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Started by Masterfoxx, June 02, 2021, 06:55:14 AM

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I’m pretty new to Elliquiry, but not roleplaying

First please Personal Message me with question and don't post here

Looking to play shadowy character  >:) , someone who finds pleasure in dark acts. I like to play the sinister villain who wants to break down the heroine into an obedient pet, or toy. I really enjoy the breaking strong woman (Queens, Officers, Police Women, CEO, etc.). Writing to a descent length is always a plus for any roleplay (say a paragraph or two)

Superhero (marvel, DC, or maybe something of your own creation)
Modern Fantasy/Supernatural –Evil and magic in the modern world
Modern ( the strange but regular world we live in)
Classic Fantasy

Elements I like to roleplay:
Breaking strong woman
Breast Enlargement/Reduction
Enslavement ( not much into willing slaves like the battle of wills)
Impregnation /Breeder
Rape/gang rape
Transformation ( magical and otherwise)

Enjoy mixing ideas,  Had some fun a few years back on another site, MC transform my partners character ( in this case Wonder Woman) into a bimbo/submissive Futa and had her breed Power girl. She had started as a normal version (100% woman) and my partner played the shame and humiliation of being made to rape her friend to the extreme. Love creative people.

Always open to new ideas

If interested drop me a Personal message