She of the Scarlet Hood (Taken)

Started by BlackStone, September 12, 2021, 09:27:02 PM

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Back in the day when Second Edition Dungeons and Dragons came about, I was fascinated with Paladins when the Paladin handbook came out.  From it I created a world which I brought happily here to E! when I first started a couple of years ago.  The stories dies out as real life claimed writing partners and yet I want to finish the stories as I think the world I created is an interesting one with a mash up of fantasy elements dawn from Joe Dever's Lone Wolf, Terry Brooks Shanara series, Wizards of the Coast Forgotten Realms, and perhaps a dash of the political realism and ruthlessness which has captivated many in G.R.R.M Song of Ice and Fire series.

The main kingdom in this series is Adreath , which is the only Kingdom of an alliance of kingdoms of elves, dwarves, and humans which stands between the free countries of the land, the Shadow Empire of Nyderei.  All human lands used to be a part of the Shadow Empire till with the aid of the Elves and Dwarves, rebelled and drove them back over the northernmost kingdom, what is now known as Adreath.  It has been five hundred years since the defeat of the Wytch Queens and their Demon princes and the formation of the Compact of Nations, and it is a Age of change as Nyderei grows in power and hungers for what they once possessed.   Here are the three different plot hooks I would love to develop once more.

A twist and variation of Little Red Riding Hood.  Your character is a member of one of ten original high houses when the Kingdom of Adreath was formed, and warden of the southern duchy of Devaul.  Unlike other families, YC family never have been a part of the Knights Vigilant.  Instead they are a clan of Hunters and Rangers whose primary purpose is to patrol and defend Whitemyst Forest from the monsters who still inhabit the untamed wildlands.  Your character is the family heir, and my character is the heir apparent and part of a secret clan of werewolves who have been living on the borders of Whitemyst for generations.  A new incursion of monsters has happened of late, and they mistake the wolves part of clan Roanoak to be the ones behind it.  Not only does my character Lyon Roanoak need to avoid capture, but somehow he must convince She of the Scarlet Hood it is not him or his clan, and they must work together before it is too late.  I see this however as a romance, a sort of Romeo and Juliet as they come together eventually in the end.  Other elements of the story open for discussion.  It can even be smut free if so desire, I'm easy as my wife likes to tease.   On and Offs as well as a page link to many of my past and current writing efforts here on E1 these last seven years.