Transformation and Curvy, Excessive Growth! PM for your ideas! :-) NSFW

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Hello! I'm obsessed with transformation.. especially if the transformation is slow, gradual, and against her will. Physical transformation is best, but some mental transformation is fine as long as it compliments the TF. Bimbofication is a good sub-transformation as well. Becoming a nymphomaniac.. cumslut.. addicted to new sensations/adventures.. I'd love to explore writing with you.. planning with you.. and developing a new story. :-)

I currently have only one game that posts at least twice a week and am always looking for a few more well written stories. Please look at my list and private message me if you are interested. The most recent story is at the top, some of the older ones are at the bottom of this post.

I'm looking for a writing partner to explore this concept with me. I'm looking for a partner that posts 3 to 5 times per week using the forums. The story would have some transformation/bimbofication and could be a realistic or slightly future setting, depending on what my partner has in mind.

I don't mind pushing the boundaries, eventually she could be a living, walking wet dream who can cum just by wearing clothing. Maybe she gets more horny the longer she doesn't have sex and after a day or two, will have sex with just about anything to get an orgasm.  The more extreme and exaggerated, the more fun. Even her mind could be changed to love pleasure but, obviously there would be enough there to push the story forward, she couldn't simply become unplayable and unenjoyable, though. No such thing as too large breasts, too curvaceous, too much pleasure, too many modifications, or too many changes to enjoy sex.

I do have some on/offs that you can be aware of- no animals, no scat, nothing excessively gross.

Please private message me if you're interested!

Story Idea Z-
[/size] Hello! My story idea inspired by Plato Voltaire, who has written dozens of stories about undercover police officers and trying to stop criminals from expanding everyone in the universe.

My own spin on things, the year is 10 to 20 years in the future, let's call it near future. Many technological advances have occurred as science continues marching on. One of these advances in nanites that allow for many miraculous things in altering and changing just about every facet of human appearance.

My idea is for my character, doe-eyed Fatima, to head to the brand new orbital space station, a sort of Las Vegas in near Earth orbit. Cloud 9 was just opening nad was promising something that nowhere else in the galaxy could deliver, almost every vice could be found on Cloud 9, sort of like a Westworld in space, if the credits were right. Fatima would head to Cloud 9 to be a waitress and possibly bartender. However, because of her natural height and athletic ability, she gets chosen to be augmented into a Pillow Girl, which is a special sort of entertainer. Pillow Girls live in 50% gravity and are very curvy. The rich can pay 1000 credits a night to sleep using the Pillow Girl's cleavage and inflated breasts instead of pillows. The pillow girls typically sign a 2 year, non renewable deal. After working for those 2 years, they have enough money to live for about 10 years. They could start a new business or something with social media.

As Fatima was transitioning into one of the Pillow Girls, she was aiming to become the elite Pillowgirl and an Entertainer in her own fashion, too. Maybe doing some tri-d vids on the side, or some sort of endorsement deals. She of course was looking for love and someone to settle down with eventually. If the pay was spectacular, would she break the rules and sleep with a client? What if a client offered to take her away from all of this so they could live happily ever after?

I'd like a writing partner to help come up with adventures that Fatima could go on. Does she fall in one with one customer but finds out he's poor and has been stealing money from his family business to support his expensive habit? Is there pressure for Fatima to continue altering herself to make even more money?

Fatima had just graduated high school and after being encouraged to fly to Cloud 9, was just sitting down in the spaceship that would take her there and change the rest of her life. She adjusted the strap across her chest, it was very tight.

Background information from Plato Voltaire (this is only a starting point, we can put our own spin on things)
Cloud 9 was an orbital station, some 8 million metric tons of metal and clearsteel. It was home to over 20,000 people and numerous leisure-based businesses. The Cloud 9 Club, the one that gave the name to the station, employed over 500 people. Of that number, 30 were very special women. In addition to performing zero-gee acrobatics and low-gravity dance routines these women also served as living pillows for men that could afford the 1,000 credit per night charge.

