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Started by Gob Bee, July 24, 2021, 01:28:34 PM

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Gob Bee

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Given the mercurial nature of my obsessions, I'm going to be a little picky with this. I sincerely do not mean any ill will if I turn you down.

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... what am i looking for
....hack is one of those kind of niche fandoms that shook me to my core. I was and still am a very socially inept person, as well as being someone who actually prefers solitude. The idea of playing an MMO that wasn't actually an MMO - that was single player - in the form of both the R1 and R2 series of games, was awesome to me back in a day where a) I didn't have the computer or internet for a good MMO and b) didn't really have any desire to play one, because eck, people.

Alas, there's just... not enough there for me. I can replay the games all I want - and have - but I need more.

So here's what I'm looking for:
I want something that captures both the online and offline aspect of the .hack games - I've played both the R1 { Infection, Mutation, Outbreak, Quarantine } and R2 { GU } series, but I have yet to play entirely through Last Recode { to my regret and everlasting shame }. One of my favorite parts of the games was "logging off" only to go to my "desktop" and see emails waiting for me, or to go to the message boards { and R2 took it to the next level } and read through what was posted there, and reply, and all that jazz.

I also absolutely fucking adore the whole aesthetic - that Germanic-Asiatic-Celtic flavor - and the lore. While //SIGN is the only anime from the series I ever watched, I know enough from //SIGN and the games that I consider myself something of an expert.

Now, I'm not really looking for something system heavy - given how skills are done in the game, I'm not even sure you could really system-ify it - and if it's entirely freeform, that's cool too, but I'm looking for a GM of sorts to lead me, or rather, my character(s?) through quests and adventures in The World, including an offline component - the leading of a real life, the back and forth of emails out of game and chat in game, the message boards, etc.{ I'm hoping that makes sense - is doable - and isn't asking too terribly much. Then again, I know GMing is a hard life. I've done it myself and found I just do not have the personality for it. }

Given that parties in .hack have, as far as I know, always consisted of a max of THREE { 3 } players working together, and also given my adoration of MMF throuples, I'd fucking adore a GM who would allow this. If you'd like to give me a dating sim-esque bevy to choose from - fantastic - if you'd like to simply have the characters chosen from the beginning, that's fine too. I'm looking to take the role of the female player, but I'm also down to play one of the males as well if necessary/wanted/desired. This isn't necessary though and if sticking with a duo party is more your thing, that's fine. { As I state further down in the thread however, FAIR WARNING: I get attached to random NPCs all the time. It's a curse. }

I would want a little more character customization than is generally seen, but that's about the only thing. I'd still keep mostly in line with the themes presented by the classes { whether we do R1, R2, or a mix of both is totally up in the air and can be discussed } - excepting Terajima Ryoko's TERRIBLE female Heavy Axeman design. Can't even hold her axe up, smh. Subaru could hold her axe, so what the hell? Anyway.

I'm not exactly sure how the real world component - as well as any sexual encounters - would work but I'm happy to hash it out.

I'm not seeking any canon characters to be played, HOWEVER, if they come in as NPCs or something, or there's nods to them, that's totally cool! My favorites from R1 were Piros and Marlo { I generally used both of them and acted as healer myself }, and from R2 I loved Negimaru, Matsu, and Yata. But I honestly loved everyone. 'cept Balmung. Dude was annoying. And Sakaki, but I kind of loved to hate him, yanno?

Whether or not the Phases are involved can be discussed or is up to GM discretion - if you feel like leaning away from anything to do with them and/or the Bracelet, or taking the concepts of those things and making them your own or whatever, I'm cool with anything, honestly.

Obviously given the nature of things, nothing sexual will happen between characters not age 16 and above, but I am fine including characters of all ages and walks of life in the story!

Gob Bee

Looking to try something a little different, something I've been thinking about a lot recently.