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July 26, 2021, 11:36:42 pm

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Author Topic: Ripley's Believe It or Not - Fandom Emporium - Seeking M Characters  (Read 106 times)

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Please read my O/o's before pm'ing me, thanks! :)

On Canon Characters vs OC Characters
I am willing to play as and against canon characters but except for certain fandoms, I'm generally looking to work with OCs and really like the setting of the world and it's history. I'm especially picky about canon characters I play, so just a head's up

I don't have ideas for all the fandoms I have ideas for, see below for those

*Mass Effect (see below)
*Dragon Age (see below)
*Red Dead Redemption 2
Silent Hill
Elder Scrolls

Harry Potter
Tolkien works (LOTR&the Hobbit)
Green Rider
World War Z
*Bram Stoker's Dracula
Narnia setting (why not?)

*Tron Legacy (see below)
*Pacific Rim
Star Wars
Blade Runner
*MCU/The Avengers
Bram Stoker's Dracula

X-Men (some of the movies too)
Avatar the Last Airbender
*Supernatural (see below)
*MCU shows (see below)
Downton Abbey

Dragon Age
  • This is one of the few where I'm interested in playing as or against canon characters, I will only not play as Leiliana in DA1 or Josephine in DAI. I have a lot of ideas for this so ask me!
  • Taken to the Tower- a Dalish elf mage (MC) is separated from her clan during the fifth Blight in Denerim. Templars (including YC) are sent to capture her after reports of an apostate reach them, and manage to do so before taking her back to the Circle Tower. I think it'd be interesting to have a Dalish elf with some training under her belt already trying to be assimilated into the Circle, trying to stay in line enough to stay alive but always looking for opportunities to work towards an escape. YC would be a Templar though side characters who are other mages are also very possible, I could be persuaded to play her against another mage in the Tower as your main.
  • I'd like to do something with some OC Grey Wardens, maybe set in one of the past Blights instead of the Fifth since it was so small and most of them were killed. Would be open to having it set in between Blights when things are slow and could have them get into something unrelated to the Blight

Mass Effect
This has always been one of my favorite game series but with the Legendary Edition having just come out and me replaying it, I'm REALLY into this setting. I'd be up for canon characters here but I could have an entire thread of just Mass Effect content, so feel free to message me about this to talk about any ideas you have. I have a few characters on the no list (like Miranda) but this is something I'd like to talk about with my partner if they want canon characters involved. Most of my ideas are for OCs, except one. I have a lot of small ideas for this so just going to mention the two big ones.
Garrus is my absolute favorite, I am a shameless turian fangirl in general to be honest, so if you like turians, I'm your best friend.

  • The Reign of Archangel- Garrus Vakarian x OC Human Female
    This would take place during Garrus's time as Archangel on Omega, and would revolve around his relationship with MC, a resident on Omega he gets involved with, I think more professionally at first (I have ideas) then personally. There will be a bit of duality going on as he interacts with her as both Garrus and Archangel (without her knowing that they're the same person), but I see her eventually finding out and possibly joining his crew. I have a lot of ideas for this, side characters are a definite possibility, even Aria could make an appearance if my partner likes her. This would be a semi-short term game since eventually, Garrus will be leaving with Shep, I imagine her actually managing to escape Omega, possibly leaving before Sidonis betrays Garrus. If we liked it, we could figure out a way to pick things up with them later in the series.
  • First Contact - OC Male Turian x OC Female Human
    Set during the First Contact War between the turians and humanity when humans were first discovered (the first meeting resulting in a skirmish that lead to a brief 'war' between the two before the Council stepped in), this would revolve around two individuals from either side of the conflict. Most likely two soldiers but the human could also be a civilian captive being held by a turian or turians. If the two are military, it could be a turian captive or a human captive for whichever side. Or perhaps both are stranded after a fight and have to work together to survive (a la Enemy Mine), or a blend of the two. I have a lot of ideas for after the war too revolving around their relationship.
  • Slice of Life Stuff- I actually just really like the Mass Effect setting and think it'd be fun to have a slice of life story set on The Citadel or a colony world or possibly Omega or Illium. There are a lot of good potential locations and settings.

Tron:New User
I would like to play a programmer who kind of moonlights as a hacker and essentially follows a strange GPS signal or some other trail of clues to Flynn's arcade. This would essentially be a distress signal from the fallen Tron, lost in the Sea of Simulation saving Sam, Flynn's son, from the corrupted program Clu. MC would end up being pulled into the computer world and fall into the sea, activating Tron who responds to his coding to protect users. I have a lot of ideas for this but it's pretty rough and amorphous right now, I was thinking that the programs have become rebellious against the users and have maybe started causing problems in our digitally-dependent world. A romance would MC and Tron would definitely develop, but there'd be a cast of characters and as usual I also love being able to keep options open.

The Hunter and the Hunted - Supernatural craving, not related to Dean and Sam or the main story
I actually really like this setting and think it'd be fun to do something with itI don't really have any firm ideas for this tbh but I would love to do a Hunter and some sort of monster, be it a vampire, demon, werewolf, banshee, or whatever else we could come up with. Or even an angel. I have only watched up to season 9 so I'm not completely on the up but I can catch up or I can read the wiki or we can just pair it down or whatever. Or we could do a Hunter and a civilian, or a monster and a civilian.
I might be up for including or playing canon characters but going to be really picky about that.

Fallout 4
Hancock is my favorite companion in the game and of course the one I always romance, I would love to do something with him, either with the Sole Survivor or some other Commonwealth citizen.
I do have an idea involving the two of them after the main storyline, a sort of slice of life meets wasteland action and drama, with them in an off and on relationship while the Sole Survivor is mayor of Sanctuary Hills (and then Concord after it's fully reclaimed) while trying to raise Shaun 2.0 and Hancock goes on to lead the Minutemen

These two were my OTP from the beginning, since I already knew from the comics they'd end up together especially when they were introduced in the same movie (Age of Ultron). I'm not entirely sure what I'd like to do here, maybe something with when they were dating but in hiding after Civil War? Or we could pull a comics move and make up our own AU to do something with them, why not? Marvel does it all the time lol
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