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Started by Hellion, July 14, 2021, 03:36:48 PM

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So, I've noticed a strange thing when I'm modifying a post that has an image in it...

I'll click the "modify" button at the top right of the post, it opens the editor as per normal, but a couple of things are odd:

1.) I don't see the code view by default, so then I click on the "toggle" button on the far right of the menu bar, and then...

2.) I see the code, but then my image code and link disappear like they were never there.

Any idea why that might be happening?

Thank you :)


By default, do you use the WYSIWYG editor or the one that shows the code when you're posting regularly? Like, what one pops up first when you go to reply to this post?


By default, the WYSIWYG editor shows first, which looks like the "toggle view" button is pressed (shaded).


WYSIWYG editors pretty much anywhere (including in programs that are literally made to utilize them; such as Adobe Dream Weaver, etc) are notoriously buggy. What I'd suggest is poping into your 'look and layout' settings (found on the left when you click on your profile tab) and un-checking the box that makes the WYSIWYG editor. That'll get you that coding view every time, which should hopefully fix your editing issue.


Oh, thank you! Unchecking it actually was the answer! I'm not sure how I missed that before :/

Much appreciated!