, she's thrilled ... but it is a curse as well because she can't NOT report it and that means she has to leave. We find some reason for your guy to go with her. But once returning, well her home isn't exactly the shining beacon that it is painted as and she's drawn deeper into things that could alter the fabric of their universe...

    See also: the Shroud :P
    Thank you for shopping S-Mart
    Name: Venetia Marris
    Occupation: Retalyx Conglomerate - Marris Family Scion - Specialization: New Acquisitions

         The language of money is universal.

    And Vanetia speaks it eloquently. Her people are essentially a megacorporation. A highly stratified society she was happily born into wealth and privilege and she serves her family interests dedicated. She and her small team evaluate new planets for natural resources to exploit, existing trade opportunities, and project future possibilities based upon general political and cultural atmosphere of natives.

    You need Avarian crystals and one of our scientists to aid you in building a missile defense system? 3% of your population as slaves should be sufficient to ... oh .. you don't believe that people can be property? That's weird, but okay. What if we call it indentured servitude? You're not even using them to their full potential anyway. Even limited bionic implants can increase labor output by .. you don't use those either? Ungh this planet I swear...

    One of Venetia's personal motivations is procreation. Humans are genetically compatible. Naturally born children are required for advancement, but centuries of inbreeding and botched genetic manipulation have left large swaths of her people sterile. "Test Tube" children are technically allowed for the propagation of the species, but they are automatically of a lower caste, she needs a naturally conceived child... though she will likely never come out and say this directly. Since when did human males question an eager bedmate?

    Those are just examples of my favorites. I have like ... a dozen I just don't think spamming them in here will be helpful. Hopefully they give you the general gist of the kinds of things I'm interested in. I love contrasts. Warlike culture vs more pacifistic but advanced one. Robots are an abomination artificial life goes against the divine vrs all technology is good and for the benefit of all.​

    I ramble .... a lot.  It's one of those sorry, not sorry things.  If you don't like long proposals then you probably won't enjoy the rest of my plotting/writing process either so isn't it best to know that upfront.  Keep in mind that these are SUGGESTIONS and half baked ideas.  I love partner input and am absolutely flexible to take them in other directions.  This is just a starting point.

    There is going to be a much smaller picture-inspired plots section coming soon I promise they won't all be like this.  It just takes me a second to get my shit together y'all ;)

    They say best men are moulded out of faults, and, for the most part, become much more the better for being a little bad...
    Absences 11/10 ≈ BlindfoldsRequests ≈  On's and Offs
    Tentatively Open to a few more 1v1's but also come write with me in Grey Matters--->


    Part II where Rampant is a bloody liar and posts more big ass very specific requests ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Looking For Group Love
    Mondern Realistic ~ Light Human Solos, nerd love with heavy MMO flavor
    Characters:  Kinda coworkers, to raid buddies, to ... more? (I kinda prefer a M/F pairing for this with me playing the female as it fits opening blurb, but am flexible)
    The Kink: Mostly light and fluffy, in-game cyber/voice sex possibilities?
    The Drama: When real and online lives collide there's bound to be some damage somewhere?

    The Details
    I blame the 'sexy space goats' talk in the picture you want someone else to play thread today.  It rekindled my need to write a story like this, and since I need a video game-related post for EliWriMo this month still I thought why not, ramble for a bit and see what happens!  Ended up using FFXIV as a base because that's what I played last and have the most familiarity with (though am still an expansion behind and don't currently play so that wanting like HEAVY game accuracy I'm not the partner for you) but I would be happy to change it up to fit another game.  I could pull off WoW, probably Warframe, maybe a few others, but really the game stuff is flavor for the romantic saga of our beautiful nerds so basic wiki knowledge and general gaming tropes should be enough to pull it off?

    Possible Opening Scene

    "How long have you been in love with Darren?"

    The question made Callie pause her fingers hovering over the keyboard for a moment and then folding neatly in her lap as she leaned away from the desk.  There was a soft pop in her neck as she stretched which caused her to give a low happy groan.  To her well-meaning neighbor/best friend Andrea this looked like a stalling/diversion tactic and she started to ask the question again, determined to get a real answer.  But the dark haired woman was just doing some quick mental math, "One year, seven months, 23 days ... and roughly four hours?  Give or take?" 

    That oh so specific answer threw her friend for a loop and she just gaped at her for a few seconds. 

