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July 29, 2021, 11:11:25 am

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Author Topic: Sadie's Return (f for M)  (Read 225 times)

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Sadie's Return (f for M)
« on: May 25, 2021, 07:18:23 pm »
Welcome to my latest request thread.
  Please do not reply here if you find any of my plots interesting. The proper place for that is my inbox.

You know you want it

Location – High school/All boys prep school

Plot – YC is a student in MC's class. He's the cocky type who claims he can get any girl he wants. He's set his sights on MC, the sexy young teacher who loves to tease the boys. She dresses on the provocative end of the scale with outfits that barely fall into the school dress code. She loves the attention she gets not only from the male staff but the boys in her classes. One day when he has to stay after schools out to take a make up test for a day he missed he decides to push his luck and get exactly what he's after.

Additional info – It could be just a personal goal to bed/a desire to blackmail her for a better grade/part of a bet. The later two could involve him recording her without her knowledge. It could also be a secret kink they share.

Learn your place - (incest)

Location – Home of YC

PlotMC is a bratty, self centered spoiled teenager who has finally gone too far. The family is sick of her behavior and scandals. They decide it is time to teach her a lesson and break the bad behavior. YC (Older brother/father) decides to take matters into their own hands and takes her to a place that is completely private where he can make the little hellion into a “respectable” young lady. (Could be the family's vacation home, etc)

SOLD - (noncon/bdsm)

Plot – MC is an orphaned teen whose parents are killed in some way (car wreck/overdose/mob hi/etc) and she is to be sent to her next of kin. Her greedy uncle who has no desire to raise a child, but the fact that her parents left a hefty inheritance and life insurance policy with her as the beneficiary changes his mind. While he is waiting for the money to come rolling in he is on the search for another big payday. He finds a way to sell the girl off (could be to a rich man who wants a toy, sex trafficker, etc) as soon as the money hits his account.

This could go a variety of ways. The guy who purchases her could be a complete psycho who does unspeakable things to her, or on the other end of the spectrum someone who wishes to rescue her from such a fate. It is all negotiable.

Mommy's little bastard - (blackmail/incest/noncon)

Plot - YC gets a DNA kit that gives you info about where you are from for his birthday that he has wanted for quite some time. His mother, MC, tries to convince them that they are all bullshit and a waste of money, offering to exchange the gift for something else. Despite all of her best efforts, he refuses to give it up. She decides to go into his room and take the kit but can not find it. He had already sent it in and has found out why she was so set against it. Her husband isn't his father. He is angry with her and confronts her when his "father" is out of town on business. Since now he only sees her as a lying, cheating slut, he decides to cash in on the information and make her his new plaything.

Home for the Holidays - (incest)

MC, Maddie Aldrin's fiance is going to meet her family for the first time. It is a holiday weekend and they are staying for a few days. He has no idea what he is in for. Her sister and mother constantly hit on him. Her brother keeps insisting that he go with him. After a night of drinking, he ends up getting seduced by her sister and finds out her secret. She's sleeping with her father and brother.

YC is either brother or father or both.

9 to 5 - (blackmail)

MC, the most powerful woman at the company is a total bitch to all of the employees under her. She takes pride in making their lives a living hell and watching them cower in fear whenever she approaches. Unfortunately for her, the new man in accounting, YC, finds some discrepancies in some of the accounts she personally handles and digs deeper to uncover how she has been cheating the company for years. While she may be a bitch, she is a hot bitch and he decides to use his new information to get her into a compromising position.

Picture of Innocence

Plot -

MC is a teenager with a huge fan base that loves her wholesome images. She tends to go for the cutesy stuff instead of provocative which makes her quite different from most of her peers on the site. YC stumbled across a photo of her and instantly became obsessed with her. His thoughts are filled with all of the horrible things he would love to do to her. He spends time writing stories about her and all that he wants to do to destroy that innocence, never using her name. After spending many nights alone photoshopping her face on porn images he decides that he can not take it anymore and he has to have her.

This story can go VERY dark. It is up for discussion just how twisted this will go.

A tale of Destruction

Plot -

After seeing an argument between two friends leave her friend ostracized and blackballed from the group of friends he had clung to for so long MC decides to take down YC, the asshole who destroyed her friend's life. Since he does not know her, she begins to construct a plan to meet and seduce him. Once she has him where she wants him, she will take away all he holds dear starting with his family and job.
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