Erotic Monster + Furry Desires [F/F, F/Futa] [Writer Gender Irrelevant]

Started by WindFish, June 10, 2021, 09:38:40 AM

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So I want to break into something new, which is to try out more non-human and furry characters.

Please be 21 or older before sending me a message. I will not write with anyone younger.
I don't care about your gender and I have no interest if my gender is a big deal for you.

Here's the 411, folks:

Guidelines and OOC - MUST READ

30-something writer and I've been doing this since my high school days.
My gender is irrelevant and so is yours.
Please abide by all E rules.
At the moment, I can usually give multiple responses a day, but that could always change.
I tend to prefer at least one reply a day from my partners and enjoy a good back-and-forth.
But it's completely fine if it takes you a few days. Try to let me know if it's going to be a while.
I typically lose interest if I have to wait more than a week for a response, but if you notify me in advance then we're cool.
Please try to let me know if you're no longer interested or have a prolonged absence.


I will only write over PMs on BMR and have no desire for threads, Discord, or e-mail.
Novella length posts are as much of a turn off as one-liners.
My preference is to aim for that sweet spot between one to three paragraphs, depending on the content.
Third person, past tense.
I oppose the concept of "plot/smut ratios".


All characters must be 18+. No exceptions.
I'm happy to play female, futa/shemale, and sometimes male characters. I'll play against characters of any gender.
Real life pictures are required for human characters, detailed art for non-human. NSFW is more than acceptable.
I'm happy to play dommes, subs, switches, and not bother with the D/s dynamic.
You are NOT your character. No first person.

Kinks and Themes

You can check out my F-List for my complete list of kinks and limits.<Snipped>By Staff

Taboo Theme I Enjoy: Age gaps, power dynamics, incest, coercion, corruption, non-consensual, forced nudity, size differences
Vanilla Themes I Enjoy: Cutesy romances, dating, virginity, characters discovering themselves, cuddles and aftercare, consensual nudism

Hard Limits: Underage characters, vore, gore, scat, mutilation, drug use, snuff, blood and knife play, phallic sex toys in F/F pairings, use of slurs, animals

ONLY looking for F/F and F/Futa for these pairings, and maybe Futa/Futa

I see a futa as woman who was born with a cock and balls instead of a vagina. I know that some people have different definitions, but that is how I will play them and how I would like to play against them.

In most instances, I'm looking to play the human character.
I'm NOT interested in playing against actual animal characterss. Bestiality is a hard limit, so please don't suggest it.


Human x Furry
Human x Demon
Human x Ghost
Human x Orc
Human x Shortstack
Human x Giant
Human x Fairy
Human x Dragon

I might be tempted for a tentacle monster if the monster if female and fully sentient.

Fandom Furries

Here are some fandom-based furries I'd love to play against so you have a sense of the types I enjoy.

Isabelle (Animal Crossing)
Able Sisters (Animal Crossing)
Krystal (Star Fox)
Della Duck (DuckTales 2017)
Judy Hopps (Zootopia)
Lola Bunny (Looney Tunes)
Imp Midna (Legend of Zelda)
Sisu (Raya and the Last Dragon)


Creatures of the Forest

A lonely woman, or woman with a cock and balls, recently lost her wife and children in a tragic car accident. Blaming herself, she quits her job and sells her home. She retreats to the old family farm. The farm is located near an old forest where she often hiked as a young woman. What she doesn't know is that the forest is actually a portal to another dimension - a dimension of magical creatures. They are delighted to see the woman return and can't help but notice how sad she is. So one by one, the creatures come out to play with her. Some seduce her while others take advantage of her vulnerable state. Imps, halflings, goblins, fairies, fae, trolls, ogres, and demons are all available.

The Arrival

A woman stressed out from her job and recent divorce. On her way home at night, she accidentally runs over something. She's shocked to find that it's an animal, but no ordinary animal. This one walks like humans and is fully sentient. She decides to take the creature home with her and becomes infatuated with her as she helps her recover.

Dangerous New World

In a reversal to the plot above, a human woman finds herself as the odd one out in a new world. Maybe she's the captain of a ship who crashes on an alien planet. Maybe she's a human who ends up transported to a fantasy world. Whatever the case, she's completely on her own. Until she encounters the strange creature who claims her as her own. She claims it's to protect her from the others in the land, and the fall in love despite their differences. Alternate situation is that she's captured by a gang of more violent creatures, resulting in gangbangs and potentially humiliation and non-con scenes.

The Demon's Debt

Ten years ago, she made a deal with a demon for *insert reason here*. The ten years are up, and the demon has come to collect on her debt. This demon isn't interested in souls, but rather instead she's simply interested in her basic carnal desires and making the woman her immortal bride whether she wants it or not.

This can either be a story involving the demon and the woman, or we can do a series of one shots with the demon and her various conquests. I'd prefer to play the demon.

My current ideas are more limited to these, so please feel free to suggest some of your own.

Please PM me if you're interested. Do not respond to this thread.
Actively Searching For New One x Ones

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Actively Searching For New One x Ones

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Actively Searching For New One x Ones

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