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April 01, 2023, 02:51:19 am

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Author Topic: [M GM for F superhero] Superhero Origins (M&M2e sytem)  (Read 311 times)

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[M GM for F superhero] Superhero Origins (M&M2e sytem)
« on: July 06, 2021, 07:00:22 am »
Superhero Origins

This game uses the Mutants and Masterminds 2e game system.  I am currently starting a group game using the same system, and this idea spawned from a conversation I had with a potential player.

The game focuses on the origins of a superhero.  The superhero is largely a street-based costumed adventurer, a non-powered individual like Batman.  Technically, she begins play as a PL 1 character.  She is a normal person living a normal life in a big city.  The city is currently going through an incredibly rough and violent phase.  She would be a victim of (read: sexual) violence.  This moment becomes the impetus to becoming a costumed vigilante.

For stats, I was thinking something like this:

STR 8 [-1]; DEX 12 [+1]; CON 10 [+0]; INT 12 [+1]; WIS 10 [+0]; CHA 16 [+3]

Computers 3 (+4) Drive 2 (+2) Knowledge (pop culture) 2 (+3) Profession (Web designer) 3 (+5)

*Skills are 5sp/1pp, not 4sp/1pp as normal.

Attractive 2, Equipment 1

BdB:  +1
Grapple: +0
Damage:  +0 (unarmed) +2 (dazzle w/ pepper spray)
BdB:  +0
Initiative: +0

Toughness +0 Fortitude +0 Reflex +0 Will +0

Cell Phone
Pepper Spray Dazzle (Visual and Nasal) 1

Abilities 8 + Skills 2 (10 skill points) + Feats 3 + Combat 2  = 15

As you can see, the character is an extremely mundane individual, with the exception that she's an uncommonly attractive woman.  The character I created here makes her living as a web designer, but she might have side hustles as an rideshare driver, a cam girl, a prostitute, or, I don't know, a house keeper. 

The game would be fairly liberal with sex.  Maybe the character has been around the block a few times, or maybe she was wild in college.  She could still be in college.  She might have a few girlfriends and boyfriends.  IDK.  I'd like for the character to be open to new sexual experiences, especially since sex will probably be the means that she acquires new skills (i.e., she will fuck someone so that they might train her to box, or she will fuck some nerdy guy so that he builds her a light-weight grappling hook launcher).

Picture Ideas: