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April 01, 2023, 03:13:37 am

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Author Topic: Lets build a world together  (Read 350 times)

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Lets build a world together
« on: June 12, 2021, 09:41:36 am »
I am Esoterica, and I am a 42 year old genderfluid individual. My pronouns are They/Them, but I wont get bent out of shape if you forget or use the wrong ones. I am pretty laid back about this even though this is how I identify.

I have been roleplaying since I was sixteen years old. I began with Dungeons and Dragons, and Vampire the Masquerade. I have never really gotten into too many other systems over the years, although I do have knowledge of some other games such as Call of Cthulhu, Cyberpunk, and Shadow Run, and those are the kinds of games that would interest me. Even though I am familiar with many systems, I am much more likely to be interested in freeform games and original universes inspired by this kind of thing than I am to actually want to play in these systems.

Although I have very few turn offs, it is important to mention that I do have a few of them. I have one MAJOR OFF in particular that it is important to mention. I do not do sex scenes in the bathroom at all. Tubs are a major trigger for me. Do not expect sex scenes in the bathroom. In fact I'd prefer it if we just stay out of the bathroom all together.

I write only in third person past tense, and I expect you to do the same. I do not enforce a word count for myself or for others, but I do ask that you give me enough to respond to and that you do not give me one-liners. What I always like to say is that you should write enough to carry the story towards its conclusion and not give a bunch of meaningless filler but write whatever is necessary to set the scene.

I tend to average one post about every three days, and if it has taken more than a week for me to give you a reply, you may feel free to give me a poke about the roleplay.

If you are interested in writing send me a message. My inbox is always open. I am open to writing with anyone regardless of gender. That is irrelevant to me. That we click and have similar interests goals, and writing styles is.

I have a few itches I want to scratch as far as roleplay goes. Aside from the fact I am a 42 year old female roleplayer, you should know the following about me:

Turn Ons: Leather and Lace, Light or Medium Bondage, Wax Play, Gags, Strap Ons, Paddles, Whips, and Fornophilia

Turn Offs: No Tubs, No Toilet Play, No Vomit, No Age Play, No Diapers, No Cuckolds, No Unrealistic Proportions, No Vore, No Snuff

Non-Con Mood: Currently feeling in the mood for Non Consensual themes. I will update this regularly when that changes.

I am going to list a few of my plot ideas now:

The King/Queen of the Damned:

This can be M/F, or M/M or F/F or some combination of these. I don't play futas

The basic idea is that an up and coming Vampire King or Queen of the vampires is in competition with another undead. The story would be about the lengths they go to win a war to take over the city.

The King/Queen of the Fae: This is a variation on the King/Queen of the Damned plot. This one I would want to be M/M or M/F, probably not F/F and it would be a story about how the Queen or King of the Light Fae is in competition with the King or Queen of the Dark Fae, and the story would be about trying to take over a fantasy kingdom, or if you would rather, a modern day city.

The Mage King/Queen:  This is a variation on the other plots, and the basic idea would be that good mages and bad mages would be fighting each other for control of a kingdom or city.

I found an old roleplaying sample from an open post I wrote a long, long time ago. I am including it here so you get an idea of the type of roleplayer I am. I would be interested in picking up Shana the Summoner again if someone was interested:

The dead served her. The dead did her bidding, and in many ways, Shana related more to the dead than she did to the living. The stories they told quickened her heart and brought her comfort and joy in the darkness, and she had become so enamored in their world that she hardly fit into the world of the living anymore.

In the beginning, her art was pure in its form, perfect in its purpose, a wizened oracle, she consulted the dead and released them to their rest. At some point she had become corrupted, and had started the practice of creating Shadow Demons called Inamri, drawing beings from the Shadowlands into this world and binding them into the corpses of the living.

Now she who was once honored was reviled and feared, and she had crossed a line she could never come from from. She feared she would one day undergo a transformation into a creature of pure darkness, a Shadow Demon, a Master Inamri herself, losing her humanity completely.

But even though she knew he was coming, as Shana Raventhorne began to create her army of shadow demons, and draw her army of darkness around herself in preparation for the war she knew was coming. For his kind was righteous and dignified, pure in resolve, and he could not and would not ignore her presence forever.
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