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October 28, 2021, 11:55:04 am

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Author Topic: To End All Wars. (F/Any. Lovecraftian War. Yellow King vs Bastet.)  (Read 161 times)

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This RP Scenario is inspired heavily by the RPG"Never Going Home" (Which is like WW1 with lovecraft, only without the copyright. ::) ), the RPG Kaiser's Gate, The Yellow King RPG (Specifically The Wars book) and the image below. My muse demands to be sated so I shall share this scenario with you all. Enjoy and be sure to give praise to Bast the Bountiful.

To End All Wars.
The horrors and mass murder of the Great War opened the way to other realities. To things that waited in darkness, and smelled the blood and tasted the screams of a million souls all crying out in anger, suffering, and hopelessness. These forces began as whispers, speaking into the minds of soldiers, urging them to show no mercy, to slaughter the innocent, to rob, rape, and kill to their hearts content. Humans were capable of such delicious horrors, but they were still just amateurs, and the whispers would teach them new ways to dance and scream and revel in the pain of others. Then they grew louder, demanding to not just be heard and obeyed, but to be worshipped in new and more inventive ways.

Thus Trench Art began to change, and depict strange symbols that men clung to as they forgot their passions and worshipped these new symbols better than the gods of man. One yellow symbol in particular was noted as being popular among the men, as they wore it over the symbols of their nation and rank, even upon their gas masks.

Day by day, week by week, month by month, the war only grew more violent and bloody. The land itself seemed to be dying where the two armies met. The soldiers and their officers were slowly being driven mad, their bodies changing the more that they gave in to the Whispers. Even those that tried to fight it, or to use the power of the Whispers against itself, would slowly become less than human.

Because even killing for noble reasons, or to protect others, still takes its toll upon the soul. Nothing in this universe is ever earned or given without some price, especially with the employment of the Yellow Sign.

All tolls must be paid to the King.

Neither side wanted to stop using this newfound power was just too intoxicating. Once that killing fever started, there was no narcotic in the world that could match it. Besides, the enemy was going to keep using it, so why shouldn't they do the same?

No, they had to use it, and invest more money, blood, and lives, into this new power. To use it to it absolute fullest then, and only then, would they achieve victory...and finally...peace. Yet the rest of the world can only look on, with growing disgust as the war becomes something out of Hell itself. Even the staunchest war hawks in other nations found themselves turning away at the madness unraveling before them.

Maybe the New World saw what was happening and went into further isolationism. The Sinking of the Lusitania never happened, and trade with the old world is decreasing more and more on its own as few can stomach what is happening in that far off land.

People cannot justify working alongside the European powers when they are mutating and mutilating themselves in ever more grotesque forms in the name of victory. Trade in the Western Hemisphere is mostly with itself and increasingly with Asian nations. This leads to the US building better ties with its Northern and Southern neighbors (despite Canada still being involved in the war) under the Monroe Doctrine, leading to a joint defensive pact known as the Panama Accords.

Northern, Central, and Southern America would not fall to whatever godless, unholy, evils have laid claim to the old word. At least not without some resistance.

Countless refugees have arrived with tales of horror, stories of nightmares made flesh, and the end of all things. Even some soldiers (from either side of the trenches) who have made dark pacts have arrived as well, deserters hoping for mercy, only for many of them to be locked up, interrogated, and vivisected for study.

As the war drags on, and 1917 moves to 1918, the Panama Accords nations begin closing their borders to refugees. No one past a pre-determined date will be allowed into any Panama Accord country. Anyone caught sneaking in, (and/or) mutated without papers is subject to the rule of law of the nation that captures them. And any and all bearers of the Yellow Sign are subject to immediate arrest for enemy espionage.

1919 is now around the corner. Everyone is nervous, afraid....England has finally fallen. Not to the marching jackboots of The Huns, but to their own inhuman forces. The Union Jack has fallen as a new evil raises its flag above London. The royal gamily is no more, with reports instead saying that a masked man in tattered rags sits upon the English throne.

Germany is soon to fall as well, and no one has heard anything from the Kaiser in months.

