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~ Welcome To My Stories ~

My Favorites

  • Plot-driven stories (Even the stories in the SMUT STUFF section)
  • Characters with depth
  • Femdom, dommes, strong and confident feminine characters
  • Older women/feminine characters
  • Lingerie, stockings, leather/latex, costumes, etc.
  • Taboo, cheating/affairs

My O/O's thread has all the information you will find in this post, and a much better in-depth breakdown of me and each of my stories.
My O/O's Thread

The Writer

Bullet Point Rundown

  • I'm new, keeping it simple for now (Human Male in a Modern Day Earth setting).
  • I'm looking for partners to play feminine characters, but not limiting that to cisgender females.
  • I write 1st or 3rd person.
  • I write past or present tense.
  • I write plot driven stories, with fleshed out characters.
  • I like long-term stories, where my partner(s) and I stay in our world beyond the first main acts.
  • Offs - One line replies. Switching between 1st/3rd person. Replies and characters lacking details/depth/personality/flaws. Purely chaotic characters/content.
  • Communicate clearly - My grammar is far from flawless, but you’ll know what I am saying. I expect the same from your posts. I care more about your spelling than your grammar, but I still expect effort.
  • Complete words and sentences - Not “lol” or “btw” as if our story exchanges are casual messages. Our OOC, our character’s in-story text/casual messages, and when it’s appropriate in a character’s dialogue are exceptions.
  • Postings - My posts will almost never be under 2 paragraphs, and I am able to post daily (for now). I am flexible with my partner’s post lengths and frequencies. I care about effort and quality. I’d rather have one good post in a week, than a bunch of bad ones quickly.
  • Playing - I currently want to play in forum posts or PM, for the visual enhancements. May be open to elsewhere, just ask. The smuttier stuff elsewhere is an easy convince.
  • OOC - Must discuss details before starting story. Conversations not about stories are cool, but I won’t be the one to initiate them (shy, anxiety). If you want to chat, please feel free to hit me up. I’m willing to chat with story partners off-site, but will chat on-site with people I am not playing with.
  • My ON/OFF's, writing examples, inspiration galleries, and a more detailed breakdown of both myself and each of the stories you'll see here in this post are all here.

The Desired Stories

Disclaimer: My stories have character names and other small details in them that are simply in place so that I had an easier time writing on my own. It is more just giving the world and idea a setup. Not every detail is a locked down must. My stories are more than just smut, even if the premise seems easily sleazy, including the SMUT STUFF ideas.

Rags to Riches

Basic Concept

     Mom and daughter go from living paycheck-to-paycheck in a trailer park to living in a nice big home with mom’s well-off boyfriend of two years.

In-depth Concept

     Nathan is a man of rather comfortable self-made wealth. He is also the son of an even wealthier family. However, Nathan doesn’t like his snobby family, or their socialite lifestyle. For this reason, he separated himself from his family, and chose to make his own money. Nathan has made a small fortune selling simple patents and inventions, most of the time just a small addition to an already popular product.
     His current relationship is also fueled by his rebellion against his family. For two years he has been dating Emily. Emily is a single mother, on-and-off again drug user, was living in a trailer park, and is someone his parents absolutely despise. For the last few months Emily and her 19 year-old daughter, Maura, have been living in his nice house, which is a drastic change from the trailer park life they were accustomed to.
     Nathan’s relationship with Emily is rocky. Although he really only started dating her to spite his family, it turns out she can be fun. Her easily-swapping anger and cuddles attitude keeps the relationship entertaining, and making up is always fun. Although, now living together, the constant of it all is starting to be felt.

     The real thing keeping Nathan from parting ways with Emily is Maura. Maura is an amazing woman, especially factoring in that she was raised by a woman who couldn’t take care of herself. Maura actually raised Emily more than anything. Maura went to school, held a job, paid the bills most of the time, and cared for her mother on top of everything else.

     Although Maura is 19 and Emily is 36, it is arguable that Maura is more mature than Emily is. Maura’s only issue is that she too can share a temper like her mother, but, unlike her mother, her temper is justified and only triggered by Emily’s lack of respect and appreciation for her. Nathan and Maura get along just fine. In fact, connection wise Nathan and Maura are probably closer together than either are with Emily.

