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Author Topic: Prospects (now with more D&D and Rome!)  (Read 578 times)

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Offline MothTopic starter

Prospects (now with more D&D and Rome!)
« on: March 27, 2009, 05:02:01 AM »

Pavor Nocturnus

Her flesh was warm against his lips, and her mouth was so soft. Those lips had the flavor of innocence when he had begun. He could recall so distinctly the moment when he heard first seen her; a sweet little thing just on the verge of finishing her maturation into adulthood. The flavor of untouched flesh was still ripe in his memory. It made reaping the products of his corruption all the more satisfying. There were scars along her back from her recent exploits, and she was still marked by the scents of her pleasures. How beautiful it was when purity spoiled and transformed into lustful cruelty.

He had broken her. Natural, it had started out with relative innocence. His first visits consisted on him perched over her bed, watching her sleep. Then, he introduced himself in her dreams, posing as her guardian and the solution to all of her petty little problems. When she was hurting, he held her close and stroked her hair, whispering empty comforts while he imagined forcing his depravities on her supple form. Eventually, she had become addicted to him, dependent upon his support. It was all a matter of withdrawal. His whispers echoed through her dreams; if she gave up her boyfriend, she could stay with him. He showed her how none of her family members really cared for her, and only he truly was capable of giving her love. Finally, that if she coaxed the sapphic fantasies from her best friend, she would have power, and he would be pleased.

Her soul had nearly been eaten away. All that remained now was a shell of the former girl, and one that he kept around for his amusement. Death was such an overrated punishment. Better to watch them slowly diminish until they whittled away, and their spirits came to him for his collection. But still, he craved a new prospect. Some variety and fresh blood. A new victim on which he could unleash his latest tricks and devices. Oh yes, it was the calling. Slowly rising off the bed, his leathery black wings stretched out to their full span. A lithely muscular form colored deep crimson hues was visible in the moonlight for a few moments before he rejoined the nighttime shadows.

The hunt for the prey of the incubus had begun.

Notes: Damon's prey can be male or female. I have no real limitations on their characterization except that I would prefer someone thought-out and interesting. A lot of this roleplay will be centered around exploring your characters' memories and dreams, so be sure you have a background and some interesting development for your lady or gent. This RP can and will likely eventually include BDSM, rape, torture, and other nasty stuff. A lot of it will also be psychological mindfucking, so be prepared. However, I'm willing to leave a lot up to plot development. The specifics will be tailored to your character and their desires/fears/etc.

Poisoned Apples

She had been told that her name meant snow, and that it had been a gift from her dying mother. It had been the good queen's parting desire that her daughter be as fair as winter, with hair darker than ash and sleeker than obsidian. And indeed, Gwyneira has blossomed into a maid with skin so white and fine it could be porcelain, silken strands as black as night, and lips a bloodied shade. But what had been intended as a blessing had become the girl's greatest curse, for her father had remarried a woman renowned for her great beauty and feared for her immense cruelty. As the new matriarch had aged and the princess had matured, it was whispered throughout the kingdom that the new queen's fairness would soon be rivaled by her ward's. Perhaps even surpassed.

Thus, Gwyneira had been condemned to servitude. Her only friends were the birds that came to her quarters' windows, bearing songs of exotic lands and tempting freedom. However, it was not until upon the night of her sixteenth birthday that she was fully instructed in the cruelties of her stepmother. It was that encounter that shattered her childhood world of roses and dreams, and would eventually result in the twisted depths of her corruption...

Notes: This is obviously a dark fairytale RP inspired by Snow White, with a strong emphasis on lesbian themes. My role here is of the submissive (although it could always eventually change), so it's up to you in which direction the story initially goes and you get to make the fun kinky decisions. You have full freedom in characterizing the Queen and customizing her powers. My only request is that you respect my limitations.

- A vampire slayer, a vampire, a capture, and revenge. Who is the one that laid the trap? What is his or her motive? And what precisely will the revenge entail? Let's discuss together and fill in the details.
- Class is hard. Some students are willing to really commit themselves to their professors in order to make the grade. You're a student coming in for evaluation. What exactly will you offer for in exchange to get those extra points? And yes, you will be graded on presentation and originality.
- The arena used to be where local heroes are born. Now, after the conquest, it's an amusement ground where the former champions are made to fight for the pleasure of their current owners. A good show is appreciated by the audience, and your character takes the chance to force his or her desires on an unwilling opponent.

PM if you're interested or if you'd like to discuss specifics.
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Offline MothTopic starter

Re: Prospects (now with more D&D and Rome!)
« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2009, 01:41:19 AM »
These are some more ideas I'm opening up for consideration. Yes, fresh piping hot storylines already.

The Demonomicon of Iggwilv

When first his emerald gaze upon her fell,
His lust arose and quick he snatched the bait.
With demon's tongue he wooed her long and well,
And even after caught could not abate.

There are few demons in the Abyss that are known for their clever diplomacy and guile. Yet, the Dark Prince proves every foolish assumption wrong, often to fatal effect. Graz'zt claims patronage to tyranny, seduction,  eroticism, domination, and guile. Where the other Demon Princes oft rely on brute strength, he prefers to charm and deceive his opposition into submission. His sexual exploits in particular are legendary, for he has populated the Multiverse with his fiendish children. It is the notion that he is the most cunning force in all of the Abyss; and this is perhaps true, for none have dared to test him.

Until Iggwilv.

The infamous sorceress had already caught his attention with her dark beauty and her penchant for betrayal, but she held it when she summoned him to the Material Plane. Expecting an easy victim, Graz'zt was taken off guard. It took only a matter of moments for him to be fully imprisoned within by her magic. His wrath has been known to break the foundation of worlds, yet, Iggwilv whispers to him of future power greater than he has ever thought possible...

Notes: For those of you familiar with Iuz, this of course is the union that brought the cambion demigod into existence. However, where we decide to take it is left entirely up to plot development. I will be playing Iggwilv. What I'm looking for her is a game of wills, deception, and seduction. There will likely be strong elements of rape (or at least BDSM) and a fair share of violence, since both Demon Princes and Witch Queens are quite nasty. The little bit of a poem above I took from the Dragon article on Graz'zt, which can be found here.

The Madness of the Caesar

The reign of lecherous Emperor Tiberius was marked by terror amongst the Roman elite, for the ruler's paranoia had cut deeply into their ranks. His frequent trials of the senators resulted almost without variety in execution, sending the city into a palpable sense of uncertainty and suspicion. Thus, when he died, there was great celebration. Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, the beloved son of a Roman hero, was to his replacement.

Yet in what came to be known as the reign of Caligula, that which had been established by Augustus began to slowly crumble. The Emperor's madness and debauchery was unprecedented. He made his horse a senator, declared war upon Neptune and plundered seashells from the sea, turned the palace into a brothel, and carried off numerous senators' wives. Rumors were abound of the royal leader prancing about in a prostitute's clothes, declaring himself to be Venus. However, perhaps most controversial was his closeness to his sisters, in particular Drusilla. It was said he had a fixation with her so obsessive that he considered her the Juno to his Jove. Such a twisted love could only result in blood. Absolute power corrupts...

Notes: In this lovely little game, I will be playing Caligula and running the world of Ancient Rome. I'm looking for an interested lady or gent to play Drusilla. Caligula was a fun guy, and this will be a fucked up RP. Amongst the many likely perks will be torture, death, incest, transvestism, orgies, massive pansexuality, elements of bestiality, and more craziness than Cthulhu anal fisting Gary Busey. I won't be too picky about historical accuracy, but I would prefer someone with an at least a scrap of Rome nerdiness or at least a desire to learn.