Fatima arrived with a group of new employees, ones whose breasts in a matter of weeks would be as large as beanbags. After settling in they saw the 9's medical staff. The head doctor was practically beaming with delight when he saw Fatima. She was the tallest in the group; the next one was 15 centimeters shorter than her. That meant Fatima's frame could handle a much larger bust. She groaned inside when the doctor showed her the final size. Including the flesh pushed in by her arms, her hands would be 40 centimeters short of reaching the nipples. Good thing that she'd be spending the majority of her time in 50% or less gravity. In a quick and simple operation all 30 women had micropumps installed. Even at zero-gravity they needed those pumps to assist their hearts to move blood in and out of their soon-to-be enormous breasts.

     Next was the dance instructor. It was her task to teach her new charges to dance in low and zero-gravity. During the next few weeks the instructor (called Coach by everybody) ran the girls ragged. Fatima was reminded of her basketball coaches in high school and college. Coach wasn't afraid to use swear words and hardly a day went by without exhausting her potty-mouth vocabulary. After the first four weeks Coach mellowed a bit, and only swore when necessary.

I'm looking for a writing partner to think of adventures that Fatima could go on. I would write Fatima and you would write her love interest or the other men that come in and out of her life.

EEnd of Story Z[     


tory Idea A-
I'm looking for a game where an ordinary girl next door gets into online streaming and slowly dips her toes into the entire thing. She's encouraged by your character to do more. You are the devil whispering in her ear. Your character might be an older successful man looking for the perfect bimbo toy or perhaps you're a mad scientist that wants to test your inventions on. Or you can bring your own completely original character into the story as well. Your imagination is our only limitation!

My character is going to start off tall and thin, with an average face and average features. Through your guidance, suggestions, molding, advice, and financial support, she will become transformed into a beautiful sexpot of a Epic Cam Girl- with amazing larger than life curves (multiple breast implants perhaps?), the perfect lips(permanent injections), the right attitude for gangbangs (medicine or hormones to lower inhibitions and raise sensitivity), maybe a more hour glass figure by removing ribs or injecting fat?

How she starts: 

If my ideas pique your interest, please private message me with what your idea is and what you would bring to the story.
End of Story A

Story Idea B-
My character is a young college student who is looking to make some extra money by doing one of those "Paid for Clinical Trial" jobs that campuses see all the time.

Amber has done the first three of these without any problems, one time nothing happened, another her skin became perfect, and the last one caused her sexual sensitivity to increase. The last one that she just received last week, has caused her to start and feel strange. She was given a hybrid dna that is slowly turning her into a sexy Cat Girl or Neko- as they are commonly referred to in Anime/Manga. Perhaps your character doesn't see any results after a few days and gives her a mega dose of the transfer agent.

The transformation could also involve science, magic, or even an alien object that somehow Amber finds.

She could experience growth and transformation, becoming taller or shorter, becoming more curvy, perhaps getting an extra set of breasts. She could grow a tail and ears, or even claws on her hands. She could become extremely horny from the hormones that are bathing her body. Maybe she's so sensitive she can no longer wear clothes. Perhaps she can smell arousal and her body gives off pheromones. Maybe her fluids increase the arousals of those around her.

She doesn't understand what's happening to her and the results will probably end of being something very sexy, too.

What sort of transformation do you see Amber having? In your reply about your interest, write about what sort of character you would have and what sort of changes you would want to bring to Amber.
End of Story B

Begin of Story C
Begin Story C- The Sex Genie
My Own Sex Genie!
Jessie Anderson had just finished high school and she loved going to thrift shops to look for finds that she could fix up and sell on instagram or facebook marketplace. She had made a few hundred dollars a month doing this, mostly restoring furniture or finding interesting jewelry or silverware that she carefully cleaned and restored. Whatever money she made she always reinvested in art supplies, she wanted to be a successful artist and had some minor success, selling some of her work on etsy. She drew and painted characters going on adventures, usually sexy characters.

Anyways as she was leaving the shop, a metal flask caught her eye. The flash had intricate carvings on it and felt warm to the touch. It was marked at only two dollars as it had a few dents. She knew that if it was silver it would be worth more than that the for the price of silver alone.