     Nathan wanted to send Maura off to college, in order to get her away from her mother, but Maura didn’t want to leave Nathan to suffer alone with Emily. Instead, Maura goes to a local college, and remains living at home. Emily hates the fact that Maura is around. Emily is well aware that her daughter is smarter, more well put together, and closer to Nathan than she is, and if Maura wasn’t always around then Emily wouldn’t have to be constantly reminded. Being at the bottom of all the respect is what fuels Emily’s mood swings and sporadic drug use.

Looking for someone to play either Emily or Maura. You can also play both if you like.

Pure Corruption

Basic Concept

     A succubus demon is tasked with corrupting a good man’s pure soul

In-depth Concept

     Pete Amana is a 45 year-old church going gentleman. He lives a basic life in the suburbs with his wife Mallory. Saying Pete is a good soul is an understatement. He is one of the purest. Almost never selfish, always giving to his church, helping others, and donating to charities are just some of his amazing qualities.

     The only thing missing from his life is a child of his own. Pete always wanted to be a father, but Mallory’s inability to have children means that won’t be possible. Pete never punishing Mallory for that fact, or holding anything against her. Pete simply accepts the fact and moves on. Talks of adoption were short when Mallory expressed it would be a constant reminder to her about how she can’t have her own.

     In the battle of heaven and hell, it is not necessarily the quantity of souls that helps one reign supreme over the other, but instead the quality of the souls. Although, you can never go wrong with more. A soul that is truly evil or truly worthy are the strongest weapons in the fight. For this reason, heaven looks to cleanse the evilest souls, while hell looks to corrupt the purest. Although it is rare to completely alter a soul from one end of the spectrum to the other, it’s more about playing defense and weakening the opponents power.

     Hell’s weapon against pure souls are the Inaksva (ee-knocks-vah), a special tier of succubi and incubi that have proven themselves, and are allowed to surface in order to do their work. When a person's soul is too strong, infiltration of their dreams is impossible. Instead, the Inaksva come to the surface and take a host, one that they feel could help in the seduction and corruption of their prey.

     When it comes to the Inaksva, Almyrial (al-mure-ee-al) is one of its leaders. She is wise, and her results are unmatched. Almyrial understands the way the mind, body, and soul are connected, and how to carefully navigate each. It’s because of this that she is tasked to Pete’s soul.

     When Almyrial surfaces, she takes over the body of a 28 year-old woman named Leah. Leah is beautiful, and the physical opposite of Pete’s wife. She is also mostly alone, so it means less complications and distractions for Almyrial. And the fact that Leah is weak-willed means her body is easily overtaken.

     Leah is a widow, her military husband and young daughter taken from her in a car crash with a drunk driver. Before being taken over by Almyrial, Leah had started to distance herself from the friends she knew; the only people that come around the house are nice neighbors who care for her yard without engaging with her. Her husband was stationed here, so she is away from her and her husband’s family; although, both families do try to convince her to let them visit.

     Taking over Leah, Almyrial is ready to get to work. How will she introduce herself into Pete’s life? How often will she have to deal with the people in Leah’s life? How convincingly can a strong, confident, sexually-focused being play the role of sad, weak widow? And how does Almyrial deal with Leah’s dog, Yankee (animals being the only creatures able to sense Almyrial’s presence)?

Hollywood's Goddess

Basic Concept

     Once touted as “Hollywood’s Sexual Goddess," Mary Macklin now finds herself starved for attention.

In-depth Concept

     Mary Macklin is an ICON! In her 51 year-old mind. In the mind of everyone else, she simply was an icon. Growing up, Mary was the girl who was invisible to everyone. In spite of her high intellect, she was insignificant to every one around her. It wasn’t until her body blossomed that she got any attention, and the attention she did get was just people using her for her new looks. It wasn’t until a filmmaker saw her beauty and asked her to be in his film, that everything in her life changed.

     Mary’s first film was amazing, and she was an instant hit. Her performance showered her with awards, including the Oscar for Best Actress. The movie, ironically, was about a woman who was so brilliant and beautiful, but the other people in her life only saw the beauty and never recognized the brilliance. When Mary did press for the movie, she told her own similar story.

