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Started by zxebra, June 26, 2021, 06:36:35 PM

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Hello, I'm Zxebra! I just got approved for the forum (yay!) and I have a few questions. I think (hope) that this is the correct place to post this, but if it's not please direct me to the proper area.

My main question is: what exactly are registries? What are they used for? I've looked at a few and I'm a bit confused about whether they are meant to be browsed by people looking for others interested in particular RP aspects, or if they're a place to post information about yourself regarding that specific aspect that you link to in other posts. Or both? Neither?

Any insight about this would be much appreciated, thanks!


Hi there and welcome to the site!

The registries all have a specific theme ( Dark themes/ silver foxes/ etc..) and is a list of members who are interested in those specific topics. As you read through, you'll find links to their profiles, their on/off pages and some have links to some of their stories to show their writing style.

They are not the only members who might be, but it a good place to search out potential partners if they fit what you are looking for, though I do strongly recommend reading their on/off pages in full before contacting them.

Good luck and of course feel free to ask whatever questions you have.
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