[M for F] Discipline / BDSM fun and romance

Started by bawdybear, September 17, 2021, 08:07:45 PM

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I’m looking for a long term play partner, and enjoy collaboration and exploring new plot lines.
Here are a few ideas, and I am totally open to exploring anything else.

Domestic discipline:
There once was a happy couple, Sid and Jane, who had a plain vanilla sex life. But Sid had always dreamt of changing that.
Then Jane started to get in trouble - maybe got caught drunk driving or started failing her classes in grad school. Something serious enough that Sid needed to intervene. And Sid saw a way to both discipline Jane so she got better, and they both discovered that they love the discipline play in their sex lives.

The fugitive:
Our heroine is wanted by the authorities for something serious. Maybe she is guilty, maybe not, that’s flexible.
She goes into hiding and changes her name and uses a forged ID. She gets a new job someplace far away. Her new employer likes her, but when he discovers her secret, he gives her an ultimatum - submit to his kinky desires or get turned over to the authorities. And over time she (secretly) begins to love her new kinky life with Dom. The story line can be as complex as we want.

I am happy to play on the forum or over email.
I am in the East Coast time zone.
PM me if interested