Calling All History Buffs

Started by VelvetSatin, June 14, 2021, 07:45:22 PM

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Greetings, and welcome to my post!

First off, I'd like to say that I am an experienced role playing writer and have been on this particular site on and off over the years. I have done numerous genres but one of my passions is Historical themes.

I am particularly fond of the 18th and 19th century. I am looking for other talented writers who would like to create an immersive story where we can escape today's modern world. I enjoy collaborating with those who are detailed, creative and can write numerous paragraphs per post. I like a story driven plot where we spend a lot of time crafting our characters. It's important to have that kind of depth and I love to work on brainstorming and getting to know my writing partners. Of course there will be sexual elements involved and I'd be happy to involve your on's and make sure we don't include any off's.

Now, to some of my ideas..

As for the 18th century, my major interest has always been the American Revolution. I have done a few role plays within this theme and never bore of it. The founding of our nation has been a violent one but there was also a lot of rich, charismatic characters involved. With that being said, I am looking to play a female who resides in the Colonies, more exactly Philadelphia or Boston. The year would be 1775 and tensions are brewing. She comes from a strict, religious family who are supporters to the Rebel cause. She was told to never befriend a Loyalist or speak to the British. She's a curious one though much to her father's dismay. Out in the streets the British Regulars march up and down making their presence known. She watches them behind the church wall noticing their bright red uniforms. She's intrigued but if her father ever caught her looking!... She's a naive 18 year old who adores her fashion and socializing. On one particular evening she attends a dance with another friend. Of course the girls would have to be escorted so they go with her friends older brothers. The Ball is lavish and exquisite. She becomes shy and meek. She had seen the British officers in the past but never this close up. She's not supposed to be in the mixed crowd, yet she cannot take her eyes off them. They are forbidden to her. She makes eye contact with your character, a 21 year old handsome promising officer within the British Army. He's confident, bold, fearless and charming. She should just look away but she can't...Our story could begin here where we craft the outline of what we'd like to happen. I don't expect you to be perfect in the knowledge of all the history but of course some idea of the Revolution would be good. We can even add some of the real key people in the plot as well to add realism and richness to it. We all know about the Founding Fathers but do you know who Banastre Tarleton is or Major John Andre? I'd like to create a whirlwind of an adventure. There would indeed be war elements and of course the whole forbidden aspect to it. What is her father going to say when he realizes that she's fraternizing with the enemy? Since this is an historical plot lets try and keep historical ideas and try not to modernize things, meaning we don't need to have a cell phone in here, no texting or watching tv. I know, it should be obvious but you got to say it. They had no electricity, running water, heat or air conditioning etc..One thing that I've always been interested in is Power Play within my stories. There is the gender imbalance during that time so obviously my character would not have rights as a modern woman would have. There is a lot of potential to have Dominance/submission within this story. If you are interested please send me a PM so we can work out ideas. I'd love to hear them and I don't care which gender you are in real life, just as long as you can play a convincing male.

Now, for the 19th century. We could work on a Civil War plot. As for ideas, I don't have anything specific but I'm not opposed to hearing your thoughts.

How about the Victorian Time Period? Ah, yes, Victorian England. A time when things were strict, tight and repressed. But were they? Some historians say that the Victorians were not as puritanical as we once thought. There were lots of things going on behind closed doors. They were just good at hiding their desires. We could write a tale about those repressed desires. A very high class, wealthy, strict family living in a beautiful, large Victorian home surrounded by lavish gardens. Everything looks wonderful on the outside, but on the inside the family is struggling. They are not as they seem. There is deviance, alcoholism, drugs, prostitution, gambling. I'd be interested to create a very dysfunctional family who's problems are hidden by their smiles.

Now, onto my last idea....Time Traveling..

Being a History buff of course you'd have the idea of Time Traveling. Who wouldn't want to? What if we created a tale about a modern woman who goes to an Art Museum and is enthralled by a certain painting. She visits it frequently. Of course we can come up with a different idea too but the premise would be that this object whether it be a painting or otherwise would pull her into their world and she would end up in the past either during the American Revolution or the Victorian times. How does a modern woman handle being in the midst of war or dealing with her loss of rights. Oh Lord she doesn't have the use of her phone anymore either! The shame! That plot would be fun to create, to weave a plot so deep that she finds herself unable to leave, in fact, she wants to stay and never return to her modern world.

If any of this interests you please send me a PM with your thoughts and ideas...Thank you!