My fateful night at The Black Lily Brothel (F for Dom M Prostitute) -fantasy-

Started by LamentingQuill, August 01, 2021, 06:22:18 PM

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This will take place in a medieval fantasy world, where magic, magical/supernatural races and etc is quite commonplace.

This could even be made modern, with the male prostitute being a demon or fey enslaved by the brothel.

For her twentieth birthday, Eliana, the youngest member of the local hunting guild, is being taken out on the town by the other female members... they insist it is high time they she lose her pesky virginity and join the big girls… and they know just the place where she can do that AND have a heck of a good time in the process.

The Black Lily Brothel… a high end house of sex and sin that caters to females…

The other girls having paid enough for her to choose anybody she wants and then disappearing with their own men of the evening… Eliana roams the brothel to find her own…

She comes across YC… and she cannot resist him…

YC will be a non-human of tremendous power, except for the fact that his powers are dampened to practically nothing due to being enslaved by a curse from the brothel’s Madame, whom is quite the accomplished sorceress.

However the curse can be broken on individuals when they can obtain a vow of marriage… but who would vow marriage to a prostitute… especially one so potentially dangerous outside of the curse?

Well, add one young huntress naive to the world of romance and sex… and one silver tongued <insert magical/supernatural race here>... and shit is going to hit the fan…

After the curse is broken, I kinda see our fella flexing quite a bit as he enjoys the return of his full powers, just 100% taking over his new wife’s life and dominating everything for some hilarious fun xD