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September 26, 2021, 05:40:31 pm

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Author Topic: Wanted: Savior of the ancient Middle East [F for Any]  (Read 261 times)

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Wanted: Savior of the ancient Middle East [F for Any]
« on: May 26, 2021, 10:06:31 pm »

   Welcome! To my domain.
After finally being able to offer my introduction (About Me, O/O) I wish to present my favorite idea here as well.
Shamelessly copied from mentioned thread, as it is rather late. However, additions and adjustments shall be made in the future either way!

In short: I love plays in which an overly powerful and haughty woman is outdone by an apparently complete underdog. Making for a precious role reversal with a dubious consent charm.
The explanations and examples here should be viewed as brief and concise narratives to what I enjoy. As I am happy to leave most details up to discussion or even be surprised during play.

General idea

   The Female
I desire to portray an uppity woman with a high standing. Perfect examples are a goddess, a queen or a sorceress. Possessing both power and popularity alike while being absolutely gorgeous too. Nonetheless, still constantly craving more. Greedily and selfishly amassing more and more might and wealth, despite relishing in utter luxury already. Furthermore fairly naive and full of herself. Thus capable to be outsmarted via finessing, trickery, deception, manipulation and conditioning.

   The Competitor
I seek an apparently inferior character. Weak, awkward, nerdy, but preferably neither nasty nor ugly. Potentially nothing more than a worshiper, a servant or a mere slave. Embarking onto a journey of subtle role reversal. Utilizing finessing and deception while manipulation and conditioning are positively acknowledged as well. To get the upper hand slowly but surely. Eventually assuring more and more say for themselves.

   Dubious Consent
I appreciate cognitive means such as intelligence, wit, manipulation and deception. Rather than petty tricks like coercion, blackmail, hypnosis, mind-control, injections, potions, aphrodisiacs or other simple means to gain leverage. Whereas those tricks are accepted as means to a greater scheme. Ultimately making either for a gradual role reversal over time or allowing for a lot of build up before claiming the upper hand.

Exemplary Idea - The Golden City

Aisha Al-Sultanzi is the epitome of everything that I love to depict. An Arabian Goddess of Beauty. Gorgeous, arrogant, selfish, but also naive. A deity who grew progressively prettier, mightier and more and more popular. Eventually ensnaring the entire world thanks to her feminine charms and divine prowess. Reigning from atop a golden throne within her marble palace. Located in the very center of the Golden City, the Goddess' capital of power. An oasis in the desert lands, built fully out of gold. However, while she presents herself as a shining beacon of light to guide humanity there are some capable to resist her attraction. While she enhances her looks and fortune others study ancient manuscripts, speaking of Aisha, seeking the truth. Coming across an ancient prophecy that foretells the Arabian Goddess eventual defeat and downfall.
To everyone's surprise the mentioned savior is no foreign king or god of old. But nothing more than a simple peasant. One who grew up in poverty in the outskirts of the country. Having had to endure the flaws of the deity's supreme rule. Taught nothing more than how to worship the divine empress. Possessing nothing more than means to further Aisha's wealth and influence. Taunted by golden statues, depicting her beauty and serving to claim the people's dedication and worship. While practically starving in slums themselves. However, thus rendering the hero of prophecy fairly resistant to the Goddess' charms. Capable to gaze beyond the wall of beauty, to see her true nature, along with her flaws and weaknesses. Allowing the world and humanity to hope for a better future.

Mentioned prophecy offers only a rough translation:

   An Arabian Goddess ruling countries via sheer beauty alone - continents and worlds even.
   Her appearance overwhelming, impossible to deny. Numbing one's mind, making foes succumb.
   Men in love, women in envy, neither standing a chance. Yet a creature - a simple peasant - posing a threat.

   The Transcended being getting her way without thinking. Though beyond beauty vain and dull.
   Shiny metals and minerals clouding her mind. Craving assurance, praise, attention.

   Unable to receive pleasure - emotions traded off. Yet administrating it all the more - not to the eye alone.
   Nonetheless making for a trophy - like a prize to win. A reward for those capable of undoing her curse.
   Freeing the world from her evil selfishness. To be celebrated and remembered by everyone involved.

   A defeated icon of former glory and horrible rule. Damned to a life in servitude and retaliation.
   Rendered docile, wealth and riches distributed. Nothing but a pretty doll, to entertain the people.

Yet the text makes it clear that the evil empress can be tamed. Her seat of power given to humanity's savior. Who shall establish a better future for the world. Redistributing not only the Goddess' wealth and riches, but also her manifestations of power from all over the world. Art depicting her beauty, an education glorifying her name, temples like factories of might and influence... Until the world is molded anew. And the sole thing reminding of the Goddess being she herself. Rendered docile into nothing more than a symbol of failure. While the savior's victory is celebrated all throughout the world.

Reference Images
To portray Aisha Al-Sultanzi, the Arabian Goddess of Beauty.

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