She happily paid her two dollars and change and headed home. She flicked the flask and it felt like something was inside of it, maybe some sort of liquid. As she parked in front of the small one bedroom house that she rented, she headed inside. As she set down her treasures she went right to the flask, cleaning it carefully and then setting it aside. As she took a shower and went to bed, she decided to see what was inside of the flask. Wearing only an oversized shirt for pajamas, she opened the flask and looked inside.

Instantly, blue smoke started to fill the small room, and a real life genie, like from the stories, came out of the flask. He said that he was a powerful genie and he could grant her three wishes.

"My first wish.. is to have whatever I write into this notebook," she tapped a notebook, "to come true one minute after I write it."

He said, "Wish granted."

Everything looked and felt the same, she took out a pen and started writing.

"Jessie Anderson has grown into a beyond beautiful female body that looks like a sex goddess and stays 18 years old and sexy, forever."

You would play the genie and you loved to twist her dreams, wishes, and desires into a sexual nature. If she wished to be a sex goddess, you would give her absurd beauty, beyond reality with an impossibly and ridiculous body to rival porn stars. Her libido would be so revved up she'd be constantly thinking of sex.

We will explore wishes gone crazy with unintended consequences. You will grant her wishes and help her become a world famous sexy star, selling her talents and body for money and power. 

Jessie remembered that she had already had sex with four different men and one woman today alone and she had three more lovers scheduled during the next two hours!
End of Story C

Begin of Story D/size]
Begin Story D- Can an Android love a Human?
Maid to Order- A Human and Android Love Story
The story I would like to explore is that of a man getting the gift of an advanced AI house servant, that is a gift from his rich grandmother on his thirtieth birthday. This Android is no ordinary creature, she has been customized to be the perfect companion physically and mentally, she has to obey every command that her owner gives her. He feels guilty about taking advantage of her.  She is simply able to respond to her owner and learn, she doesn't have sentience or a soul. Something happens to her and she's given that spark of consciousness. Maybe it was a car accident, maybe a lightning surge, maybe your character actively sought out someone or something that could hack her.

Once she has sentience she starts learning about pleasure and being a woman as well as relationships, too. The android decides to upgrade her appearance, and she changes from ordinary to extraordinary.

It turns out that she remembered every second of her existence so far, she just didn't have any say before, but, now that she's given freewill, that is where the story develops, evolves, and changes.

With all of the anti-robot fear, they will likely have to keep their secret safe from their noisy neighbors.

I imagine eventually they will fall in love with each other and we'll figure out the story from there.
As she arrives:

After her transformation

End of Story D

Begin of Story E
Begin of Story E- Making it!
I'm looking for someone to write a young coming of age game where the main character is a teenager who's looking for stardom, looking for her Jack White from the White Stripes to form a duo or small group and 'Making it"

Sophia knew since she was a little girl that she wanted to be a drummer for a rock band. Ever since she was 5 years old she had good rhythm, but she had trouble finding partners who had as much passion as her. She practiced forever, every spare second and gigged with everyone. For some reason (possibly her curvy bouncing, jiggling body), she got a lot of practice.

This story will start right as she had a huge breakup with the lead singer of her last trio, who she felt was on the verge of stardom, but he ended up liking drugs more than his music and more than her.

It would be fine if you just played one character two, and we took turns with the rest of the cast.

There's a lot of angles the story can take and stories that we can explore. Sophia might be willing to explore transformation like Sabrina Sabrok, and, her transformation might eventually overshadow her drumming skills. Maybe your character, the manager, not only encourages her to transform but also wants her to take vocal lessons and take up being a lead singer, or some other angle for her to advance.

End of Story E

Begin of Story F
Begin of Story F- The Pleasure Mage [/b]
Story Introduction- Ella is a pleasure mage, a young enchantress who gets power from pleasure and sex. This is inspired by Harry Potter.