    It wasn't entirely true.  Callie hadn't loved him from the moment he'd sat down at her table in the little deli/cafeteria in the building where she worked.  Where they apparently BOTH worked since she had immediately noticed the little ID badge on the lanyard around his neck.  Staff not visitor, different floor but... No one had ever really sat with her at lunch before.  Granted she was usually intently eating, busy on her phone, laptop, or kindle and she had been told on more than one occasion that she had a generally skittish vibe that warned even the friendliest of strangers off.  So when he'd sat there across from her 'dumbstruck' was a pretty apt description.
        "Do you mind? It's a little crowded today.."  And looking around for the first time in awhile she noted that he was indeed correct, there were no empty tables to be had.  So a meeting of necessity then?  That was vaguely disappointing, being the lesser evil to eating back in one's office, but her ego could take that hit.  She realized that he was still staring at her waiting for a response.

         "Of course!"  Wait that was wrong, "I mean no, I don't mind.  My chair is your chair ... which is also an incorrect statement as we both clearly have our own chairs now.  Sorry, I'll let you get to your lunch."  Why was she so damn awkward all the time?  Looking down at her own plate of half-finished food she debated just calling this whole interaction before it could get worse, but to her surprise he'd just seemed amused ... and determined to continue the conversation.  Wonder of all wonders.

    They'd talked about inconsequential things at first.  The weather. Wheat vrs rye bread.  Pretty much anything BUT work because who wanted to talk about while while at work? But the conversation didn't start to flow until it turned to 'what do you do for fun?'  Her answers were pretty basic, gym, reading, failed attempts at crocheting or doing anything artistic.  He'd made her promise not to laugh at his 'part time job' which it turned out was a three night a week MMO raid schedule.  Did she play any?  Well not really, she'd tried a few times but could never really get into it, but hearing him talk she could see why he enjoyed it.

         "If you ever want to check it out roll on Midgardsormr and I can help you get started." That casual offer would have been more helpful to her if he'd actually told her HOW to contact him there, or if they had exchanged other contact information, but by then lunch was long over and it was time to head back up to the grind. 

    She told herself several times not to do it.  But curiosity and a free trial as well as the fact that today's lunch had been her most enjoyable social interaction with a member of the opposite sex in pretty much forever were a potent combination. 

    The mechanics number crunch delighted her inner math nerd and the art aesthetic was pleasing to her.  There were some fits and starts learning but all in all tutorials and wiki pages got her through, so that the next week when a familiar face sat at her table in a now much less crowded room Callie could smile and immediately launch into a series of observations and questions.  They ACTUALLY exchanged emails after that and made arrangements to meet up in-game and from there... well it just kind of organically grew into a regular thing.  Their lunches were rare, but almost every night there was a little online chat as she settled and leveled until she finally found her groove and eventually it wasn't just him and his friends hauling her through old dungeons and content.  "Your gear's decent, you want to try filling in for one of our DPS out this week?"


    Until it WAS every night and they essentially shared that same 'part time job'. The regimented dance, the precision of it all played to Callie's strengths, and while spending time with Darren was always a bonus she generally kind of blossomed there on her own, filling that niche, claiming the full time spot. Andrea though had never been a fan.

    "You never go out any more.  It's to the point where I stopped asking what you're doing because I know you'll be here playing Ultimate Teenage Fantasy.  Honey it's not healthy!"

    "Umm, it's FINAL Fantasy not..."

    "I've been here while you're playing, I've SEEN the cat girls, don't lie to me I'm not buying it.  It's like teen boy wish fulfillment on steroids and you KNOW it."

    Callie's head tilted and for a moment she debated telling her that the Miqo'te actually had a rather diverse and interesting culture ... besides she played an Au Ra so ... yeah that didn't make it better and she doubted that Andrea would appreciate the difference between sexy cat girls and sexy lizards.  Instead she just shrugged. "Look, I enjoy it.  I still have my life, I go to work, we have Saturday brunches, I'm going to your stupid brother's wedding next month.  I DO things, I just..."

    "I think we're getting away from the original topic of this conversation.  While your little hobby is weird and I don't get it I came here to talk to you about your boy problem.  Since you mentioned the wedding already I'll remind you that you signed up with a plus one to keep from getting seated with Ted again.  I tried talking to my brother about it, but he's pushing you guys hard, he's happy and getting married and he wants his friends to be happy too, and you guys WOULD look cute together.  You need to stop obsessing over your WoW wife and find a date, a REAL date like flesh and blood sitting next to you smiling in pictures, -or- you need to give Ted a chance.  This is not healthy."  Callie's wrinkled nose told her friend just what she thought about that little speech, but she had to admit that it was touching that Andrea had apparently looked into stuff like this enough to know what a WoW wife was.... Jesus, was this an intervention?

