Corrupt Under Covers - Modern M/M

Started by Elandra, June 21, 2021, 12:05:15 PM

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Hi! I am looking for a partner to bring the below story to life. If you are interested, please PM me to discuss the plot further. I am looking to write a story that is more about character development as opposed to pure smut. Please review my O/Os, link found in my signature, before sending a PM.

Corrupt Under Covers

Possible Rating: Open
Setting: Modern
Pairing: M/M
Preferred Character: Ex-Undercover Cop
Seeking: Corrupt Detective

An undercover cop, who has been under for a couple of years, realizes that there is a cop connection to the organization he is investigating. This criminal organization deals in white-collar crimes, blackmailing politicians, extorting business, etc. I would prefer that it is not the Mafia or Yakuza. The undercover cop escapes his life a crime leaving town for a few months. When he returns to resume his duties as a detective, many view him as corrupt since he has been under so long. He is gruff, blunt, and not the clean-cut officer he once was.

Time passes and after six months of therapy, recovery, working the desk, and allowing things to cool down, the ex-undercover cop returns to active duty as a normal detective. Unfortunately for him, the man he is paired with is the corrupt officer working with the criminal organization, transferred to his unit from Organized Crime. Worse yet, there is an immediate attraction between the two of them.

At first, neither of them realizes who the other one is, this is learned through the course of writing the stories after their bond has grown stronger.

Story direction and discussions with potential partners

  • Detective Work, the pair do work in Robbery-Homicide and there should be cases they need to pursue
  • What does the pair do about their attraction?
  • Once they discover, each other's secrets, what do they about it?
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