     With the world loving and getting behind her, she used her platform to become the face of a feminism movement. After posing naked for a respected magazine, those opposing her feminist views shamed her for promoting pornography. Mary fought back on multiple levels, including taking a pro-sexuality stance. People rallied behind her, and her open-minded ideals. Mary was soon not just the face of feminism, she was also the dominant leader of a sexual revolution. The iconic photo the bridged her feminism movement with her sexuality movement is one of her in a red latex catsuit, and a man at her boots.

     The downside of having followers is that they follow you. Everyone was embracing the sex-positive activity, and Mary was no longer unique. Mary was only getting older, and the girls she inspired were now younger, attractive women taking her place and doing exactly what she had done. Her jobs, sponsorships, and fans went to the new faces. Even with surgeries and injections, she still struggles to capture attention.

     One fan still appreciates her, Aiden. Aiden is 34 now, but he was barely born when Mary began her career, and that meant he grew up in the prime of her reign. With his mother not wanting anything to do with him or his father, Mary was the only woman he had growing up. When he was discovering women, it was her image, her actions, and her declarations that molded his interests. Aiden never stopped appreciating Mary.

     In Mary’s quest for attention, she finds Aiden’s social media page, and loves how he speaks of her. Wanting to show her thanks for his continued loyalty, she adds him as a friend so they can talk directly, privately.

Femme Fatale

Basic Concept

     When a rich man is murdered, his neglected wife is the prime suspect. The lead detective on the case must investigate the sultry wife, without falling prey to crossing any lines.

In-depth Concept

     Charles Embry was a wealthy investor, and a powerful man. He lived a lavish life, and had many friends. However, as is the case with any story of success, Charles also had his list of enemies. That was never more apparent than when his dead body was discovered in the fields of Antelope Croft.

     Last seen at a business meeting at 3 p.m. the day before his body was found, the discovery of his body the next morning was a surprise to everyone. The lack of evidence at the scene where his body was found left a lot of questions. The only facts of the crime that are absolute are:

     Blunt force trauma to the head, and stab wounds present on the body

     The body was murdered somewhere else and moved to the dump site

     Everything happened between 3 p.m. and 4:30 a.m.

     All possible suspects associated to any DNA evidence found on Charles Embry’s body have been eliminated as possible suspects, except his wife Stella.

     According the Stella, she is simply a neglected wife. She claims to have not seen Charles the night he died, stating that her not seeing him was not a rare occurrence. She is often alone at the estate, her only socializing being with the staff that works the property during the day. Her story is one of a life restricted to the estate, and only being let out when Charles needed to use her as eye candy for public appearances. Stella’s portrait of being a victim in the marriage only leads to motive for the crime.

     Stella’s DNA on her husband isn’t much of a surprise. A husband coming into contact with his wife is understandable. Her lack of an alibi for the night of the murder is what kept her on the list, and, as the investigation has gone on, other factors have kept her near the top of the suspect list. The obvious motive of wealth that would now be in her name, the excessive stab wounds eluding to passionate emotions of someone he knew, and her constant intrusions into the case. Although it is common for family to request information, Stella’s contact with the homicide team had become so persistent that she was officially restricted to how she could contact the offices.

     After being compliant for some time, a sorrowed Stella reached out directly to Logan, the lead detective on the case, and requested he stop by her estate to discuss any updates on the case. Having hit a wall in the investigation, Logan agrees to stop by her estate after his shift. Logan’s hope is to get her chatting, and possibly have her unknowingly slip some information that could help steer him to key information in the case. Although he is obliging, he is well aware to be alert of the possible danger Stella could be.

Girlfriend Experience

Basic Concept

     After purchasing a realistic android love doll, a computer programmer rewrites the android’s code to make her a functioning full-time girlfriend who is capable of her own genuine thoughts.

In-depth Concept

     Advancements in A.I. have come a long way in this world. Androids are starting to sprinkle into homes of the wealthy as workers, in order to replace human live-in staff. Although touted as lifelike, and having convincing human-like movements, almost all of these service androids still look like a robot. The one industry that has perfected a human aesthetic for their androids is the adult toy industry. Having a far narrower range of uses, the adult industry companies sacrifice the quality of their personality coding, and instead focus their funds and workers on making their androids visually true-to-life; although, most of their clients take some liberties when making their requests for the dimensions of their android.