    "Fine.  A real live date capable of smiling."  She agreed with an overly dramatic sigh.

    Darren had an exceptionally nice smile.... and it wouldn't be the first time he'd sat at a table with her...

    All the details are totally changeable, that's more for like ... a snapshot of how my brain sees this feeling than a direct word for word opening post.  We can shift things around, write their history together in little snippets and flashbacks,  but SOMETHING in their lives shifts and comfortable friendship gets flavored with some explorative in game flirting (her hauling him with her to an RP event and then letting her crush run wild with the cover of 'in character' actions).  I like the looming wedding deadline and just the sheer AWKWARDNESS of everything.

    It's cliche, like a nerdy little Hallmark movie, but I just want to write some sappy nerd love for awhile.

    I'm all for injecting some drama.  They haven't really talked much about their 'real' lives.  It's like they've deliberately kept a wall up between game friendship and real world.  She knows that he works in the same building so assumed they did similar jobs, but is he really the person she's built him up to be in her head?  Can friendship and some RP chemistry translate properly into the real world or is it bound to be a disappointment for both of them?

    I'd enjoy some LIGHT jealousy/possessiveness themes, an assumed relationship/prior claim that shuts down others flirting with my awkward geek which would go both ways really.  If and when they DO get together there will be a few startled 'Wait what? I thought you guys were already dating" comments.

    I'd like to TRY writing in-game RP stuff turning into mutual masturbation and acting on mutual need/fantasy.  Mostly because I think the dual nature would be an interesting writing exercise.  If it ends up being too wonky we can scrap it and just move to general summaries and in-person interaction.

    Tenatively leaning toward Jamie Alexander as a face claim, but am happy to cater to partner requests and I may very well find something that fits better between now and when we start writing/discussing this. But the shorter hair kinda does it for me right now. Plus I like the wide mix of glammed up and casual options that she lets me play with.

    Keep in mind that I CAN be a fairly image heavy writer at times.  I don't require that my partner responds in kind, but for this I would need someone that's okay with frequent scene/feel inclusions including but not limited to game art and other randomness.

    The Devil You Know
    SuperHeroes ~ Marvel Daredevil canon divergent ~ Light or Bondage Human Solos
         Me: Maya Lopez (Echo)
         You: Matt Murdoch (Daredevil)
    The Kink: Sensory play, combat to coitus :P
    The Drama: So I don't think these two got a fair shake in the comics and I like exploring the 'what ifs' of their very angsty on and off romance.

    The Details
    𝙰 𝚍𝚎𝚊𝚏 𝚐𝚒𝚛𝚕 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚊 𝚋𝚕𝚒𝚗𝚍 𝚋𝚘𝚢 𝚠𝚊𝚕𝚔 𝚒𝚗𝚝𝚘 𝚊 𝚖𝚘𝚟𝚒𝚎 𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚊𝚝𝚎𝚛 ~ I can't help it, they're just so damn cute together. We'd be exploring some of the feel-good fun time before all the drama and/or naughtiness.

    Her time with Matthew before her world imploded is the last time that Maya can remember being really truly happy. Sure her life doesn't SUCK now, but the bubbling joy, the feeling of that anything is possible? That's been missing for awhile now. But she had her shot right? He moved on... it would be weird for her to try and recapture that lightening in a bottle feeling...Wouldn't it?

    I started writing Echo about a year ago with the hopes of writing across from a Dare Devil. Either their early interactions or later. When things got complicated? Maybe something even later like the 600 thing Fisk becomes mayor and Matt gathers his friends to clean house so to speak. I don't really like the way the comic played out, but the overall concept is fun. Maya would come still nursing that long ago crush, maybe even expecting his call to have been about something different, only to find out that she's there to help against her adoptive father's plans. Sure. Of course. Totally professional. Definitely not another date. That'd be silly why would anyone think that. Please for the love of all that is holy just give her something to punch soon...

    Again the disclaimer that I'm not a heavy comic book reader and we're going to be RE-writing a lot of their story, maybe even from the beginning, so FEEL is way more important than accuracy for me.

    I'd also be down for writing Echo across from a MoonKnight, Hawkeye, Wolverine, but I'm not going to put those blurbs up here, one ramble is enough.  If you've got a different pairing you'd like to explore we can totally talk about it.  I love Maya, I love everything about her but I kind of want to get my stuff started BEFORE the Netflix show comes out and skews how I think about her.