All of their horrible monsters and inhuman soldiers have turned on them. They are under new orders, obeying unseen masters that whisper to them at all hours of the night. These men no longer dream, only receiving new commands while they fantasize about new ways to make mankind suffer.

Canada is accepting those who arrive in refugee flotillas, to the protests of some of the other Accord allies, yet they are all too busy gearing up for what is seen as an inevitable invasion to really bother with anything more than a slap on the wrist for Canada.

Defenses are being set up at the most likely landing sites for invasion. The Economy is not in a good place and food shortages are only held back by trade deals thanks to the Panama Accords. People still march on, but with one eye always watching the skies.

Some dare to whisper that these are the end times and that the coming darkness will consume all. Others simply see it as the next stage of the world and an unhappy fact of life now.

The Panama Accords Nations are doing everything they can to get ready. Cranking out Combat Cars and Tanks, aeroplanes, new types of rapid fire guns even. While others focus on more esoteric means of fighting off the coming shadow.

Some place in New England, Arkham, come up with a new means of fighting off the invaders. Its not going to be pretty but it involves making deals with beings from a separate realm. Some place called Ulthar has agreed to come to our aid, in exchange for certain deals and treaties being signed in secret. Perhaps we are trading one destroyer for another, but at least it gives us a fighting chance.

It also seems that the Roaring Twenties will instead be the Purring Twenties, as old Egyptian styles seem to be coming into fashion and mixing with the Art Deco aesthetic, as new cults worshipping Bastet are springing up. Normally senators who would be spitting upon this kind of thing and decrying them as ungodly cultists who do not belong in the Christian world now seem to just brush it off or (with clenched fist) say that Freedom of Religion is a part of the American ideal.

The world is now a battleground, and a prize, between two warring gods. The King In Yellow, from his seat of power in Lost Carcossa, versus the queen of cats in the dreamlands and Ulthar. Bastet.

The King is not too happy that Bast is acting above her station and staking a claim in the West. A long forgotten Cat Goddess now gaining strength in the new world, and teaching their magicians and mystics how to resist his influence. Its close to being an insult, but even worse is that she might be working with other forces (Thinking Native American beings and other smaller spirits and gods like Santa Muerte.) that should know better than to stand against Him Who Eats Time.

Bast is very interested in getting all of New York state under her influence, especially New York City.  What with its new bustling culture, art deco styles, , new inventions, and Jazz music. Not to mention the massive population of Rats that her many feline familiars can feed off of. Why, its the perfect place for her to settle down and begin again. Instead of the Big Apple, some may come to call it Kitty City.

The earth is so rich with new worshippers and vast swathes of land to be devoted to one god or or another. There can be only one victor in this world, and in the end it may be humanity who will decide the victor, for all time. The final battle is coming. The New World will come to the salvation of the Old World, if it can just last long enough to get strong and learn how to do so, or it will fall with one last roar against the dying of the light, in this War to End All Wars.


Due to The Americas having to all unite to survive, it forces more racial cooperation and gender unity by necessity. Nothing mankind likes more than having an enemy to beat up together. ^_^

Things like the Double V Campaign and the WAC may arrive early as people are more afraid of the eldritch beings than they are of their old prejudices.

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I could build a whole setting out of this idea :P I think the Book of Whispers sourcebook for Never Going Home also provides rules for making new spells, so with some work Santeria and other similar looked down upon witchcraft may be employed to help fight off the consuming whispers that try to eat away at the human soul.

Hmmm perhaps with Bast and the Ultharians involved, we start seeing Fur/Cat Folk joining the allies in the trenches?

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Naturally people treat them like garbage at first and Catfolk units have to work separate from human ones.
But after the Cat folk hold off enemy pushes and photos of them taking on some of the Hunting Horrors the enemy uses are put into magazines and newspapers, people start to respect them and cooperate more.

Cause, Black or White, Man or Woman, Human or Furfolk, we are all in it together, and none of us want to be alone when the Hunting Horrors come over the wall.

Other inspirational images that i didn't know where to put but were too cool not to share :P

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