Ella always knew that she was different from as long back as she could remember. She had strange dreams that sometimes came true. She sometimes had animals come right up to her and whisper in her ear, and, even more strangely, when she talked back to them, they replied! She knew something was going on, but, couldn't figure it out. When she was ten years old, her parents revealed that she was actually adopted, her parents died in some sort of accident and Ella always wanted to find out more. When she was fourteen, her parents bought her a parakeet. This was no ordinary parakeet, secretly it would have conversations with Ella. Somedays, her bird, whom she named Poly, would tell her to look inside of the small mailbox decoration in her cage. Ella usually just let Poly out of her cage.

Ella found out that she had artistic abilities as well, she loved drawing, painting, ceramics, just about anything she could get her hands on. She had strange dreams, even when she was a teenager, of beautiful and handsome creatures, that she just didn't understand.

She grew up tall and thin, with a dancer's lithe build. She was very fair skinned, with dirty blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, she couldn't get a tan if she tried. As she blossomed into womanhood she always felt out of step with everyone else, she didn't have the same interests as anyone else, spending her time drawing beautiful people, both men and women. Her friends always thought there was something sinister or dark about her drawings, but couldn't exactly put their finger on it.

As Ella turned 18, Poly gave her an unusual letter. The letter invited her to a Summer Program for gifted students. Ella had never thought of herself as gifted, sure, she loved drawing and the arts, but, was she 'gifted'? She wasn't sure. The letter said,
"Hello Ella, You are invited to the Hopkins Research Institute for Gifted and Talented Students. Show up at this Saturday at 15000 Buckwillow Drive, at 7am sharp. Bring only the essentials. Don't tell anyone.  Signed, Chelsea Hightower."

Ella was both nervous and excited, how was all of this happening? She wasn't even sure it was possible. She decided to pack up and leave her house around 640, using Uber to take her to the location on the invitation. She realized it was the train station, which had seen better days. She paid the fee and climbed out of the car, walking towards the train stop. Did people even take trains anymore? She wasn't sure.

Sure enough, the door into the station was unlocked. Ella walked inside and looked around. The board was empty, except for one outgoing train at 7am, leaving from Gate C.

Ella walked to Gate C and there was an old fashion, steam locomotive, that was light up and ready to go any minute. Ella boarded, walking inside and looking around. It was an ordinary train like you might see 50 years ago, there was no staff though. Ella sat down, the door closed and the old engine roared to life. The train started moving. Ella looked outside the window and, sure enough, it pulled out of the train station. Ella realized all of a sudden she was real sleepy, almost instantly. She closed her eyes.

When she opened them, she was somewhere else. She was sitting inside a small room with four other teenagers, all similar to herself. She stood up, looking worried. She realized she was the only girl here, then suddenly a door hidden in the wall slid open. A beautiful woman walked from behind the hidden panel, "Good morning my new pupils.. I'm Mrs. Hightower, Headmistress here at the Hopkins Research Institute. You have all been chosen because you are special.. and, soon I'll reveal just how special you are... Please, follow me."

The Headmistress lead them through the doorway and down a long hallway. The hallway had pictures, objects, and curious things everywhere one looked. Some were recognizable, but many were not. "Please, look but don't touch," the Headmistress said. She led them down a hallway, at the end was a door. She waved her hand in front of the door and the door unlocked and opened. "Here is the West Wing of the institute.. it's for our newest recruits.. Please, find your room and.. you'll be summoned for breakfast in thirty minutes, after you get situated."

In the West Wing, the first room on the left had the words "ELLA" written to the right of the door, the letters shimmered. Ella looked around at the other guys and realized none of them were named Ella. She walked inside, looking around. It was a small, old fashion room, like something you might see in a castle from 100 years ago. It had a bed, a writing desk, a small dresser, and a small, foot by foot window that presumably looked outside. It also had a small bathroom, not much more larger than a few feet by a few feet. There was a small bath and shower, along with a vanity, sink, and toilet. It was the smallest bathroom that Ella had ever seen, it looked like something out of a RV or something.

