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October 28, 2021, 12:04:31 pm

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Author Topic: Torrid Tales of Villainy [Seeking M and F characters for MxF pairings]  (Read 162 times)

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Welcome to my villainy plots! As the title suggests, I'll be detailing some ideas I've been craving that place more villainous characters as their protagonists. Some of these stories will be searching for other villains to write against, some heroes to corrupt, and others will be for villains to corrupt some of my own heroes. Almost all have a heavy backdrop of over the the top action and toxic romance, toxic because villainous characters rarely have what one might call healthy relationships. What they do offer is a chance to go well beyond the normal boundaries in order to win or keep their love, things heroes and just your morally gray people probably wouldn't do.

Now the level of villainy can be tricky to nail down when we're looking to create lasting stories. Monstrous personas don't find themselves well equipped for keeping people around too long, making any romance nearly impossible with them. On the other end of the spectrum, go too low and suddenly you simply have a morally gray character that doesn't really feel like a villain. With that said, please approach this thread with the thought of a playable and interesting villain to write as or against. If we do cross this line in the direction of villainy, that's okay, but please refer to my O/O about how I feel about such characters. The worse they are, the more I'd like to see them get their just desserts at the end of the story.

As a final note, please inquire by PM about any stories listed below. This will let me keep the ad nice and tidy and keep from unfairly bumping it above others.

I have room for one more story, with a heavy preference for 'The Contract'

Title: The Contract
Genre/Setting: Dark Fantasy, medieval tech
Rating: Bondage-Ex: Very negotiable.
Seeking: Female Character, MxF pairing.
Plot Overview:
For centuries, The Serpent soldiers of the black dawn mercenaries have sought to serve the most evil and powerful masters they can find. Throughout history, from dictator to Lich warlord, they have served every dark force to take control of the realms for as long as anyone can remember. The last thirty years have been much less kind to them. At the end of their service to Zaji the lich king, who died upon the summoning a demon of extreme power, The Black Dawn found themselves in service to the demon itself. What followed from there was three decades of no pay, no contracts and the whole of their order dwindling in strength and numbers. What was once the most powerful dark army now laid as a shell of it's former self.

With the passing of years came the death of their commander, the only one to be able to speak to their dark serpentine goddess they served, so a new one had to be chosen. The new Commander chosen took the Black Dawn helmet and ordered his men to rise up against their demonic overlord. Through careful planning they committed an act of heresy in their order. They killed their patron to escape his control, using a clause of their tenets that allowed them emancipation should their master weaken their power.

Once The Black Dawn ousted their demonic master, they then found themselves in a now hostile land. The decades of service to the demon and the failure of Zaji before that had weakened their reputation. So they moved to the west, with one notable problem coming up again and again. No matter where they looked, there was no lord now to serve. No one evil enough, no one strong enough. Their tenets decreed that their master had to be stronger than the whole of The Black Dawn, and their heart had to be set on glorious purpose. The tenets were many, normally requiring a megalomaniac sorcerer or otherworldly entity fulfill. For the first time ever, none seem to be found.

Two botched contacts later, The Company finds themselves on the western edges of the realms, the literal frontiers. Where men still wore fur and huddled by the fire at night to keep the darkness at bay. In this land they find a growing nation founded on the raw power of magic and ruled by a sorcerer king.... One that has just perished without naming his heir. Here they find a contract, one that barely meets their tenets when the young sorcerer prince hires them to assassinate his sister when she arrives to debate their merits. Distrustful of their new patron, the order proceeds with caution and finds out they planned to use them as a scapegoat and blame the order for assassinating the princess, effectively rallying the entire nation against them in a smokescreen over the princes treachery.

Seeing what unfolds, The Commander announces a breach of contract on the part of the prince and instead helps The Princess escape. After they evade capture, he then offers his services to the princess in her bid for the throne, sensing her magic is actually the stronger of the two. Again, she barely meets the tenets, but if you cannot find the next great evil to serve, then you have to create it.

It's as the tenets say. Every dynasty falls and every great evil comes to an end; but The Black Dawn is forever....