    I'm also not really interested in CURRENT stuff.  The Phoenix Force is awesome as a concept but I can't pull off writing a character holding it :P

    These aren't related to anything, I just don't have a full write up or even half baked idea ready for them yet.  If YOU do send them my way and we'll see if we can't make something work.
    Pictures that Need a Home

    I admit it, I'm a total lyrics whore.  Poetry set to music is .. everything some days.  Every long term writing project I've ever had gets its own playlist to help my brain get in the zone for it, but sometimes this goes in reverse.  You hear a song that makes you want to write something new.

    Underneath ~ Blacktop Mojo
    And reaching toward the sky for rain
    I'm black and white and shades of grey
    I know the pain, it comes in waves
    And then you crumble underneath the weight

    Song and Full Lyrics


    I'd trade this cloud for a hurricane
    With enough water
    To wash away

    A flood to drown the ground
    That's falling out from under me
    From under me

    Laced with all of my regrets
    I cling to everything I've got left
    And there's a feeling I have within
    Your tendencies have become my sins

    Reaching toward the sky for rain
    Black and white and shades of grey
    I know the pain, it comes in waves
    And then you crumble underneath the weight

    Holding on to all that's wrong
    A calloused soul turned from sand to stone
    Directions etched into the wall
    To a place we never left at all

    And reaching toward the sky for rain
    I'm black and white and shades of grey
    I know the pain, it comes in waves
    And then you crumble underneath the weight

    And then you crumble underneath the weight

    The Live Acoustic Version

    Holy hell I love this band, they always kick me solidly in the feels or songs like Wicked Woman are all RAWR and bad ass Can't Sleep is my insomniac theme song.  Add to that I have a not so little crush on their lead singer.  Just saying, he's all my yes and if anyone wanted to use Matt James as a playby someday for something I would not say no ;)

    Themes:  I'm not sure exactly.  Am vaguely feeling a vampire or some kind of long lived/immortal type creature that cuts off contact with human 'for their own good'.  Both of them still feel the pull, the quasi addiction to one another.  Cue vampire emo spiral? Human takes on some destructive behaviors chasing that high and something to replace the hole in their life.  Maybe giving in and being together for however long isn't so bad after all?

    Run Away With Me ~ Jeremy Jordan
    Still I have to try to explain what I want to do with you...
    Run away with me
    Let me be your ride out of town
    Let me be the place that you hide
    We can make our lives on the go

    Song and Full Lyrics

    Let me catch my breath
    This is really hard
    If I starts to look like I'm sweating
    Well, that's cause I am

    I'm not good with words
    But that's nothing new
    Still I have to try to explain what I want to do
    With you
              With you

    Run away with me
    Let me be your ride out of town
    Let me be the place that you hide
    We can make our lives on the go
    Run away with me

    Texas in the summer is cool
    We'll be on the road like Jack Kerouac
    Looking back, getting ready
    Let's go anywhere
    Get the car packed and throw me the key
    Run away with me

    I know this is fast
    What else can I do
    Call me crazy but I'm much crazier for you
    I have these plans
    I have all these plans
    For a house that we'll build on the bay when we run away

    Let me be your ride out of town
    Let me be the place that you hide
    We can make our lives on go
    Run away with me

    Alabama heat sign me up
    We'll be on the road like some country song
    Won't be long we'll be ready
    Let's go anywhere
    Get the car packed and throw me the key
    Run away with me

    I'm not trying to make you a wife here
    I'm not trying to tie you down
    I'm just saying there might be a life here
    A new one as soon as we run
    Run away  just run away with me

    Mississippi mud watch me slide
    We'll be on the road like Jack Kerouac
    Looking back almost ready now

    Let me be your ride out of town
    Let me be the place that you hide

    California dreams here we come
    Romeo is calling for Juliet
    Ready set now you're ready
    Let's go anywhere
    Say the word and I'm already there

    Run away with me

    So Jeremy Jordan is pretty much 'the keys to the kingdom' here.  Use him as a playby and I'm already there ;) For reals.  His existence in this world partially restores my faith in humanity and makes me happy.  While his tenure on Supergirl was good for his career I feel like he was somewhat wasted as a forgettable side character with odd story lines.  Starring role.  All the things.  Please and thank you!

    Themes:Coming out of an abusive relationship (or other unfortunate life circumstance) long time friends run off together cross country to start life over.  But can you really let go of the past and forge a new future together without dealing with the trauma and emotional baggage?  How far do you have to run to ensure that the past doesn't catch up with you?

    They say best men are moulded out of faults, and, for the most part, become much more the better for being a little bad...
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