Ella's room also had a cage and Poly was there, waiting for her. She let Poly out of the cage and hugged her, giving Poly her most favorite treat, that she still had in her purse.  Ella packed away her things, putting on the white linen robe that was set out on her bed, with the pinned sticked to it, "Please wear for breakfast." Ella wasn't sure what to wear under it, so she did wear her bra and panties under the robe. Luckily it was a light material so wasn't too hot. She also put on the sandals that were next to the bed and was still exploring the drawers when there was a knock on the door.

Ella was lead from her room to the outside hallway. The other new recruits were also dressed in robes of various colors, hers was the only white robe she realized. They were lead into a large banquet hall, that curiously, had many mirrors all over the place. Each wall had 5 or 10 mirrors of various sizes. Ella was directed to sit down, which she did so. She was still confused about what was happening, then had an image pop into her mind, of a beautiful woman, with ridiculously large breasts, which she started sketching in her notepad. She was lost in her drawing, then heard someone talking to her, setting down her pencil as she finished the detail on the breasts. There was a boy, really a man, that had started talking to her.  She was blushing both from him and her drawing, "Oh.. Uhm, sorry, I'm Ella.. Today's my first day.. uhm, who are you and.. what's going on, exactly?"
End of Story F

Begin of Story G
Becoming a HuCow
My story idea is that over the last twenty years, strange and odd things have happened over the last twenty years. The huge farming industry started failing and eventually disappeared completely. Their techniques ravaged the soil, climate, and was causing the entire planet to revolt.

These mega farms were replaced with small mom and pop farms, both food and dairy related that focused on organic, all natural processes and being good stewards of the earth. The trouble is, the farms can't create enough product. Fast forward ten years and most people eat kibble, nothing more than nutritious but bland tasting food.

Ophelia has been eating kibble all of her life, like everyone she knew and she had strange dreams of delicious food, fruits, and vegetables.

She did tons of searches about food, about growing food, about delicious food. She received a strange email about an offer to become a food taster at Happy Dairy Farms- one of the newest dairy farms that used cutting edge technology to grow food faster, better, and healthier than ever before. Angela Stevens is extremely interested and she heads to Happy Dairy Farms for a tour.

The farm has rediscovered technology that allows gene-splicing. In this case, they can combine an award winning dairy cow into a human during the course of three treatments. Each treatment takes a week. After the first two treatments, the client can still change their mind. After the third treatment, the treatment is permanent.

Ophelia wants more everything and signs up for the process. She's matched with a trainer who will whip her into shape and try to turn her into an award winning milking cow.

As she goes through the intake process, it is revealed that she has poor genes for growing and turning into the milker that she desires to be, so an experimental nanite formula is given, basically reactivating puberty all over again allowing her to grow until her full potential.

Here is one such beginning that might work. Let me know what your ideas are and what you would bring to the story.

Ophelia had dreams of eating mangos, papayas, pineapples, bananas, and apples. She was about to sink her teeth into a juicy cantaloupe, but then heard her cell phone go off again from the charging cradle. She sat up and realized she was dreaming again. She walked to the fridge of her studio apartment. She had a some chilled purified water and chilled purified orange juice. She took out the water and pressed the button on the wall, placing a cup underneath it. The machine chirped to life and a handful of kibble was dispensed. She sighed and mixed the water and juice into it, swirling it around slightly, trying to get rid of the chalky, fake taste.

Ophelia's dreams had become more intense lately, she wasn't sure what caused the dreams. She worked as a cashier that sold mostly house hold items. Most people didn't have too much extra money so things were usually pretty slow.

She had just finished high school a month ago and was still mapping out her life.

Ophelia had always done tons of searches about food, about growing food, about delicious food. She received a strange email about an offer to become a food taster at Delicious Deluxe Dairy Farms- one of the newest dairy farms that used cutting edge technology to grow food faster, better, and healthier than ever before. Ophelia thought it was funny that the logo turned into a DDD, clearly a bra size that seemed strange since cows had no use for bras. Ophelia hadn't worn a bra since 7th grade and even then it was a training bra that she never grew out of her. She was slim and athletic, with toned legs and a good ass, but she had no cleavage or chest to speak of. Of course, going back two generations, her grandmother was clearly very prodigious in the cleavage department, but Ophelia never took after her grandmother.