     When he placed his order, Brian was no exception to the statistics, ordering a redhead with generous curves and an hourglass figure. Although Brian’s order wasn’t solely for perverted purposes, Brian wouldn’t shy away from enjoying his purchase; but, he would first need consent. Consent normally implied with adult industry androids, Brian wouldn’t be using his android as intended.

     Brian is a computer programmer, and he has done extensive work on upgrading A.I. personality code. His social life being difficult, due to battles with depression and anxiety, Brian has been obsessively working on an A.I. personality code that would make an android interact with more human behaviors than just simple work tasks. If his code works as well in the lifelike androids, as it has in his inferior testing bots, Brian could have himself a code that would make him millions.

     When it arrives, Brian is going to replace the androids manufactured coding with his own, and hopefully it will feel like a flawless interaction with someone else. In spite of being able to write the code and have the android perform how he wishes, the code is meant to give the android the freedom of choice. As much as he would like a friend, or hopefully something more, his main goal is to truly give the android their own life.

A Cougar's Hunger

Basic Concept

     A 47-year-old self-assertive businesswoman sets her sights on the husband of one of her employee’s.

In-depth Concept

     Rebecca, who is a headstrong and ambitious businesswoman, is stuck in multiple areas of her life. She is stuck in a loveless marriage, to a husband who is poorly hiding his long-term relationship with one of his employees. She is stuck in her position at her company, albeit an accomplished leadership position, by a sexist ceiling that won’t let her promote any higher. She is stuck resorting to meaningless one-night stands in order to get the intimacy that her husband isn’t providing.

     Rebecca’s marriage is trash, but it is mutual and comfortable trash. At almost 50, she doesn’t see a reason to go through the divorce process when realistically she won’t be marrying again anyway. At least in the marriage, if her husband dies she gets something from it. Besides, he has paid for her plastic surgery and augmentations, so it is not like he is useless. Rebecca’s husband, Seth, thinks she doesn’t know about him having a second life with his employee, but their accountant has confided in her what all is going on. She has known for two years now and doesn’t care…or at least that’s what she says.

     She’s too busy with work anyways. After having to battle her way to a leadership position in the office, and still having to battle to keep it, Rebecca is now battling the sexist men in her company that keep her from moving up; recently she was passed up for promotion, and instead they hired a man who was in a position underneath her to now be a boss above her. However, as her mix of a surgically-altered and gym-sculpted body can tell you, she knows how to get done what needs to get done. If she can’t do it herself, she finds a way. The only thing she refuses to do is use sex in her professional career.

     Being at work all the time, and refusing to sleep with those she works with, leaves Rebecca’s selection of men small. This is why she catches one-off prey when her husband is out of town. Although, that routine is getting old, and she is thinking of taking a more permanent affair on. She is picky about who. But, when she catches Xavier eyeing her body at the office, she knows that Xavier is who she wants. The tricky thing is that Xavier is only visiting the office because his wife is one of her employees. But, Rebecca always finds a way to get what she wants.

Third Wheel

Basic Concept

     Friends with benefits goes well, until one finds love.

In-depth Concept

     Justin and Molly have been friends for a long time. Molly is a woman who has been disconnected from sex. For her, it is simply taking care of a need that her body tells her she needs every now and then. Before, she would just call someone, and if they didn’t answer, she would just call someone else. Over time Molly started to feel that this was wrong. First, her random partner selection was a health risk. Second, she started wondering how she would feel if someone just used her and moved on. Third, she wanted some kind of connection sexually, even if not love.

     When Molly opened up to Justin about this, he understood. He also offered to be someone she could come to, someone that she at least knew on a deeper level, and he would be willing to take care of her. Molly knew Justin for so long, and knew he wouldn’t be someone to go around talking about things, so she agreed. Molly made it clear that this was just a no-strings-attached kind of thing, and Justin agreed.

     For almost 18 months the arrangement has been amazing for Molly. She gets to enjoy her friendship with Justin like usual, but when she is needy, she can call him too. The encounters are more enjoyable and personable, and she even opened up the request for a hookup to Justin too. If he was willing to take care of her, she wanted to do the same for him; having him on call for her, but not being willing to be on call for him just seemed wrong. The encounters have even made Molly start to look at sex as more than just filling a need.

