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Started by Ceron, August 26, 2021, 09:36:57 PM

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So Have had an idea rolling around in my head and figured I would throw it out and see

Premise Mc Hired an escort for the night and upon entering Yc is related to mine. So with that the base the ideas to be fleshed out. Do they go through the deed that night, do they not . With the knowledge at hand has it created feelings and thoughts that were hidden or not thought of. How do they handle seeing each other at family gatherings. This would include building side characters and hopefully adding in a story along with it. Are they torn up by what has occurred or are the characters deviants that are embracing it but finding it hard to hide it

With that said depending on the the added kinks can go in several directions. For example do they sneak quickies with family in the other room small things like that. Can go into a more of light Non con, as it continues do they discover the desire for a bdsm, or do they just sneak away for a series of adventures. All that is open to conversation and direction the story wants to be taken in .

Kinks Incest Pairings could be Father x Daughter, Brother x Sister. Sister x Sister or if you want to go a bit further Futa x sister. Light to heavy bdsm, and really open from there depending on the direction of the story. Could include gang bangs, bondage door is pretty open.

If interested send me a pm
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