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October 17, 2021, 01:33:50 am

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Author Topic: Hollow Earth Expeditions! (F/Any, Seeking GM, Pulp Action/Sci-Fi adventures.)  (Read 132 times)

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Come one, come all, to the greatest adventure of this century.

Face cruel and evil Nazis. Fight alongside dashing heroes and deadly femme fatales. Discover ancient secrets and lost civilizations.

Prepare to dive deep into none other than


The world of 1936 is in trouble. Bad things have been happening, and it looks like more trouble is coming. Thoughtful men and women worry about what they can do to change the tide, while their less thoughtful neighbors just struggle to get by, or worse ones think on how to further cause chaos and pain for their own benefit.

The Great War ended less than 20 years ago, and almost every adult in the Western world knows someone who suffered serious damage or died in it. It began like any number of traditional wars, then grew into a monster that devoured nations, and concluded not so much with one side winning as with the other collapsing faster. When it finally did end, people on all sides hoped that there would never again be such a tragedy.

The Allied powers’ leaders rode the wave of hope and fear into the peace conferences of 1919, didn’t work out. The actual treaty terms were a hodge-podge of idealistic speculations, side deals and arrogant misunderstanding of distant conditions. The League of Nations, which was created to unite the world as an effective force for peace, was crippled at birth and nearly bled to death following successive injuries.

It’s now February 1936, a year in which a great many surprises are in store for the world. From the rising tide of tyranny and fascism across the globe, to the spreading of the new knowledge as the wisest minds on Earth seek to push the limits of what human science can achieve. It is a time in which old secrets will be discovered, and the world will be changed forever. Whether for the better, or the worse, will depend upon a few brave souls willing to stand against the evil of fascism, and save all mankind.

Who shall be one of those heroes to rise up and champion the cause of freedom, and discover a whole new world under our very feet?

The Reanimator:
Nina Anne West is one of the finest nurses in all of Providence Rhode Island. Raised by a veteran of the Great War, and a skilled seamstress, she didn't have everything in the world, but she was well off enough to focus on her studies, and pursue a career in medicine, especially thanks in part to her uncle West. Herbert West. Another veteran of the war, who perfected his work in the field hospitals. He devoted his life o one single pursuit.

To defeat death.

This one sole goal held him at all hours of the day. He fell on hard times and had to move in with Nina's parents, and sometimes cared for Nina as she grew, and checked on her health, as she used her as a base for some of his experiments in perfecting his reagent. Morality mattered little when it came to the chance for immortality. For years Herbert lived with his extended family, and regularly drugged them all, but young Nina in particular as he pretended to be giving her 'polio' vaccines, and more, to test the effects of his latest reagent upon a growing human body.

Then one day Herbert left without a single word, and the family simply closed off his room in case he would return. All the while Nina slowly grew to be as skilled in the sciences and medicine as Herbert himself.

Her uncle Herbert had left an impression on her during all the years that he spent at her family's home. From occasionally explaining how cells worked, to all the strange tests and concoctions that would be given to her. Nina was inspired to go into science and medicine herself. She is a natural at it, and has made a real career for herself.

On her 20th birthday, Nina is on her way back home, when she spots something strange. The door to her home is ajar, and the house is oddly quiet. Stepping inside she discovers (much to her horror and grief) both of her parents shot dead. She hears someone rummaging through her Uncle Herbert's old room, and angry swears in German. Before she can escape to inform the police, someone grabs her from behind and presses a luger to her forehead. In a cruel and thickly accented voice, they have one question for her.

"Where. Is. The Reanimator?"

Nina didn't choose to be part of the West family, or to be involved in whatever chaos her uncle Herbert has been up to, but now she needs to find a way to survive, and get answers for what happened to him. Herbert is the only family she has left, and if these Nazis are after him, then she's got to save him.

The Soldier:

Megan Aurora Decker comes from a staunchly military family. Whose lineage traces all the way back to one of the Rangers serving under the Swamp Fox back in the Revolutionary war. Every single male in her family has served in one American conflict or another, and now the tradition ha spsread to some of the women of the family, with Megan in particular serving alongside her father. General William Axel Royce Decker. (Sometimes jokingly called General W.A.R.-D, or War Plan D, due to his initials, but only by close friends).

She's a member of a new fledgling program called the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps. It is a prototype version to the one that will actually be signed and used in 1941. Megan is more than happy to be part of the Army in her own way, and show that women can carry the weight that men do, all the while proudly serving alongside her father and sometimes acting as a second secretary for him.

She is there because it is in her blood to serve and....well her daddy is a General and who's going to tell him no?

