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April 01, 2023, 02:43:46 am

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Author Topic: (F lf GM)(NC?) Nikki in peril! ~H-game/Isekai/fandom RPs~  (Read 369 times)

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(F lf GM)(NC?) Nikki in peril! ~H-game/Isekai/fandom RPs~
« on: August 13, 2021, 05:19:21 pm »
Current Status: Looking for RP Partners (in response to recent request threads only)
Please do not reply to this post, and if interested, send me a PM instead

The Pitch

What if the super cute heroine in a casual fashion game was the unfortunate heroine in an NC adventure? (NC optional with a good story idea!)

In the game that inspired this idea, Nikki wants to save her homeworld - and somehow she does that by collecting fashionable clothes and accessories in other worlds/parallel universes. Naturally, while playing it I wondered what would happen if Nikki ended up in a kinkier game. Say, a "hentai" game, for example.

Actual RP Idea
In other words, I want to play a cute heroine who may or may not be ill-equipped to the perilous adventure waiting for her.

That's really the whole pitch. I don't usually have such open-ended plot concepts, but there's really so much variety possible here I'd love to hear what my partner would be interested in. I'm happy to help workshop any ideas that come my way to suit both our interests! I do have some brainstorming ideas we can build upon (and I may add more later), but first some logistical stuff:

Content must include:
Story, tension, kinkiness of one form or another

Content may include but is not limited to:
Non-con: human/exotic, violence, humiliation, abuse, corruption, gangbangs, blackmail, clothing damage

Notable Points:
***Please embed images in your posts***
~I play by forum posts *only*, with PM's for OOC~
~I will not use any IM service, for any reason~
~Third Person/Past-tense writing only~
~Long-term games only~

---Excessively short PMs while planning our RP is a major turn-off---
---It can't all be sex, there must always be a meaningful plot---
---Do not refer to my character as "you" in or out of the RP---

Post Length
Consider two to three solid paragraphs minimum. Longer is appreciated when you feel so inspired and I will generally match what I'm given.

Post Rate
These days I'm a little inconsistent in this area, so I've become just as flexible. On a good week I can get in multiple replies per week, and when things or slow it might take me two weeks to get back. On average I try to aim for 6-12ish days between posts. My ideal partner would feel comfortable, life permitting, to respond to most posts within 14 days or less. If you expect much more than that it may or may not prove to be a dealbreaker, depending on other factors. Please let me know what you are anticipating up front.

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!
I'm not requiring pictures in every post, but including them in as often as possible is a huge plus for me! Character portraits are great, but landscapes and sexy positions are sometimes appropriate instead. I am happy to share my relatively organized databases on pinterest, or offer some images as needed to fit certain characters as they come up.

Character rosters in the first post for reference are doubly appreciated.

Misadventures and NC content
I like my NC content varied, ranging from mild to more extreme. Sometimes our heroine will emerge from danger unscathed, and on rare occasion she may be beaten down, captured, and abused for days. The exact details of our kinks will absolutely be discussed beforehand.

I also like to pay attention to clothing destruction, management, and salvage~

Though not necessary here, should it come up I typically prefer FxF - but not exclusively. The occasional male character will interest me, but I'd very much prefer to discover that in-game rather than plan a FxM romance ahead of time.

Our Heroine
Enduring: someone who struggles to the bitter end and doesn't give up after a few failures.
Innocent: someone who doesn't treat sex casually and begins the RP a virgin.
Attractive: someone who is fairly young and naive.
Corruptible?: someone who may gradually succumb to desire the more she is forced to surrender to it.

I'm happy to help as much or as little in the world-building as you like. I'll offer thoughts and ideas as they come to me, and will otherwise follow your lead here.

Non-minimalistic PM's
I much prefer shorter frequency and higher productivity per message, particularly as we plan things out prior to the beginning of the RP. It's a real turn-off to put a lot of work into a PM trying to build a world and get a one-liner response, or any response that doesn't progress the planning of the game with any thoughts for me to respond to in my expected reply. As I see it, little engagement in planning foreshadows little engagement in RP.

RP Brainstorming

Though I'm happy to leave it open-ended and hear new ideas, here's a few concepts that we may build from.

Hentai Game
A game/world designed for the sole purpose of sexy misadventures. Probably involves adventuring through perilous lands, struggling against monsters, a populace abundant with desire, and numerous defeats along the way.
Anime Isekai
I imagine anyone who would be interested in an Isekai RP would be someone already familiar with the genre. If so, definitely let me know!

If you're simply curious, an Isekai is a story where the hero/ine is transported to a new world. Sometimes the heroine is given a boon to assist her on her journey, or it might be based on a video game or book or other genre the heroine is familiar with in their previous life. It's fun, cheesy stuff, but there's your kinky isekais as well as your light-hearted cute isekais. Technically stories like Alice in Wonderland are also Isekai!

Sample plot ideas for adventure settings:
Nikki is the daughter of a rich family, but is forcibly ejected into the world when her family falls to ruin. Lacking the tools to navigate the world she ends up in dilemma after dilemma. Supposing her family took advantage of the poorer populace, perhaps the denizens of the city take particular interest in taking out their frustrations on the expelled daughter.
Nikki is a young cadet recently assigned to a new explorer, but only as the Captain's secretary. In order to earn a better post on her next assignment, she has no choice but to try to earn glowing recommendations. She's sent out on errands, must deal with troublesome incidents on the captain's behalf, and is caught up in whatever dilemma the rest of the crew runs into during their journey. She may also have to deal with a misogynistic captain/crew, she may be captured by alien invaders, and whatever else might happen in a darker style space opera.

Adventure settings, cont.:
fantasy, magical girl, fandom crossover

List of a few familiar fandoms
DC: Supergirl, Wonderwoman
Devil May Cry: Trish
Disney: Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Mulan
Fairy Tail: Lucy.
Final Fantasy: Tifa, Aerith, Rikku, Ashe, Fran.               
League of Legends: Too many to count.
Overwatch: Mercy or
Resident Evil: Jill, Claire
RWBY: Blake~
Sailor Moon: Jupiter, Venus
Star Wars
Samus Aran

Lovely! Please include the following information in a PM~

~Plot & World-Building: What kind of story would you like to tell?

~Protagonist: Anything you want to request when it comes to Nikki? Name change? Age? Sexual Preferences? Background?

~Pictures: Would you be able to include pictures in our posts? If you would like help with images, let me know!
Additionally: for my character, I'll try to match the style of our RP, but if you have a preference on the Nikki models you see above,
Fantasy Art
a model portrait
let me know.

~Post Rate: What is your general response time? You'll find mine listed above.

~Kinks: What would you like to see? Extra bonus points if you checked my on's/off's.
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