What happens when Ryie thinks outside of the outside of the box.

Started by Ryieahna, March 29, 2009, 11:44:02 PM

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Ha ha yes, there are supposed to be two outside ofs.  The theory being that if everyone thinks outside of the box then essentially we're all thinking inside of a bigger box, therefore I think outside of the box box.

So these are just some ideas I'd like to play with.  If you're interested just PM me. 

Note:  Just because it seems spoken for doesn't mean I wont try it.  I like to see how many different ways a story can go.  If I mark through it then I need a rest from it temporarily, otherwise don't hesitate to ask.


The princess of the elven kingdom fled the castle many years ago to be with a member of the royal guard.  Sadly, the guard died in the war, and the princess died giving birth to her only daughter.  Now the Queen of the Elves is dying and the hunt for the lost heir doubles. 

No one would suspect the orphan girl.  Her whole life she had borne the marks of royalty, though none but a royal would recognize them.  Not only that, but she was descended from the ancient bloods, the line ending with her and her father.

A match unheard of arises, (not sure how)  and the elf princess and a rogue demon thief fall for each other.  Of course neither the Elves nor the Elven Goddess are pleased with this fact.  And there is still the matter that she is to be queen. 

(yeah I know it sounds corny but I cant think of how else to describe it)

~Lethal Injection~

For years humans have discredited the existence of the Fey folk.  Faeries, pixies, elves, demons, all things of myth and legend, that is until an unsuspecting scientist happens upon a miniature sized city during one of his explorations of the old world.  In these remains he finds small skeletal humanoid structures, and to top it off they still have living DNA.  He manages to extract the DNA to find that it's nothing like he's ever seen before, he must experiment.  He constructs a body and injects it with the DNA from the remains using technological advances to bring the being to life.  At first she seems normal enough, but then she develops strange abilities and body features.  Wings, magic?  What has he created?  He raises her as a daughter, swearing to never again create such a monster.  The government gets wind of his experiments though and they kill the old doctor and take his research to further their own means.  Meanwhile his daughter is on the run because her father had demanded it before his death.  The government takes the magical DNA and begins to inject it into live humans at their request, claiming that it grants eternal youth.  The world is tossed into chaos, the mutant humans didn't react as well as the created girl had.  When the magic took their bodies it consumed them, mutated them and destroyed them.  The government knows there was a successful experiment, somewhere.  One that didn't age, that could control the nature of the DNA.  Thus the government creates the PDA:  Pixie Detection Agency, to track and find the successful experiment.  One member of said agency actually manages to discover the pixie girl, but can he turn her in as well?

OK so the description sucks, but you get the Idea...It's obviously something of a futuristic sci-fi setting.  The plot can be compromised, the basic idea needing to be injecting humans with magical creature's DNA. 

~Spur of the Moment~

Pick a place a place and a time frame fantasy or no and run with it to see where it goes.

~Free Association~

3, 2, 1, GO!  No plot, no place, just go, post what you want and go with it.  For an example, see Tengo una chinchillia in mis pantalones, linked below.

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Well that's what I have for now I'll update as I go.