General Decker is happy to see his daughter fulfilling the family tradition. It keeps his daughter serving, active, and hopefully meeting a nice soldier or officer to help keep her from being a spinster, while ensuring the family legacy will continue to live on.

Plus it lets her father have something to boast about when she heads to the shooting range and manages to shoot as well (and sometimes even better) than the sons of his coworkers, rivals, and drinking buddies.

It also ensures that she is in the right place, at the right time, when an experiment her father was overseeing goes wrong. She'd just been there to stand beside him, look for other officers, and then join her daddy for lunch in his office, when the experiment with some old Atlantean Tech found in New Mexico goes haywire. Turns out her family's genes were good for more than just making a pretty daughter. There was a sufficient level of old Atlantean DNA left over, that the devices they were testing to see her as related to some Atlantean of importance.

So she is bestowed with the power of ancient Atlantis.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Untold secrets are at her disposal. The power to reshape the world as she saw fit, to awaken ancient gods and demons, to use technology eons beyond that which conventional science understood. She could be a Queen, a Goddess even. But the first thing she does is turn herself in for scientific study, medical care and the advice of her father and mother. The ultimate tool to unlocking super weapons of Atlantis is now in the hands of the American Government, and they have no idea what to do with her besides poke and prod her while seeing if they can find more technology for her to use.

Course now this means the OSS (And maybe an even more secret arm of it) have some questions for miss Decker. But they are not the only ones. Nazi agents want to capture Megan and force her to activate Atlantean technology so that they may conquer Europe, America, and then the whole World.

Too bad for them that the Decker family is as American as Apple Pie, and won't ever submit to Nazi aggression, or allow America to be harmed by their fascist intentions.

For the betterment of All Mankind!:

Researcher Gabriella Martín was so happy when she joined the Phoenix Research Institute. Founded by renowned scientist Sir William Andrews before the Great War, their discoveries have been pushing the boundaries of science for some time now. You can find a transceiver marked with the PRI logo in most telecommunications centers now. (They also made quite the big bucks on a patent for a chewing gum that never loses its flavor...even if it smells bad after two hours of continuous chewing).

She has only ever known a life in America as her family fled Spain to escape the Great War (fearing it would spread its destruction even father than the trenches), and she's a loyal American like anyone else, but she seeks to expand science to better all of mankind, not just one country. This is especially important to her s she hasn't heard much from the rest of her family in Spain since the Civil War started. It bothers her to know that so much suffering is happening all around her. But she follows in the words of her mentor Dr. Amelia Reynolds, and their founder, that scientific advancement will inherently bring about the greater good in all mankind...even if humanity is slow to accept it.

Their research into Muon radiation, Heat Sinks, and sonic vibration technology hasn't gained as much prominence as they would like. But they do have several benefactors that continue to fund their research. So much so that there is some type of expedition being planned to the poles, in order to find some fort of rare mineral that Mr. Andrews believes will change the entire world if they can harness its power.

For some reason Gabby has been chosen to go along with them. She isn't sure why, as her Heat Ray project never really panned out properly. But she's not one to turn down her superiors, and when will she ever get a chance to ride on an airship again? This is going to be quite the adventure!

The Agent.

Elena Sinclair is a known aerial adventurer who was inspired by Amelia Earhart, and has been taking on flights across South America and beyond. She has performed daring aerial acrobatics and helped transport people to rare and obscure places, delivered emergency supplies to far off places with jsut her plane, and more!

Miss Sinscair has journeyed far and wide, has done many things, and is secretly part of the OSS. Many people believe (even in real life) that Earhart had connections to the intelligence agency of America and was taking photographs from the air. But they are wrong. Miss Sinclair is actually the one to do so. She has also caught photographs of things that she cannot explain, and that none of her superiors in the OSS believe....yet she knows what she saw and the camera doesn't lie.

She has seen sea serpents, flying beasts hiding among the clouds, strange aircraft, and so much more! No one will believe her and they chalk it up to female hysteria, only tolerating it because she gets otherwise good results on her missions. But soon she will have an opportunity to prove that she isn't crazy. There is a special mission underway, one to shadow Nazi efforts to discover ancient myths about the world, and the want Elena to discover the truth.

So this is my little thread for all of my pulpy action, related ideas set within the Hollow Earth Expedition RPG. I'm looking to play this out here on E with a GM/writing partner if possible. Hopefully someone who knows the system and all the secrets of the setting, so we can weave a fascinating tale together, or shooting Nazis, riding Dinosaurs, and other pulpy heroics :)

If you are interested send me a PM and we will talk things over. I have three PDFs for HEX and I'd be more than happy to share it if you need it.