     For Justin, he too enjoyed the arrangement. Molly was beautiful and someone he cared about, and that combo made things special. Initially, that first time, it was a fantasy pay off to the years he was just the friend who watched her with random pointless men. The following encounters just made it more rewarding, especially when Molly told him she wanted to take care of him whenever he needed. Justin started feeling hopeful that things would progress. When they didn’t, Justin battled his feelings.

     Justin had agreed to no strings attached, and he knows what that means. He knew sex would bring with it emotions, but he already liked Molly, so it wouldn’t really change anything. After over a year of just being seen by Molly as a friend with benefits, the reality that he was and always will just be a friend started to set in. Although not breaking his promise to Molly about being there when she needs him, Justin does decide to date Delilah, a friend who has become closer to him during this time. Not planning to end things with Molly, and Molly never really asking about Justin’s love life, Molly is surprised to suddenly find out one day that Justin has a girlfriend.

Never Have I Ever...

Basic Concept

     A wife that truly loves her vanilla husband is intrigued by her husband’s kinky new co-worker.

In-depth Concept

     Laila Is happily married to Sam. Laila and Sam have known each other since they were kids, have been dating for thirteen years, and have been married for ten of those years. In all their time together, Sam has always loved and treated her the same way he did on day one of their relationship. Laila has also loved and treated Sam the same, but lately she has realized that something is missing sexually.

     Laila has never had the “O”. She’s enjoyed everything on a loving level, and connecting with Sam, but she’s just never…and she’s starting to notice it more and more now after every interaction. She’s always known she’d like more, trying to add things like lingerie and cuffs to the experience, but Sam never really reacted to them. In spite of the new additions into the moments, Sam would still follow his regular routine. Laila has been battling how or what to tell Sam, not wanting to bruise his ego or seem ungrateful.

     Damien just started working with Sam. Damien is alluring in both looks and personality. Being a charmer, when Damien takes an instant interest in Laila he doesn’t hesitate to let her know. Although flattered, Laila turns Damien down when flirting hints towards more. Damien, not being a horrible person, respects that and still flirts a bit, but holds off on pushing anything more.

     One night while hanging out with a large group, Laila engages in girl talk. When she hears their stories, especially from the one who has been with Damien, she finds herself with new fantasies in her head. Laila’s battle between good wife and new experiences leads her to toe a line with Damien she both does and doesn’t want to cross.


For Heavier Smut Stuff:

  • I 99.99% role-play Human Male.
  • I don’t role-play with other male (Lord) writers.
  • I mainly stick to Modern Day Earth, but I allow supernatural/fantasy aspects.
  • As with all content on this site, adult characters only! Even for the "little's" roles.



     You're a witch that needs male essence for spells. I'm a potent source. I've always been willing, and never scared of you. We came to an agreement, and you've transformed me into your familiar. I've been your pet for a while now, always with you, and when you need me you transform me back to my human form.

     (In my mind this would be a more intimate femdom scene, but at the same time I am always down for more kink. We would just have to make sure our relationship was built for it in our discussions ahead of starting.)

  • PET x OWNER (Pet Play, Not Beastiality)
  • FAN x CELEBRITY (OC Celebrities Only)
  • HERO x VILLAIN (OC Heroes/Villains Only)

     He starts slowly coming to, his eyes weighing a ton and fighting to flutter open. Without even seeing anything yet, Geinnev knows something isn’t right. Finally convincing his body to move, his suspicions are confirmed, his wrists being controlled in place by something. His eyes opening, but the surroundings a blur as his eyes hesitate to focus. His vision normally sharp, this experience throws him off, and his feet try shuffling to compensate but they too are held in place. The Saint of Saint Hail attempts to punch in frustration, but he remains restrained.

     Geinnev starts to get angry, the absence of his super strength demoralizing. His eye sight clearing up, he notices the shine of the cage bars first, and then the empty lonely room. The room isn’t familiar, the muted three walls look like they’ve been void of any attention for years. Ahead of him he can see the walkway leading from his room curve to the right, and into the unknown. Turning his attention to the leather straps around his wrists, he attempts to break free of the them, giving a guttural roar as he pulls at the restrictions with all he has in him.

     It’s pointless.

