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Started by AlizsahTheBard, July 08, 2021, 07:38:15 PM

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So this is a rather specific ask, but truly I would love for it to happen.

I have decided the current lore for Resident Evil post the nuking of Raccoon City makes no sense whatsoever. So I created this new scenario:

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After the events of Zero and Resident Evil 1 the young medic who had been a rookie for these missions came out wanting free of it. In sheer desperation, she approached Iron's and demanded she be allowed to leave and for him to give a recommendation. Her tool blackmail, she had collected a floppy disk that incriminated him with his ties to Umbrella. Of course, she hoped he would listen.

Fortunately, he did and gave her a glowing recommendation allowing her to join up as a member of United States Medical Corp. After the aberration of Umbrella, she really did no longer scare easily. Because of this, she became an extraordinary medic in the field and saved many a life.

It was during time in Middle East she heard of what had happened. Raccoon City was nuked. All her family, all her friends gone. Of course, she wept, she wept long and hard. That is only time she looked back and wondered if she had made the right choice. Nonetheless, there was more to follow as the State Representatives and Senators were in utter outrage about the actions committed by Government. They claimed it was declaration of war and threatened to secede.

Rebecca only heard most of this third hand. Still, it made her commanding officers tense for a time.

So the question is where does Rebecca end up and with the dissolution of the USA how different the world. There will be sex in this, but it will also be drama, horror, politics and our own rewriting of what happened next. We can create our new aberrations and even new villains this will be a long term storyline where each character will end up changed by it. Whichever country we use as the setting.
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