Just don't fall for your patron.

Notes: So this is an idea I got from hearing someone close to me talk about a mercenary company in a book series they were reading. I have not read the book that inspired this, but if the concept of the mercenary company seems familiar, it's because it probably is. The idea behind them is that they are essentially the best of the best so far as mooks go. In fact, they wear armor that covers all of them just like a mook, but the difference here is these are top of the line mooks, each packed with personality and the idea of that just kinda appeals to me. I will be focusing on Their commander as my main character and obviously I'm seeking someone to play the powerful sorcerer princess, soon to be queen. I'm not looking for someone to play a figurehead, I want a character that is a potent and strong person. I don't mind if they are unsure at the beginning, but I need someone that can grow into the next great evil of the realms here.

Title: In Dark Waters
Genre: Low-Fantasy, Age of Sail, Pirates and Politics.
Rating: Negotiable
Seeking: Male or Female Character. MxF pairing
Plot Overview:
The coastal city state of Aurous rests along the crescent sea and has been a safe haven for seafarers for generations now. It has always been ruled by a high lord or lady that stems from the family of Rossler, the founder and a family of great sailors to boot. The last five years have not been such an act, though, with the last  Lord assassinated, leaving his brother in law to seat himself as regent. His only child was a girl and word would say she would be the next high lady. She was fifteen that fateful day, and her life was put on hold since then. Suitors turned away, her locked away until such a time she could learn to rule in her father's stead. This was the story she was given, but now that she's come of age, The Regent still refuses to relent  that which is rightfully her's.

With the council of captains on The side of the regent, the young heir eyes a coop to take her city back. Yet a coop requires supporters and followers, it requires backing; but more importantly, it would require ships. A lot of them. So while our young lady to be curries for favor and amasses her supporters, she reaches out to the only means of a navy she can find. Pirates. Reaching out to a would be pirate king, our heroine strikes up a bargain that would allow her to both take the city and keep it. The pirate king would get a port city of his own, a place to stage his missions and sanction to do so, all he had to do was help her take and keep the city.

Notes: I'm open to playing either role, both are meant to be villains with some code of conduct and both politically savvy enough to see they need the other one. I'm not looking for a string of double crosses here, more an adventure to take and keep the city and the fun we have with that after they have done so. I'm especially interested in the political action in this one, just as much as the ship battles and what's hopefully a strange and torrid relationship between our high lady and our pirate king.

Title: Living on The Edge
Genre: 70's earth, cinematic crime drama. Bonnie and Clyde styled feels.
Rating: Extreme
Seeking: Male or Female Character, MxF pairing
Plot Overview:
Star crossed high-school lovers are the protagonists of this story. Always raising hell, they were the definition of trouble all the way up to senior year. Wild and crazy, they lived on the edge, smoking weed, dropping acid and running quick cons for extra cash. Eventually life got in the way, her parents become overbearing and restrictive and his draft notice for Vietnam coming in the mail weeks after graduation. And so our lovers parted, young and foolish and unaware of how cruel the future would be to both of them.

Our wild man, he excels through training aside from his attitude. Marines, soon enough they picked up for Recon. He fought through, continually being busted down in rank due to insubordinate actions. Eventually this leads to a dishonorable discharge, which sees our man returning home at the end of the war. His lady? Well things didn't go well for her, either. Running away from home, slipping deeper into the crime underbelly and dealing with her family and the law. Eventually she is admitted into a mental facility for women, one of the horrible facilities mainstream in that age to reprogram the thoughts of people with deviant tendencies.

When our wild man finds out his lover has been essentially locked up, he snaps a little. He goes to collect her, but after seeing the condition their 'treatments' have left her in, both break their way out and start on a path or crime and death while they try to make it to a place they can just be together.

Notes: As mentioned, I'm up for either role. Both have some background to them, same as my others, but most of it is very negotiable. What I want is two people who may not have been bad, but definitely weren't good and life pushed em just a little bit too far. Natural born killers, Bonnie and Clyde and numerous other media of similar nature went into inspiring this. Plus, I just love the 70's backdrop and the lack of communications at the time.

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