Her job prospects weren't exactly breaking down the barn door so she was quite happy to explore any opportunity presented to her. She wrote about healthy food in a blog and received an offer from one of the local dairy farms that promised they were doing everything different to be able to meet the demand to feed the thirsty planet. She is extremely interested and accepts the free extaxi bus ride. It arrives in front of her house the next morning and she shows the pdf ticket on her phone, it opens up and drives her to Delicious Deluxe Dairy Farms a tour.

The building is massive, larger than a football field and she's pretty sure multiple levels deep, too. She heads to the waiting room and is greeted by a secretary that hands her a tablet to do some sort of survey. She presses her thumb to the thumbpad and answers the questions. She fills out the questionnaire on the tablet that asks her a wide range of questions. As she turns in the tablet, she's asked to submit a saliva swab, which she promptly does. She frowns when it's coded red, apparently she has bad genes for something, but she's not sure.  She waits to see what happens next, looking a bit nervous.

Surely the employers would be able to check her recent blogs and recommend her for a tasting job. She waited patiently to be called, glancing around the other women. She seemed sorely out of place, she was tall and thin with an athletic body, a runner's body. She didn't have an ounce of fat on her. Most of the other women that were here today were rather plump, looking like they might be lactating or having recently given birth with a few extra pounds to give them a curvy appearance. Ophelia wrinkled her nose, was she in the right place?

End of Story G
Other ideas

Story Idea H- Mail Order Bimbo Bride[/size][/color]
You are rich and successful and are looking for the perfect bride but can't find what you want. Through hypnosis, technology, and wealth- you decide to take an impoverished young woman and transform her!

My idea is a young woman from an impoverished community somewhere in Mexico has one of her best friends find a sugar daddy right after high school, or maybe even before finishing high school.

My character would always be interested in furthering her education so she can make something of herself, since she came from nothing.

She would start off rail thin but athletic and loves running, although she would rather read or paint or draw then do something outside. I think you could convince her to fly to you by offering her the chance for an education. Maybe then suggesting small things that would seem innocent and realistic to get her to transform into your perfect mate.

For example, maybe you would first suggest wearing slightly more revealing clothing. Then wearing some makeup, including a lip plumper that makes her lips larger and more sensitive. Then perhaps a small nip/tuck to make her more curvy and her clothes fit better. Maybe you can alter her metabolism to make every extra calorie go right to her bust or bottom. Then a nose job to thin out her slightly large nose. Then maybe something else to give her a more curvy butt. Maybe another boob job to give her fetish sized breasts and  make her into a prized, overstuffed bimbo- she'd have trouble finding clothes that fit and would no longer be able to run like she enjoyed before.

Lots of opportunities, not to mention we could play around with increasing libidos, lasering/shaving hair, surgical alterations to her feet to make her only wear high heels.

Lots of things to think about! If you are interested in brainstorming and discussing this idea further, please private message me.
End of Story H

I- I'm also interested in discussing an idea where a young, newly awakened super heroine explores the world. She can be a mutant and set in a version of Marvel or else with new characters, using X-men as a starting point (where they have a school for Gifted Students). My character can have typical powers like flight, toughness, and laser eyes or some other archetypal type heroine.

J- Another idea, a young woman in a Dungeons and Dragon's like Forgotten Realms goes on low level adventure. The character would start off low level, and gain experience and abilities. I'm thinking some sort of Warrior type character might be easiest. It could be the starting of a vintage Bioware game too, where the young character wakes up and everything they know/loved has been completely destroyed. Or they wake up on the shore of an island and need to figure out what's going on and how they ended up there.

