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September 27, 2021, 09:27:23 pm

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Author Topic: Magical, mystical, monster (female seeking male)  (Read 170 times)

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Magical, mystical, monster (female seeking male)
« on: August 22, 2021, 01:36:52 am »
So I have been watching a slew of paranormal footage on TV, aliens and ghosts and monsters (though mostly bigfoot). It makes me curious and I have so many thoughts on how to explore. I am a Ling time role player, and I write long detailed posts whenever I can. I cant post as often as I'd like to lately, but I try to post as often as I'm able.

I dont have to play a supernatural female, and could play human. It's actually the norm for me, that is, human female to supernatural male. So if you have an idea for that, I'm down. Let's talk ideas and preferences.  I have tastes ranging from romantic to possessive, sensual and teasing to lewd and rough.

1) A witch, still learning her powers, is confronted with some danger.  Would love YC to be a male warlock or demon that preys on her. I don't have a lot flushed out other than this girl who struggles to tap into her inner abilities and starts searching in the wrong places. Could be NC.

2) An alien from another planet crash lands here on earth. She can look mostly human, but I imagine her needs are very unique. She's dangerous and intelligent, but still a stranded woman on an unknown planet. Yc could be a good guy, scientist, some guy in the woods where she crashed.  I'm open.

3) Mc is a young woman, normal by most accounts, but who is pregnant with a child of either demi God status, or some sort of special mystical abilities. Yc could be the father, though I have in my mind she's on the run. Yc could be a man protecting her. She doesn't have to be terribly pregnant, but it leaves room for some atypical kinks to be included. Lactation and pregnancy come to mind.

4) An avid collector of occult items, Mc has managed to get in over her head. Something from the other side has taken hold and she fights against it almost daily. I'm thinking some succubus and she can fight it awhile but eventually gets too exhausted. Yc could be a boyfriend or someone new. I'm open to him knowing or being interested in supernatural too.

5) Now while most of these my char is supernatural,  I do want to put a suggestion here for something I'm craving, a play on beauty and the beast. I would love to play human captive to some beastly thing, with some elements of beastiality. Its another one of my tastes so if that strikes you let me know :)

6) A World of Monsters:An alternate modern day universe where monsters (of various types) far outnumber humans. In fact, humans are often killed or enslaved as werewolves, vampires, minotaurs, shapeshifters, demons and the like rule. Most have sort of districts or sects of land they inhabit, trade takes place, laws are established, etc. But it's not a perfect world. Even in a world of monsters, there is a hierarchy. MC is a female werewolf. It is by far one of the lower monster types because they are still half human whereas the other species are completely non-human. Things are complicated even more when matters of breeding are taken into account. Humans themselves cannot be breeders, but werewolves have been found to be a rather strong incubator for monster offspring. The different sects are not at war, and thus, taking werewolf women for breeding purposes is not allowed, but that doesn't stop the occasional female werewolf from going missing. When all monsters are in part driven by instinct, it is impossible to keep them all from falling into such basic needs as breeding. Looking for someone to play a different monster to capture or entice my character back home with them, intent on breeding her and keeping her as their pet. (Possible tags: pet play/master/pet, D/s, romance, seduction, rough sex, bondage, punishment, humiliation, forced oral/anal, breeding, bukkake, multiple orgasms)

Please pm if interested
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