     Although he gave a lot of himself to try and escape the binds, his body is unnaturally winded and weak. It’s like someone, or something, has taken away his powers completely. But, before he can think on it any further, he hears the tapping of steps nearby. Looking to the doorway, he catches a glimpse of a figure on the glass outside the room. As the steps near, Geinnev is finally able to make out the image of Dread Hex’s mysterious partner-in-crime heading his way.   

     (Ideally…femdom leading to mutual rough exchange. Perhaps discovering that lust is a fuel for my powers that I didn’t know about, and I slowly am able to get stronger than whatever item/spell is negating my powers. Could be you start dominant, and then I take dominance later. )

  • HERO x HEROINE (OC Heroes Only)
  • Almost any. Just let me know who you want being appreciative and obedient to you.

TABOO (I’ll play either side of the WHO x WHO)
  • DD x LG or LB x MD

  • BRO x SIS
  • SON x MOM

     It’s been one year since Emma divorced Anthony, and she couldn’t be happier. She was in the marriage too long. Her son, Mitch, had been trying to convince her to leave even sooner. That should tell you the type of husband and father that Anthony was. It wasn’t as easy as Mitch had made it sound, but Emma finally did it. And, this last year has been the best for Emma.

     Returning home from work, Emma was surprised to see two Chandrelle Mystique gift bags sitting on her bed. Mitch must have stopped by the house while she was at work. As nice as the designer lingerie always is, Emma feels bad for never putting it to use like he asks. Emma appreciates that Mitch is so supportive of her getting back into the dating scene. But even after a year, memories of Anthony haunt her too much to try dating, and possibly getting herself into another similar situation.   

     “Happy Anni-vorce-ary,” Emma giggles, as she starts reading the card that Mitch left with the bags, “Here’s something to help make celebrating a little more enjoyable tonight. Go out and enjoy yourself. Leaving was the right choice, Mitch.”

     It warms her heart that Mitch never thinks negative of the divorce. She just wishes she could go out and enjoy herself. As she admires the lingerie inside the bags, she gives Mitch a call to thank him for the gift. As they chat, the two of them discuss the different items in the bags. When asked if she is going out, Emma says she would rather have Mitch over at the house for dinner, and celebrate with him. After all, they’re both celebrating a year away from Anthony.

     Mitch accepts the invite, and says he will bring takeout, wanting his mom to focus on fun more than cooking and chores. After hanging up, Emma admires the lingerie once again. The nicest pieces he’s purchased so far. Perhaps she would wear it under her attire tonight, so she can at least let him know it’s not going to waste.

     (Inappropriately-close mom and son enjoy a night at the house together. Would love to include a lot of my favorites: lingerie/stockings, massage, body worship, enjoying food off each other, teasing. Can be tame or kink. Since it’s been a long time for Emma, maybe it leads to something more rough, needy, and messy?) ​



     It was a dream for Vanessa to watch her daughter, Callie, find a man like Ryan. Ryan being a gentleman who see’s Callie as a treasure, and wants to value her like a priceless gem. Lately, that dream of Vanessa’s has become a nightmare. As much as Vanessa appreciates Ryan, and how he treats Callie, the problem is that Callie doesn’t really appreciate anything Ryan is doing. Young and dumb, Callie takes Ryan for granted.

    ​Vanessa isn’t young like Callie. Vanessa has hit her wiser years, and been through the trash selection of men that came into her life just to ruin it. Callie’s father was one of those men, leaving Vanessa and Callie just a couple weeks after Vanessa delivered Callie. Knowing what she went through herself, Vanessa doesn’t want Callie to drive away a guy like Ryan after getting so lucky to find him so early on in her life. Especially given the fact that Callie will regret it later down the road, when she doesn’t have him anymore.

    ​Wanting to make sure Ryan is happy and staying, Vanessa makes it her goal to make sure Ryan is cared for and appreciated, while she waits for Callie to mature and see what a good guy he is.

    ​(When Callie flakes on a date with Ryan to spend time with friends, Vanessa takes her place. Vanessa’s admiration for Ryan mixes with Ryan’s naturally flirtatious demeanor, and maybe just enough drinks to bring out the honest (not drunk or unaware) feelings each have for each other. Maybe talks lead to kinks, and they find they have compatible tastes? Can be anywhere between vanilla and kinky.)

  • Almost any. Just let me know who is cheating on who with who.