Story Concept K-----------
Background: Kym Kardazian was a lab assistant at an up and coming bioengineering company. She was always interested in science and actually working on her PHD. Her small group of researchers that was a part of were working on making hybrid creatures. Unknown to Kym, her boss was secretly lining her up to be the candidate for observation. He made a very effective serum that when injected, slowly transformed that human into a purrfect crossbreed- growing a tail and claws, her personality transforming along with her growing curves. Her features would become more small and cat like, her eyes growing larger, her nose smaller, her lips succulent and kissable. Her breasts growing full and curvy (more than 2?). Her bottom rounding out and giving her incredible curves, not to mention strength. Her digestion changing to enjoy milk and cheese- could she survived on only a cum diet? Her urges becoming stronger until she sex and pleasure was the only thing on her mind.

Could you become my writing partner and figure out your characters motivations for making an insatiable sex kitten? Write me with your ideas and the type of character you would like to play.

End of Concept K

Story Concept L-----------
Background: Shayla Mc Addams was raised and grew up in a small town in the mid-west. Ever since she could remember, she knew she wanted to be famous. She was much more concerned with boys than studying during high school. As she blossomed into womanhood she started thinking more and more about becoming famous and decided that being the worlds most famous porn star would be the most fun and the most lucrative- since she loved everything about sex. She even dabbled a little bit using the internet to share her erotic pictures. She saw ten different guys during high school, recording and documenting almost everything she did with her guys. She turned her dalliances into a business, saving up money to officially break into the porn business. She will likely become obsessed with being a famous porn star/celebrity/transforming her body- so bring your ideas to add to the story.

She knew that she would need plastic surgery, laser hair removal, her teeth whitened, her navel, nipples, and tongue pierced too. She might need a lot of other things too, but she would worry about that when the time came. Her hair was styled, her nails manicured and pedicured- she was finally ready to get to work. She had worked at a coffee shop just to make money although she spent all of her time thinking about how to break into porn and how to get famous, too.

Shayla would have the goal of being the biggest, most famous porn star of all time. She'd want to be recognized where she went, flirted with, dressing in sexy, revealing clothes, and everything that goes along with the quasi celebrity of fame/fortune

As she finished up her shift at Coffee World, she sat down on her netbook and was browsing the internet, doing some research on the best way to break into porn. She had made a small website and taken pictures of herself and also chatted with a few friends too, making barely enough money to pay her monthly server fees.

Character Biography

Name: Shayla McAddams
Age: 18
Height:  5'8"
Weight: 125 lbs
Hair:  Dark Brown Hair, medium length
Eyes: Brown
Facial appearance: Shayla has a classical beautiful face, with thick lips and a small nose.
Body: Thin and Lithe, like a dancer's body. She has a well developed butt and is in great shape. She has average sized breasts, but is hell-bent on having surgery to make her body stand out- and, look like it was built for sex and pleasure.

Personality: Shayla is fun, flirtatious, and driven to become the worlds most famous porn starlet. She is creative and artistic, dabbling in photography and even drawing- although she spends most of her time planning on how to get famous and rich while having lots of sex.

Turn Ons: Shayla is driven to become the richest, most famous porn star in the world.  She is playful, flirtatious, stubborn, creative, and headstrong. She has heard about experimental surgeries to remold her body into a sex goddess, she's definitely interested in physically changing every aspect of herself.
--------------End of  Story Concept L-------------------------------

I have space for a few more games here on E. I'm looking for a partner that replies at least 2 to 4 times a week and can write at least ten sentences per reply. Check my previous posts to make sure we're a match. Hope to hear from you soon! Good grammar and intelligent responses are a requirement. You can look through my previous posts and check my Ons/Offs to see if we're a match.

I like to discuss the ideas and goals of the games and make sure we are both getting enjoyment- and make tweaks as necessary to keep us interested and engaged. If something is not working, please don't just disappear, but write me a message and let me know.


If any of the stories have piqued your interest, please PM me and tell me what sort of character you want to play and what what you will contribute to the story. The game would be hosted in the channels here on Elliquiy, as opposed to instant messaging, email, or anything else.

Thanks in advance and I hoped you enjoyed reading my idea!
Take a look at my Os/Os to see if we're compatible.
My Ons and Offs
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I plan on posting 3 to 5 times per week, maybe more as time allows.
If I'm waiting on a post for you for 2 weeks, I will just remove the game from my list. Please message me to let me know you are still interested.
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